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Batteries for Different Shark Vacuum Cleaners Explained.

vivia battery calm we are constantlyreceiving orders for automatic vacuumcleaner batteries we have five batterypacks displayed on the table in front ofyou each of them fitting differentmodels of sharp vacuum cleaners todayare we showing you on what each of themare and explaining which models they fitfor each vacuum cleaner I'm startingfarthest to the left put the grayrechargeable battery pack we have thexvt 800 battery pack with a code namesha x bt 800 this one fits fivedifferent kinds of sharp vacuum cleanersin fitting the SE 800 the SV 800 see theV X 63 the x bt 800 and the x bt 800 wgoing down the line to the right we havethe largest battery pack covered in blueshrink being the shark sv 70 this onefits the bagless handheld cyclonicvacuum cleaner with the part s be 70 andreplaces the original battery pack ofthe XP 14 7 to 6 i'm going down thelight down the right story we have umthe sh a V 1950 this one is also anickel metal hydride battery packfitting for different kinds of sharkvacuum cleaners it fits the models being1950 VX 3v 1917 and xb 1918 the fourthbattery pack a line we have the shark X1725 Q n fit which replaces that onbattery pack with the same part numberand it fits two different shark vacuumcleaners the V 1700 Z and the1930 the fifth and final battery pack wehave in line is the sharp V 1911 M itreplaces once again the battery packwith the same code number and it fitsfor different kinds of sharp vacuumcleaners the V 1911 M then V 1911 - F sthe XV 1916 in the HH d112 year o prosharpeach of the batteries can be foundonline on our websitebbm battery calm where you can makeorders for any of them or you can alsophone us toll-free at 183 two eight sixfive eight seven if you wish to place anorder we also offer different kinds ofvalue packs for different models ofacting cleaners on our website so feelfree to explore and we hope that youfind what you're looking for

Displaying Batteries for all Shark Handheld Vacuum cleaners in the Video.
Displaying Batteries used in Following Models:

1) Euro Pro Shark XBT800, Cordless Stick Vac and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Vx63
2) Euro-Pro Shark Cordless Sweeper V1950 VX3 Replacing XB1918
3) Euro Pro Shark V1911N
4) Euro-Pro Shark SV70 Cordless Vacuum
5) SV70 Cordless Vacuum

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  1. kebec1

    Not very useful.

  2. Dandy Dan

    sv780 battery?

  3. MegatronFlexmistic09

    The Shark Freestyle Navigator uses a SV1106 14.4 Volt Battery.

  4. mrchico57

    What battery for the shark freestyle navigator sv1106n ?

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