Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner of 2019Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner 

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner of 2019

Ultra-light SharkFLEX Review.

– What’s the best vacuum? Is the Shark Vac really that good? I put this to the test with an incredible price drop coming right up.  It’s a vacuum review video. I know, not that exciting but wait, what if I told you, you could save a ton of money, and also score one of the most powerful vacuums that I’ve ever tested. If you live with allergies, if you have a new baby like I do. Yeah, she’s really cute. Just starting to do tummy time. Or perhaps, you live with allergies, or maybe you’ve got pet hair in your house.

I always wondered, how good are some of these new Shark Vacs, including the Multi-Flex.  I’m a weak individual, but this is a heavy box, but a very light vacuum, and I’m very excited to share these savings with you today which are hefty. If you expand the video description box right under me, you’re going to find the link to this deal that I’ve hunted down. Obviously, Shark is not a brand who paid me to talk about them.

I’ve actually tested many other vacs, and I’ve always been a big fan of Dyson, despite the aesthetic and how expensive they are, but this is something where I am very excited to put it to test for you.

A reminder, all these deals that I feature could sell out in an instance. So, if you are interested, you want to make sure you are subscribed to this channel for price drops. Turn your notifications on so you get an alert when the price drops. A lot of people will watch my reviews months after the fact, when the deal is no longer available.

Let’s unbox this, and put this to the test. Fairly large size box, I’m 5’9″, just over 5’9″ actually, for those of you wondering. So, let’s get this open. Alright. Well first, if you do want to call customer service, just know they are all models and they all look like that. They’re all smiling and super happy to talk to you. But, the good thing is, a good warranty tied to this, and Shark has been making vacuums for a very long time.

Ultra-light SharkFLEX Review.

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner of 2019 (Ultra-light SharkFLEX Review)

I believe actually one of my first steam cleaners that I ever tested, I can’t remember if I was live on an Amazon show or T.V., was a Shark product. Alright, let’s get these handles out, there we go. The actual vacuum head, is here. Oh, this is nice. Oh, I like this. There we go. That’s a nice component. Then this, is for the powerful motor.

I’m like some of the canister vacs, I’ll give you a comparison in a moment. You can see obviously that, all of the components are built into the handle. Now, this is not cordless, I wish it was but, given the price and the features that I’m about to show you, sometimes it’s nice having a vacuum that drives its power from a non rechargeable battery, because if you’re going room to room to room you really want something that’s going to last.

Okay, and then of course the accessories.

What do we got here? You got it, the brush and the adjustable apparatus. which is great obviously. These come off separately they are just attached right now for packaging purposes. If you’re doing something like a couch cushion, or a car, you’ve got a carrying bag for your accessories, and, what else do we have here? Oh, this is amazing. If you live with pets, this is the motorized pet tool.

This is basically its own additional vacuum head. That’s amazing. And, you also get the Shark upholstery tool. This is great if your baby dumps cereal between your couch cushions. Cause that’s happened before. Alright we have all the components, we have the vacuum head base, we have the motorized pet tool, and this, which extends. Awesome.

That was not creepy when I did that. We have the upholstery tool and then we have basically the base of the vacuum. This is really light weight, it looks like it’s a component that would otherwise be heavy, but I mean just to show this to you.

I’m doing this with my pinky, in fact I can lift the whole vacuum with my pinky, which we will get into in a moment. So, lets put this attachment in. Easy, built, ready to rock, and expandable. This is one of my favorite parts right here. If you have, for example, a couch that you need to go under, or you have some pieces of furniture that are very, very difficult to access, You can actually maneuver this vacuum in many different ways, to ensure that you get a deep clean.

Now, I’m going to show you this deep cleaning mode at work. This is incredibly powerful. It’s motorized so it’s actually guiding. Now, here’s the interesting thing about salt. Salt and especially ice melter gets embedded in a carpet like this. I want you to see the difference between the Shark, and a light stick hoover. Now this is a Samsung vacuum.

Where you can see, I have to go back and forth, little bit more just to pick up what the Shark can pick up in a few seconds. Now I want to show you just how lightweight this is, I’m going to do a pinky lift. For those of you who know me, I am very weak, both emotionally and physically.

So, to be able to do that is a testament to how lightweight this vacuum is, but let’s empty this. So you can see up here, you don’t have a bag, you don’t have any complicated components, and all you have to do is press to empty.

I’ve been vacuuming not more than two or three minutes, and I want you to see what this has captured already. That’s disgusting. And that was two to three minutes of vacuuming, you can imagine. I want you to see what this captured, this is actually gross.

Ultra-light SharkFLEX Review.

This is something that my baby would otherwise be crawling in, and if you live with pets or you have allergy issues, I mean look at what this picked up. This is a two to three minute demonstration. Imagine this in all of the other rooms in your household. This is actually vile, the air that you breathe, yeah.

Alright, if you want to score the Shark Vac deal that I found, again just expand that video description box that will hook you up. I’d like to thank everyone for watching, for joining me inside my home, and a reminder if there’s other items that I could hunt down for you, other deals of the things that you want. I go beyond cleaning, I use so much smart tech and lifestyle items, I’d be honored to assist.

Just drop me a line, I will read it. I love the comments so I could be of further assistance, here’s what you can do. leave me a comment, click there and the last big deals, which you hopefully didn’t miss is here. .



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