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Dirt Devil HandiClean 14.4V Cordless 2 in 1 Stick & Handheld Vacuum Unboxing & First Look

hello everyone and welcome to I Bay'syak yes it's another vacuum cleanerunboxing for you today and a first for IBay's yak this is my very first DirtDevil that I'm going to be unboxing thisis a Dirt Devil handy clean 14.4 volttwo-in-one stick vacuum and handheldcordless convenience 180 degrees swivelhead 15 minute runtime is the sheen onthe back of the box on-off switch it'salways handy to have an on/off switchsuction control button handle releasebutton dirt container release buttonit's a lot of buttons handheld on/offbutton floor head release button Ohfloor head button I keep saying button Ijust want to sing the song to buttonmoon oh it being to button moon andfollowed mr. spoon button right so ithas a docking station as well a chargerand a two-in-one tool and and folksguess where it's made while I'm undoingthe summer tape guess go on where do youthink this Dirt Devil is made in theUnited States of America hmm what aboutGermany perhaps it's Germanmaybe maybe Italy maybe it's an ItalianDirt Devil can we hazard a guess wherethis the devil's manufactured I'll giveyou a clue folks it begins with C andends in a yeah yeah yes you've got it inone China of course where else now Iwasn't going to buy this I wasn't goingto buy this vacuum but you know me andvacuums I sort of buy them on an impulseespecially when I see them at a verycheap price now I got this leave it ornot from Amazon UK for just over 24pounds yepnow you normally should expect to pay alot more than 24 I've seen this thecheapest I've seen this is about 80poundsI think I'm upside down and so obviousis looking Amazon and I saw this and Ithought I'll get it for that price isworth having a look at here's thecharger one thing about Amazon certainlyis true in the UK and it's possibly truefrom Amazon sites all over the world buttheir prices fluctuate a great deal Imean not just daily sometimes within aday the prices of things can go up anddownso my tip if there's something you wantto buy on Amazon pop it in your basketand check it if you've got time check itevery hour and sometimes you'll see itgoing up and down up and downI've had things in my basket for weekson end and watch them go from one priceand being reduced reduced reduced and Ithought shall I get it nowI've waited until it's gone as low as Ithink it'll go and then I buy itsometimes I don't buy it and I watch theprice go up again you know it getsreduced to a ridiculously cheap pricenow something whip up and it's up anddown up and down so that's how I get alot of the bargains from Amazon becauseyou have to be vigilant you have to keepwatching now this is as I say it's aDirt Devil but it comes under the TTIumbrella of brands tectonic tech toptectonic industries is it check let mesee it'll say on the back possibly ohisn't that funny I was just about tomention that this Dirt Devil isbasically you can get this Dirt Devilunder the VAX brand name certainly inthe UK very similar they do a range ofthis type of cleaner under the backsbrand and lo and behold on the back ofthe Dirt Devil instruction book we havethat's limited I don't know if we cansee that if you don't want to be able tofocus anyway take it from me it sayspacks so Dirt Devil VAX royal applianceHoover in the USA they all belong to TTII think they have another company aswell and again there is a there's anaddress here for dirt devil and it'sgiven as Droitwich which is where VAXhas an address so basically this is verysimilar to the vex machines and this ispart of I think mainly due to dirt devilthen the other one is I think it's an18-volt it's got slightly higher voltageso it's may run for longer I think hereis the little charging base chargingpoint it's finished in dirt devil red godevil didn't really have much of animpact this is quite well made that theydidn't have much an impact in the UK wegot the little Dirt Devil hand vac youknow the one with a revolving brush andthe bag on the the end of it I'm takingout that does feel fairly solid to behonest it's got quite a nice littlerubbery grip with grooves for yourfingers and here's your on/off switchthis also says fast slow so must havetwo speeds a sort of a touch sensitivetype not touch sensitive but it's youknow it's quite flush so it connects upto the cleaner there's a little and yousee that there that will connect up tothe main body of the machine rightthat's that here is the cleaner it's notlightalthough this I'm saying it's not likefor handheld but this isn't just thehandheld unit this is the main body forso far it's us I'm quite surprised itdoesn't feel too cheap but I mean it wasI think as twenty four pounds eightpence something something silly likethatthis is the handheld unit now there wego that's a bit lighter on its ownhandheld unit is finished in black andgray with red highlights there's aseparate on/off what if it's going towork actually there might be some chargeI will charge it thoroughly before I doa proper demo it made that little do youhear that little noise it makes similarto the GTECH airram matt makes a littlenoise when you turn it on listen youlike blue the little green light that'squite good isn't ityou know the suction isn't great I don'tknow if it's fully charged so I can'tjudge suction I don't like that that'sthe sort of the end you can use it as anozzle which I'll show you in a minutebut that is your general bit for doingis sort of your upholstery and stuffit's ER mmm not very good it's 85 wattsand this unit don't contain a release soobviously use it like this is a handtale but when you're using it in theupright mode this provides the suctionbut it also has a separate motor with arevolving brush so here's I'm just doingall this without checking instructionsthis is the sort of a cyclone unitlittle bit of a filter there assuming toall be washable I'll tell you all thiswhen I do the proper demo and I've had achance to read the instructions but I'dbe very surprised if these weren'twashable got little blue sponge and thena fabric filter I'm sure pretty sureyou'll be able to rinse under the tappop that on obviously this isn't a Dysonv8 part a Dyson v8 will cost youhundreds and hundreds of pounds andwhereas this cost me twenty four fourpounds less than 25 near 24 and 25 so alot of people can't afford three hundredfour hundred pounds on a stick vac a lotof people could certainly afford 24pounds eight pence there we go sothere's that part here is another partof the charging base looks like dockhere it says dockI think see the trouble sometimes putthings togetherand you've done it wrong fortunatelythis will only go in one way so thatwill just push in I do normally like toread instruction books but obviously foran unboxing I haven't time to sit hereand read the book so that's that's inthere so that's your charging baseobviously though we will need to takethe charger I'm not sure what sort ofbattery needs these cleaners have Iwouldn't thought it would be lithiumiron it could be the old NiCad typething if it says doesn't actually sayhere's the charger anyway I expect Iwonder if you can charge it without itbeing in the dock you might be able toquite a long lead obviously you need tohave it next to your socket quite nearwell it's sir certainly more than ameter I'd say about one and a half metercable thereI'm just looking no I don't thinkthere's any way you can charge the unitbecause this is obviously this is theonly unit that holds the batteries thispart there were no batteries out andthought in the base takes all its powerso you can't actually sort of chargeyour elsewhere I suppose why would youneed to this will hold the Machineupright and charge it at the same timeare we can see just here just there canyou see just in there's little holewhere we need to plug that in well sofar you know if this picks up okay Imean I'm not expecting great things fromit I'm expecting this to be just a quickwhip around it's not a replacement foryour main vacuum but for 24 pounds eightnew pence really you can't go wrong canyou what else have you got here we'vegot you've got this little adapter piecewith a oblong that side and around thatside I'm assuming then that goes intothere hmmbe interesting to see what size that isbecause ifso standard sort of 32 mil fitting Icould possibly call other cleaning toolson their proper crevice tool not crevicedogs or go on a proper upholstery nozzlewill be good yeah well as I said I don'tknow if it's fully charged but comparingit to say my my old Dyson dc35 there'snot as much suction ah right yes youneed that in you need that in in orderto put one of the little dinky regularviewers will recognize this nozzle ohthey must make thousands and thousandsand millions and millions of thesebecause that's supplied with many vacuumcleaners so you've got your crevice tooland we check the suction through thecrevice tool your your biscuit crumb andof course you've got your little brushthat pulls out you remember thisminefield joke about it being atoothbrush restaurant son hello Estherif you watching she's a big fan of ourbase yak you know Esther was a pioneerof consumer journalism but as UK viewerswith her program that's life and yes Iknow she watches on basic all the timeloves it she does loves it while she'shaving a cup of tea I think she likesball bomb biscuits right oh that looks abit rubbish I didn't look at the brushwell in the picture mmm the brush looksa bit better than that it's red for oneyeah ooh I mean it's not soft soft butit's not hard it's also got this sort ofvalori type thing the back because youcan use this on hard floors I'm assumingpossibly you do use it in the lowersetting lower speed for hard floors sayson its step and recline and there's afootprint on there so you know you putyour foot on it this is actually fivewattsthis particular part it is five wattsit's got a little 5 watt motor and youcan see here that's where it connects upnow you can't use it unfortunately youcan't use it like this you have to useit in this other part so this forms themain body got carry handle on the backof it I've seen 3 to assembly I need touse that screw there can see here thecharging points and they connect up tothe little contacts there so when it'sin the main body you've clicked it inplace like that then it will charge upwhen it's in the dock and you can seethat on the back here the two contactsthat will line up can you see those twocontacts though those they line up withthat so I need to put the base on sothat fits onto herethere we go that's clicked in and toremove that you press floor head releasebut I can't see why you'd need to removethat a lot unless you've got a blockagebecause obviously when you're using inhandheld you can leave this on becauseall you do is take the handheld off it'sa button on the top here just put itdown so you can see little bit onecustomer did so it was tricky so youtake the handheld off but then you'dleave that sort of sat doing nothingwhere you can actually leave it on itscharging base or with a thought not thatit'll charge up without the suction uniton so let's put it all back togetherturns into there and there we go it'sit's quite nicely move it back Rogerthere we go so that's ready to charge Ineed to connect the handle of courseso lift off the base yeah it seems quiteyou know weighty obviously want it lightbut if it's ever if it feels to like youthink you it's a bit bit keep you knowso it's got some solid solid DDTsolidity solidity that's the word it'sgot some solidity about it there we gothat's pushed in and for now I'll justtighten it using my fingers you can youdon't need a screwdriver you can use a10 pence coin or five pence or two penceany coin actually a dime a euro I'vejust cut my nails a couple of days agoso they're not going to help but anywaythat's enough just to show youso that's fully assembled let's seeshould now if I turn it on should getsome revolving motionhmm okay oh dear is it broken is itbroken Roger Oh am I missing somethingOh Jacob haha well I could but I couldbe missing something or it could becould be faulty obviously as I say it'snot charged up so it could be becauseit's not fully charged we've got littlestorage area for your brush so thatlives there so that's how we'd have itstood next to your socket charging upI'll plug it in before I go just to seethis possibly will blow this plugged inI don't know let's have a look todaysort of see what it says line up floorhead blahblah charging it says initialcharge of 10 hours so I'll just plugthis in and by tomorrow morning it'll befine make sure you do fully charge it donot use brush bar on hard floorsahsince the brush bar will not rotate whenthe cleaner is in the upright positionperhaps I didn't have itreclined enough I thought I did though Ithought I did but let's try again or ifyou can just turn on hereyou can and the bus the bus roll wasgoing going around let me just try itagainyes so it's got the two speeds but theyjust control the suction the brushrollseems to go round at the same speed Idon't know if it befo good on pet hairthis let's see if we can see the brushroll now it seemed to be workingtry it's very hard to see with black onblack there we go did you see it couldyou see it there so it's got that verynew plasticky smell but I'd say it's 95percent plastic or possibly morethere'll be a little bit of metal in themotor there will be some metal in it butanyway you know it's not something I waslooking to buy if you know at some pointon I've a Zack I do want to test a moreexpensive cordless a Bosch athlete orone of the new Dyson's perhaps one ofthe Dyson v8 possibly they are a lot ofmoney I'm not intending on keeping one aDyson if I get one it'll be from aretail a retailer I can return itbecause personally no matter how good itmight be I can't justify the price of aDyson when you know when I know whatelse you can buy for that money I justcan't just there's something anywayanyway that seems it's quite swivelingswivel a maneuverable oh I'm gonna standup now but I can feel already well Ican't feel I can't feel my legs I can'tfeel my legsI can t can you feel my leg and for thesock folder to me socks I don't thinkI've bothered color-coordinating who nowhaven't really totally sorry about thatfolksyou like the socks they don't to pitchmy trousers up always happens look atthem okayit's sir mm better give it a quick yesquite a nice height quite comfy I'llmake sure it's on fast onnice actionnobody's bringing the pile up a littlebityes I think I'd pay I think I've seenthis on all them ha I'm glad to sit downoh oh we get pins and needles is if youkneel too long it cuts off thecirculation to you feet um I've seenthis I've seen this for over hundredpounds I think when I looked on dirtDevils websiteit was $79.99 I'm not sure I pay that Ihaven't seen it properly in action ofcourse um but you know twenty four poundeight new pence that is a good vice Ithink for this as I say it's light itseems fairly robust you got nice littlehandle there carried out the stairs Imean it's very it is light light isshall do with me little pinky yes I canI can lift it with my pinky that's anidea for a workout video I need to getto na kabhi pumping my guns mmm I coulddo lunges ah lunge with the back yarnyes that's an idea don't steal it anyonebut I'm copywriting it I'm doing it lookout it'll be in your in your shops inlate December early January I base antsvacuum workout video yes that would bebizarre one two I could use all sorts ofdifferent appliances now before I leaveyou if I leave you so can get on withsomething more important going to plugthis device in and we just see not sureI'm just wondering if this willilluminate just to show it's chargingwell just as I thought doesn't turngreen but it has turned red as you cansee apparently when it's fully chargedthat will turn to green and the machinewill go into power saving mode whateverthat means so obviously it won'tcontinue to charge once it's got thefull charge it will stop chargethe battery I don't know whether thatwill stay illuminated green when it'splugged in I would think it wouldbecause if it turns off you wouldn'treally know if it's plugged in at firstglance I'm assuming we'll start and staygreen I will of course confirm or denythis in the full demo now I will bedoing a full demo obviously of thiscleaner but don't expect a big mess testI'm not going to attempt to do what I dowith some of the larger vacuums becauseobviously that wouldn't be a fair testof the cleaner it was is not designed toclean a load of mess I will put downsome visible dirt obviously but becausethis is only a very small capacitycleaner it's no pointing and just tryingto overfill it as I say it's not fair Ionly do those really major big messtests when it is a cleaner with a largecapacity or commercial cleaner but youknow there's a little bit of muck inhere I mean I've just vacuumed this areawith my Electrolux professional uprightso I wasn't expecting much in here andthere isn't much but there is some itwas it's very hard to see but there issome dirt in there it's not as pristineas it was when I took it out the boxthat you know as I say it's just just aninitial testwe'll see how it performs when it'sfully charged up no it's got anotherfilter just here did notice thatnow that's replaceable or a washableexpect cat that tiny little filter thereso is it metal fan looks like it couldbedoes look like yes it does look like Ican't really show you does look likeit's a metal fan I've had a lot ofhandheld cleaners and they're beingplastic fans but that looks metal to meso that goes on that's that's anadditional filter that you often don'tget with this type of cleaner normallyyou don't get any extra filter so that'syour promoter but also of course we'vegot two other filters in here as wellyou've got the sponge and this fabricfilter obviously I think they'reclaiming any sort of filtration for thisare they no they don't tend to claimHEPA filter or things like that on thistype of cleaner well I think it wouldprobably do quite a good job of keepingthe dust inside so there we go that'sthe Dirt Devil handy clean 14.4 voltdoing one stick vacuum and handheldstill happens still can't find out ifit's lithium iron I wouldn't havethought so somehow I think lithium herebecause it says 10 hours to charge Ithink that's quite long if it waslithium ion I think it would be a lotquicker anyway that's the first look andunboxing stay tuned of course I will bedoing the full demo of this in uprightum and handheld mode and I'll be alsotesting it on carpet and hard floor butI'm quite pleased so far for 28-poundodd um yeah it was an impulse buy butyou know I think that's quite a goodgood price thanks for watching if youlike this video please thumb me upplease check out my back cataloguehundreds and hundreds of videos toplease even the most avid vacuum fan andstay tuned for new videos three timestwo or three times a week at leastI actually know I've been four times aweek of late but that will be going downpossibly two times a week at some pointbut you'll very least get one new vacuumvideo for me a week going forwardat the moment time of making this videoI'm getting you for deals a weak bit toomuch that isn't it I'm sure you don'twant for but anyway stay tuned for thenext video coming up very soon thanksfor watching and happy vacuuming to allof you bye for now

I’ve had this a while but not used it very much so I plugged it in to charge it so I could film a demo and it won’t charge at all. Unless I get a replacement, you won’t be seeing this again. Looks like other people have had a similar problem with this Dirt Devil and possibly the very similar Vax branded cleaner.

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6 Thoughts to “Dirt Devil HandiClean 14.4V Cordless 2 in 1 Stick & Handheld Vacuum Unboxing & First Look”

  1. Inventorboy16

    for those of you who are wondering what that noise is is what is known as a soft start motor control this helps prevent motor where and death from being shot out through the back filter. a lot of brushed motor vacuum use this feature now. while it sounds like the motor is struggling not just the pulse width modulation from the controller.

  2. Jason Deli

    Did he ever end up doing doing a full review on this

    1. ibaisaic

      No, because after leaving it for a while, the thing won’t charge up any more. Piece of junk.

  3. Mortessa

    Beings with C and ends with A…. Canada? Cambodia? xD lol

  4. Debra James

    Thanks for that. We’ve just bought one for about £30 from a local retail outlet. It wasn’t all that clear how to empty the dust box from the manual, so your demonstration was useful to us. It doesn’t cope with cat hairs too well, and soon got clogged up and ground to a halt, although it was easy to clear out the hair from the cleaner head. NB, it does say in the manual not to use it on hard surfaces. It has got nice feel to it, is light and manageable, but you’d perhaps want something bigger to manage a whole house.

  5. Camille Majeau LeDoux

    Well… I didn’t buy this Dirt Devil because it wasn’t on sale in the US.  So I bought my 4 year old grandson Jude a used Vacuum for $3.99 on Amazon.  I felt like you when you do and unboxing and it wasn’t packed well.  Anyway the vacuum had never been used and would have been a good deal if it worked, but it didn’t even turn on. The box was all beat up.  Amazon gave me a refund and let Jude keep the vacuum.  So I bought him a brand new $20 corded Dirt Devil.  It’s not very good but Jude loves it. He named it Charlie. He does “demos” all day long and even has started collecting his own “bag of filth”. Joy. 😉

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