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Dirt Devil HandiClean 14.4V Cordless 2 in 1 Stick & Handheld Vacuum Unboxing & First Look

I’ve had this a while but not used it very much so I plugged it in to charge it so I could film a demo and it won’t charge at all. Unless I get a replacement, you won’t be seeing this again. Looks like other people have had a similar problem with this Dirt Devil and possibly the very similar Vax branded cleaner.

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6 Thoughts to “Dirt Devil HandiClean 14.4V Cordless 2 in 1 Stick & Handheld Vacuum Unboxing & First Look”

  1. Inventorboy16

    for those of you who are wondering what that noise is is what is known as a soft start motor control this helps prevent motor where and death from being shot out through the back filter. a lot of brushed motor vacuum use this feature now. while it sounds like the motor is struggling not just the pulse width modulation from the controller.

  2. Jason Deli

    Did he ever end up doing doing a full review on this

    1. ibaisaic

      No, because after leaving it for a while, the thing won’t charge up any more. Piece of junk.

  3. Mortessa

    Beings with C and ends with A…. Canada? Cambodia? xD lol

  4. Debra James

    Thanks for that. We’ve just bought one for about £30 from a local retail outlet. It wasn’t all that clear how to empty the dust box from the manual, so your demonstration was useful to us. It doesn’t cope with cat hairs too well, and soon got clogged up and ground to a halt, although it was easy to clear out the hair from the cleaner head. NB, it does say in the manual not to use it on hard surfaces. It has got nice feel to it, is light and manageable, but you’d perhaps want something bigger to manage a whole house.

  5. Camille Majeau LeDoux

    Well… I didn’t buy this Dirt Devil because it wasn’t on sale in the US.  So I bought my 4 year old grandson Jude a used Vacuum for $3.99 on Amazon.  I felt like you when you do and unboxing and it wasn’t packed well.  Anyway the vacuum had never been used and would have been a good deal if it worked, but it didn’t even turn on. The box was all beat up.  Amazon gave me a refund and let Jude keep the vacuum.  So I bought him a brand new $20 corded Dirt Devil.  It’s not very good but Jude loves it. He named it Charlie. He does “demos” all day long and even has started collecting his own “bag of filth”. Joy. 😉

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