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Dirt Devil SimpliStik 3-in-1 Corded Handheld Stick Vacuum SD20000RED Review

hi there this is Eric with Princetonsupply welcome back to our YouTubechannel today we're going to be doing areview for the Dirt Devilit's the simplistic lightweight cordedbagless stick vacuum its model SD 2 0 00 0 red this is the number onebest-selling vacuum on amazon.comit's priced at nineteen ninety six so Ican imagine why yeah it's pretty cheapaffordable you know no reason why youcan't try it so today we were going todo sorta something a little different wewere going to do a one take review wellwe are yeah but this is actually oursecond take we we did the whole thing wewent back to watch it and we realized wedidn't have any sound so good jobcameraman on your part so that's whyit's already out of the box here so weare we're doing our unboxing unboxedalready so so before we get startedboxing is so sought of opening upsomething for the first time ok sobefore we get started again if you wantto find out more information about thisvacuum at any time during this recordingor during this video I should say makesure you click on the link belowyou've been taking to our Amazon productpage so again for the whole thing youknow we're gonna be doing our unboxingfeatures we're going to show how to usethe vacuum the it's good purposes we'regonna do our performance test vacuum upsand various things see how well thesmall little motor works we're gonna doour punishment test drop chest I'm notreally sure how we're gonna do it withthis one again is it's so small we mightjust throw it across the floor just slamit on the ground see how that works andthen we'll give you our final review andthoughts on the vacuum so let's getstarted again it's already out of thebox now this is a three-in-onethey call it a versatile three-in-onedesign if you look at the box right hereyou're gonna have your your hand backwhich is like your standard Dustbusterstyle vacuum they call it a stick vacwhich is the household style and thenyou have your detailer which is withthis crevice tool so again this is thestick vacuum wetake it apart and show you how to changethe parts out so this button up top hereyou're gonna push on that you're gonnabe able to remove the handle and youreally won't need that whenever usingthe Dustbuster or the crevice tool forhigh-end absolutely thank you very muchyeah so let's do that we'll keep thehandle inside for now and I'm gonna pullthis out so now with this tool I'm notgonna push any buttons I'm just gonnapop it right out but when you do putthis in or with the crevice tool makesure it's in nice and secure you don'twant to lose that while you're vacuumingso here is the opening pour the vacuumit's really simpleagain there's there's no buttons to pushyou're simply going to take your tooland just wedge it inside make sure youdo push in nice and tight my badI hope the right children watching thisit's okay I I try not to say what's onmy mind so here's your your attachmenttool it's going to already come on thecrevice tool out of the box okay sodon't go looking for it you could it'soptional if you want to keep it on whileyou're using this that way you don'tlose it again so here's your yourcrevice tool I don't think you're Ithink I need to use the the stick to dothis it's kind of actually heavy sowe'll remove that and here you go so nowyou have your your edging tool again asa picture shows may be good on windowsills crevices along the walls maybeeven inside in between your couch that'swhat you know you find change money foodalways falls behind there this is reallycool of course you don't well I don'twant to lose the money in here but atleast you'll know when you find someyou'll hear it okay now here's we'regoing to go back to our our multimulti-level multi-purpose floor toolthere's no brush on here and this is notbelt driven or anything like that butthere is a rubber strip on the bottomhere again this is what's going toactually help catch the dirt and itdoesn't pass this it's going to keep itinside again just push it right in againmake sure it'snice and secure so it doesn't fall outon you I don't recommend using like thisyou'll be hunched over but make sure youpush the button on top is this it's notgoing to go in until you push thisbutton and open it up make sure it'sclicked and here you gothe power button is not up here it'sdown here because it's a it's a dustytool and there we go okay so we havethat now we're gonna go ahead and moveon to our sound check is that okay withyou mister yeah is there anything Imissed here though you're not gonnavacuum up too much as for spills butright I see that you've got a dustbuster and you know an editing tool it'skind of a neat thing yeah if if you're acollege student let's say you got youryour first apartment right you want togo spend fifty to one hundred twohundred dollars on you vacuum this is areally cool item it's lightweight thething onlyso the actual vacuum itself weighs 1.9pounds I'm pretty sure everyone coulduse that now the box itself comes in atabout four point two pounds isn't itdon't you want to know how heavy thisbox is whether else of course I don'tknow where and you know what that'sreally straight I don't know theyactually two pounds comes from it's uhit's a really good quality box yeah Ithought it was just a like a Electricbroom what they call it but it's apretty cool absolutely so it's alreadyplugged in if the cameraman wants to goahead and zoom in here we're gonna do alittle sound check so much great camerawas I just closed that was a mistakeremember one take one take yeah allright here we go so to turn it onhere we aregot a good shot okay can a Supermaxhere we are so we are at 101 point sixtwo pretty loud vacuum for such a smallthing hopefullyall rightthank you yeah that's really getting agood shot of the nice don't forget whereit is it's not down here or over hereall right so again this is the dirtdevil simpli-stik lightweight cordeddon't forget the corded bagless stickvacuum 1996 on amazon.com again is thenumber one selling vacuum on amazon sothey must have sold thousands uponthousands of these if you want to checkout more information about this click onthe link below take it to our amazonproduct page now we're going to move onto our performance test and let's see ifthis motor does what I can all rightthank you all right all right okay nowwe're back with our performance testwe're gonna first use the floor tool andthen we're gonna use the crevice toolalright let's get started ok forgetsfrom the vacuum on I already have itplugged in it is corded don't forgetthat all right here we go one pass notso badagain I wouldn't expect too much out ofa small vacuum like thisbut it's pretty good some of your biggeritems gonna be harder to pick up justbecause the floor tool it restscompletely on the floor so you don'thave any height adjustment but it's solightweight again that's not so bad nowif that's not working again you caneasily just simply remove that[Music]here we go I'll try like just someoneget that tie event attempt this but lookat that that's that's easy that's reallyeasy there we godog hair that's gonna be a little harderto pick up again there's no brush onthis vacuum and as you has all animalpeople are gonna know you really need abrush to get in there to loosen up thehair so I already knew that wasn't gonnacome up too well okay so now I'm gonnaremove the handle and we're gonna catchour crevice tool make sure that's insecurely doesn't come out on youthat came up pretty quick see as you cantell they're big items are going to beable to uh are gonna be an issue so youmight get some kook logs at some pointthat's pretty good it's a lot morepowerful than I imagined but I guessthat's why it's at over 100 decibelsstrong motor that's a small vacuumso since the hair didn't come up withthe other tool let's see if we can getthis huh not really[Music]okay well that was there was a lot ofwork for such a small back yard he wasI'm not too impressed to be a hot yeah Iknow it's $20 but I think you've you hada broom in the dustpan you could havedone that like yeah well I went back andforth a lot just to see how much I couldget upobviously the hair wasn't gonna come upwe all know that here when here getsinto a carpet or into an edge you'redown there using your your fingerspicking that hair off the floor unlessyou have a good vacuum so there's nobrush on the floor tool so you're notgonna I think it is if you look here tothe opening is really tiny but they hadto do that to create more suction if theif this opening was even larger youwould have less suction coming out ofhere because it's such a small vacuumbut for a small vacuum household littlequick cleanup jobs did okay Thank YouPat alright so we're gonna move on toour punishment test we're gonna see ifthis thing can break and we're gonna trya new thing we're gonna vacuum up someother various items other householdthings that might be stuck inside yourcouch or so forth so stay tuned thankyou okay we're back now this is going tobe the first part of our punishment testnormally we just take the vacuum push itoff a table or things like that so it'sa little frustrating but yeah it is whatit is so we have some various items herepaper clips we're all familiar withthose loose change right I hope you cantell what these things are you're fromanother plantthey're probably clean all right so I'mnot gonna bother using the crevice toolobviously the the openings way too smallnot anything up this thinks junk I thinkin all honesty you're more than likelygonna use this in this fashion it'seasier to usemaybe this every once in a while solet's see what this picks upcome on hey I got one in okay changeloose change no problem there we goyou just gotta angle it right butcome on there we go alright ok first ofall I think it was more effort usingthis and using my own hand pickeverything up so I hope you're not thatlazy but it picked it up it had a hardtime it's it's it's not powerful theother loose stuff that we did beforehandthat picked it up no problemso yeah alright so now to empty this outyou're gonna have another gray button uphere you're gonna push on that open thisup so you have whoa okay be careful whenyou take this out so this is your filterthis is what actually going to preventthe stuff from going inside the motorand killing your vacuum but everythingis in there so again you're just goingto take this out make sure over a trashcanshake it out empty this every once in awhile you're going to want to make sureyou keep this clean this is your filteryour vacuum works by using air and whenthis filter is dirty you're actuallysuffocating your vacuum of the motor somake sure you clean that let it drybefore you put it back inside using itagainbut simple of that it's how you've emptyit and make sure you pop it back on likeso that's secure and you're ready to goagain now we're gonna move on to oursecond phase of our punishment testthank you alright here we are for thesecond part of our punishment testbefore we do that I forgot to tell youthat you can actually put your crevicetool on your vacuum like so so you don'tlose it okay so we're not gonna bepushing this off of a table I'm notreally gonna use it like that so sayyou're vacuuming and you're really madyou're frustrated who knows why yeah Ilost twenty dollarsmove those a little too much but look atthat it didn't breakI'm gonna try one more time really madpiece of crap I think you all probablyenjoyed that now I have to clean this upwhat everything well we grab everythingfirst I got snot in shot nothing brokeI'm split that way so it's because I'llsee here so so if you ever mad usingthis vacuum you don't worry about itbreaking the frustration tool that'sabout it now if you really spend allthat time vacuuming everything up thoughmake sure you empty out the dirt cupbefore you do this don't break anythingelse I think so yeah there's no read -okay so yes it's soldI can't goes back on now it's a it's thenumber one best-selling vacuum on AmazonI I wish I could say why I I don't for$20 I you are getting what you'regetting it's a quick household vacuumagain if you have a new apartment orjust little quick cleanup jobs I guessthis will come in handy for $20 Oh maybe40 or 50 dollars you could go out andget a household vacuum but so pros it'sit's really lightweight I mean you talkabout you hold on my pinky it's noproblem anyone can use this a childactually this would be a really good toyfor a child if you're trying to jam avacuum yeah my daughter would love thisyes my daughter would love this you knowI yes because toy stores will sell a toyvacuum which doesn't even work for aboutthe same price so twenty dollars this isa really neat toy for a child I'm nottrying to put the vacuum down but if youthink about it that's pretty cool yeahwhile you're back my daughter loves tograb her toy vacuum and vacuum the sametime I am but it doesn't work so my goshshe's just wasting her time here she'sin my way she could help me backlabor laws yeah well I'm not paying herso it doesn't help with love but yeah sothis would I mean you think about a proit's lightweight it's a great toy for achild at least just doing something heycons well for one it's corded thatthat's a bit of a pain but you don'tworry about a battery dying that'spretty good those batteries die all thetime this doesn't work at all you wantto be using this the crevice tool ispretty good the smaller the hole themore suction you're going to get so youcould use that as a great detailing toolmaybe for your car I forgot to mentionthat that would be really good but youare limited to your cord so don't forgetthat so all in all here at Princetonsupply what do you say something thatyou can like get your frustrations outor give to your kid I would say it'spretty close to use okay fine yeah we'rea little disappointed here II won't be using this well maybe I'llgive this to my child you could playwith it so thanks for that so here atPrinceton supply we definitely give ittwo thumbs down all right but if if thisis something that you would beinterested in we're still going to havea link up to it just see we want tocheck it out maybe find out some moreinformation again this is the Dirt Devilit is the simplistic corded bagless 10back stick its Model S zero zero zerowhy so many zeros I don't know oh yeahyou wanna check it out go click on thelink below to go to our amazon productpage so here in supply we give it adefinitely two thumbs downbuy for your kids great toy it's not foryou you could throw it really far it'sso light and you see what happens so ifyou liked this video and like to seemore videos of reviews for vacuums makesure to like this video share it witheveryone subscribe to our Channel andleave a comment down below see ifthere's anything that we missed orany comments you want to leave on thisit wants to be the 11 subscribers it'sright we got Ted come on please anyonethat watches this video just subscribethat's okayalright thank you

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In this video we review the Dirt Devil SimpliStik 3-in-1 Corded Handheld Stick Vacuum SD20000RED.

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