DreameTech T30 Review: Better Than a Dyson V15?

Hi welcome back to the cordless vacuum guide and, in this video, be looking at a brand new stick vacuum from DreameTech T30, which aims to challenge Dyson’s flagship the V15 Detect, but at a lower cost. This is the second DreameTech cordless vacuum I’ve tested after the V10 and they’ve added a lot of new features, since then.

One of which is this smart screen that shows info such as dust levels, run time status and cleaning mode. It has what DreameTech calls intelligent dirt sensing technology that increases suction, when it senses more debris, It’s similar to the V15 Detect and Tineco Pure One S12 but DreameTech uses a line graph for reference.

The main nozzle also has a sensor similarto Dyson, that increases suction on carpet and reverts on hard floors to maximize run Time and reduces the need to switch power settings.Powering. This vacuum is a Dreame Space, 5.0with 150000 RPM 25000, more than the V15.

So to check If the T30 indeed has more powerthan the V15, I put it through my usualseries of tests to see if the claims are valid. Full disclosure DreameTech sent me this productfor free to test, but as you’ll see in all my reviews, I base my findings on detailed tests tobe. As objective as possible, so let’s get into it:

The T30 is DreameTech‘s latest model after the T10and T20, with a larger capacity battery and a bigger motor with 27 Kpa and 190 air watts a high number but 40 below the V15 detect. I did independent tests with an anemometer and, a water lift gauge to compare the T30and V15 Detect, and here are the results.The T30 had one of the highest water lift results I’ve tested at 94” higher than the V11 Outsize and Torque Drive but lower than the V15.

However, airflow numbers aren’t as close to the V15, where it maxed out at 41.91, CFM at the cleaning head and 58 35 CFM at the wand.These numbers are still good and cleaning results reflect. These figures, which I’ll share in a bit.This vacuum, boasts a 90 minute run time from a single detachable battery and run-time tests confirm.

These claims and lasted for up to91 minutes, but only with non-powered tools.With, the main nozzle attached that figure goes down to 55 minutes.One issue I have with the design is the charging pin placement which is behind the handle.

So there’s no way of charging the battery separately.But having a detachable battery is, a plus since it’s easier to replace The screen behind the motor, provides users easy access to real-time data, about the run, time status power mode and a line graph that shows dirt quantity as it is picked up.

There are two buttons One for toggling between four different modes and an electronic trigger, lock, so the motor stays on without squeezing the trigger. This vacuum only comes with a single cleaning nozzle, with a v-shaped brush configuration plus these combs for untangling hair. I tested it on hair strands up to 12” long on both surfaces and nothing tangled on it.The V-shaped design plus. These combs did well at removing hair wrapping on the brush.

It’s one of the best stick vacuums I’ve tested at cleaning long strands of hair better than the Dyson V15 onhard floors that had strands wrapping on one axle Surface Debris pick-up is another strengthof. The T30 nozzle picking up ahigh percentage on both surfaces.It was excellent in the deep cleaning test.

With an average score of 94 % in line with other cordless vacuums in its price range Performance didn’t taper off that much when I tried using the, low and auto settings still in the low 90s Carpet, surface cleaning is also superb and at par with premium Dyson options like the V11 and V15, One reason: why is these seals on the sides and behind the brush?

Passes were clean, with high-end debris pick up and one of the better value for money alternatives for cleaning carpet While it cleans hard floors well, as evidenced byits above-average sand on hard floor results. The lack of a soft roller hampers its efficiency. Andhigher scores on carpet reflect this sentiment. One issue with the nozzle is its low clearance, where it tends to snowplow debris heaps that don’t clear the opening.

Tee ring is another concern for me. As the cleaning head lacks responsiveness.It, doesn’t turn smoothly and feels rigid anotch below other cordless vacuums. I’ve tested Out of the box, consumers will get these tools.One of which is this foldable insert that enables this vacuum to clean, deep under furniture.

t’s a similar design to the Shark Vertex, but Sharks version is built into the wand, while Dreames version is a separate piece.Since. The elbow is closer to the handle it will reach deeper under furniture.I, also like the hose attachment as it provides better reach and control.

Add the triggerlock feature It offers better handheld usability compared to vacuums without it. The crevice tool. Has these LEDs at the tipto help with visibility and tracking dirt.Dirt capacity is above average for a stick, vacuum at, 0.15 gallons or 0. 66 liters, It has atrap door at the bottom for disposing dirt.

You can disassemble the whole dustbin assembly if needed, for a more thorough clean.While. The T30 has a pre-motor and post motor HEPA filter. It didn’t pass the fog, test.It did well initially, but eventually leaked at the side Vents It wasn’t a full-blown leak, but still a disappointment. Considering the Dreame V10 model I tested previously didn’t.

Lastly is the noise.I used a sound meter to test the noise levels and it was loud ranging between 71 and 78.3 decibels, with the cleaning head attached but, it’s something you’d expect from a high-suction, cordless vacuum. So this isn’t a surprise.

The DreameTech T30 is anexcellent option for folks who need a carpet cleaning stick vacuum at a reasonable cost.It’s, most significant draw backs. Filtration and steering may be deal-breakers for some.

Still its high-end cleaning performance on carpet and usability advantages over the Dyson V11 and V15, makes it better value for money. Alternative if,the latter is too expensive for you.

Let Me know what you think about this vacuum in the comments section below.

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