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Dyson Animal V7 – cordless vacuum cleaner review

***apologies, in the video I state the charge time is 5 hours – this is only for the first ever charge, after that it is 3.5 hours***

My review of the Dyson Animal V7 cordless vacuum cleaner.

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18 Thoughts to “Dyson Animal V7 – cordless vacuum cleaner review”

  1. Siliance Gaming

    Mike Dyson sucks very good )

  2. stuman01

    Thanks for a very helpful review.

    1. Jamie Pav

      stuman01 you’re very welcome. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. Domer Home

    Super helpful! Am considering purchasing one soon! 😃

    1. Jamie Pav

      takeme2urmac gotta love Costco!!

    2. takeme2urmac

      Costco has them on sale right now. $115 off. 🙂

    3. Jamie Pav

      Domer Home we don’t use our corded vacuum now, it’s great! Thanks for watching, enjoy yours if you get it!

  4. Neil Devlin

    Got mine and I love it cleaned my whole entire house and my car and still had battery suction is amazing for a cordless the max function is very handy too

    1. Jamie Pav

      Neil Devlin we haven’t even used our main, wired vacuum since I made this video. It’s awesome!

  5. Blackrose Journey

    great video

    1. Jamie Pav

      Blackrose Journey thank you! Glad you enjoyed it

  6. Lea Vohn

    How much does this retail for?

    1. Jamie Pav

      thank you! if you’re in the UK have it at £350, it’s over £400 in some places. Having used it for a while now too we hardly use our corded vacuum anymore

    2. Lea Vohn

      Jamie Pav thanks! Great video by the way.

    3. Jamie Pav

      Lea Vohn about £350!

  7. blakaeg

    When you empty, you should push down on the cyclone and then push the bottom of the bin closed. I like these, very handy. Got myself a corded SEBO Felix which is very versatile, very well made German machine. Not sure I agree that the Dyson is well made, their previous V6 Absolute broke continuously at the top of the wand & the plastics are thin, same on the V8. Their uprights are horrible and creaky with bendy, flimsy handles. Much better constructed makes out there like SEBO and Miele for example.

    1. D J Hersman

      I lost my charging cord. How can I get another?

    2. Jamie Pav

      blakaeg Germans always make things well! Compared to cheaper products this feels well made to me, our corded is a shark which is very good but does feel cheaper in comparison. I’ve never used Sebo or Miele! They sound good

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