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Dyson Animal V7 – cordless vacuum cleaner review

hi I'm Jamie and welcome to my review ofthe Jason visa and animal cordlessvacuum cleaner I always want to say whothat and just before we start as alwaysjust want to say thank you to a Oh calmall of this yesterday it right thismorning nice and quick and we were keptwell informed throughout so thanks againto that okay so what is in the boxwell obviously the dog isn't includedand but here we have the actual Hooveritself it's quite small really and stillgot some warning labels on there whichI'll have a look at afterwards it shootsyour manual at the back the connectionsmake obviously yeah ease yet somecleaning floors and then you have theseare Dyson's names this is the directdrive cleaner head again I imagine usjust for cleaning the carpet it's superon top so I think you can see how dirtyour houses and the mini motorized toolwhich I would imagine is full of stairsdoes a similar job to the bigger one butprobably easiest to look around and eachcharging cable and then you have themini soft dusting brush the crevice tooland the combination tool which basicallyjust looks like I've mixed them twotogether again I guess you just have tostart using it to find out when thatwill come in handy and also not includedin the box and then it does also comewith obviously instruction manual thereand and this wall mounting tool so thatneeds to go on a wall and near a plugyou get a little book about the story ofDyson if you've got a lot of spare timeon your handsa free post envelope which is for theguarantee which is just on the back ofthe instruction manual and thatguarantee does last for two years soit's definitely worth filling that init's rich in mind all that selfobviously takes you through basicoperation has to stick their thingstogether in the first place somewarnings it explains the lights that youwill seeso if I can finish off just going over20% charge when it says the chargesfully before use which takes five hourson the top you can see here there's aswitch to turn between high suctionextended run just to increase thebattery life somewhat and a maximumsuction and it really simple in terms ofusing the thing for charging port is atthe back and it's literally just thetrick again to use it slightly lessfunction I'm just going to point intothe wall the moment unless you can seesolid blue light means it is chargingbut like I say there's a wall mountwhich you can run this through howeverwe're probably gonna keep this in thecupboard and we don't actually have aplug socket and a cupboardso that is something to bear in mindokay so as you see now the blue lighthas now gone off which means it'sfinished charging so let's see how itworks show you how to put it togetherand this bit comes already assembled andthe other bits you could just add onthere nice and simple literally justflossing and you click so that's toextend it so you can use it when she'sstanding up and release I literally justpress the red button pull up very easyuse and it can be used as more of ahandheld thing and again here we havethe filter and which needs to be washedin cold water once a month and put backin obviously when it's totally dryand here is how to empty to think so ifyou just hold on to the bottom and itliterally just pulls up no it is quitestiff and as you can see once you get tothe top the bottom does pop out so youcan empty the canister and it is for mequite stiff and a first time I actuallypush it back down it didn't really makea nice noise so where it's at is goingdown a little bit more easier nowactually it's not the easiest thing tolift up but that's how you empty it andthis coming to be taking apart furtherjust in case there's any blockages thatthe manual just tastes like in certainplacesokay so office now this is where theanimals spend a lot of time we do havetwo dogs and two cats I mean who's thisjust a few days ago actually and I'vedone it you can see the floor now itlooks nice and clean and I've got thelongest Suchman on with the carpetconnection so that is on maximum suctionat the moment and it doesn't feel quiteas powerful as a corded vacuum cleanerhowever just off them three or fourmovements you can see all that hairwhich I couldn't even see on the carpethas come off throughout the day I amvery very impressed with it and firstoff being stylized it looks very good asfar as vacuum cleaners can look good andhowever it is gonna live in yourcupboard so much how important that isand what sort of records and obviouslythose lenders come with a wall-mountwhich is very good for putting the Dysonaway and might be you must be aware whenyou put the warm up it needs to be neara plug socket otherwise it's not reallyany use and the charging thing on thisthing is five hours which isn't reallythe shortest amount of time and so ifyou've got it on a wall mount that's notconnected to a power socket then youneed to be planning when you're going tobe using it so in terms of using theactual Dyson and it is very very easy touse it weighs next to nothing honestly Ithink it's 2.2 kilograms so it'd be easyfor even the oldest little deer to movearound the house it makes really likeworking dinner stairs any otherhard-to-reach places for me it was greatto do the cars with and just very veryused as we've already mentioned thedifferent settings on the maximum powerit's not far off being as good as acorded Hoover and as we've already shownyou it picks up on my setting on theextra-long setting that is to get you upto half an hour of use it's quite somuch much useful in some scenarios it'sdefinitely not quite as much power butit does still plenty on however I thinkaccorded Hoover called a Dyson or a quidwould do just as good if not better ajob and done that and determine isliterally up to half an hour I'm notsetting the more powerful one you mightbe surprised to hear gives you aboutfive to six minutes of use it is verygood on that setting but five minutesisn't very long and you will find thatyou're using the lowest setting moreoften than that and when it takes fivehours to charge it really doesn't meanthat you've got a plan ahead what you doso one of the thing that I forgot tomention as well is on the main circuitthat you use within your carpets on thefloor it does have a mini version of theDyson ball technology that you see intheir other vacuum cleaners and againthat just makes it super easy to move onjust literally build quality as alwayswith anything back to make is fantasticjust in salfi bits around touchingthings it's all very well made and itgives you confidence that it's gonna beworking well for quite a while andobviously as well it is a veryimpressive piece of kit and I'm veryimpressed with how it works I think itis an exceptional job picking up thedirt and as you've already seen whatwe've got it does have some drawbacksand that's mainly around what I'd callrange anxiety like you see in theelectric cars is a half an hour runtimejust isn't huge and think I'd alwaysfind I was concerned it's not for me Idon't think I get rid of a corded vacuumcleaner however this makes a greataddition to recorded one and in terms ofcreate stairs to me my cars and any sortof hard-to-reach nooks and crannies thisthing is so much better than a cordedvacuum cleaner obviously you can alwayskeep it on on charge if you've got awall mount that's plugged in but againI'm not totally happy leaving it pluggedin 24 hours a dayseven days a week when I probably use itonce and maybe twice a week anyway andso it means that I would then have thetime when I'm going to be using it andmake sure it's charged at least fivehours before that and if that is thecase it's something that having planshappen right one of the dogs knocks overa plant or something and again and we'regonna wait five hours to then clean itup probably not one of the quick pointwas some people have been asking me justhow often we find that I've actuallyempty it because obviously as you cansee it's quite small and container forthe dirt and no that's it is small butit's not really a problem with thehalf-an-hour burn time I finally I justbefore every time I use it and thatkeeps performance at its peak anyway andso all in all I think it is a reallygood piece of kit and I think you've gota smaller house or maybe a flat andyou'll have it some of it on charge 24/7and I think it would be really besomething that you could switch to froma corded vacuum cleaner for ourselvesit's going to be extremely convenientextremely handy for us and a great pieceof kit and but only in addition to thecorded vacuum cleaner that we alreadyhave and so thank you very much forwatching I'm just gonna go and my dog

***apologies, in the video I state the charge time is 5 hours – this is only for the first ever charge, after that it is 3.5 hours***

My review of the Dyson Animal V7 cordless vacuum cleaner.

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18 Thoughts to “Dyson Animal V7 – cordless vacuum cleaner review”

  1. Siliance Gaming

    Mike Dyson sucks very good )

  2. stuman01

    Thanks for a very helpful review.

    1. Jamie Pav

      stuman01 you’re very welcome. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. Domer Home

    Super helpful! Am considering purchasing one soon! 😃

    1. Jamie Pav

      takeme2urmac gotta love Costco!!

    2. takeme2urmac

      Costco has them on sale right now. $115 off. :)

    3. Jamie Pav

      Domer Home we don’t use our corded vacuum now, it’s great! Thanks for watching, enjoy yours if you get it!

  4. Neil Devlin

    Got mine and I love it cleaned my whole entire house and my car and still had battery suction is amazing for a cordless the max function is very handy too

    1. Jamie Pav

      Neil Devlin we haven’t even used our main, wired vacuum since I made this video. It’s awesome!

  5. Blackrose Journey

    great video

    1. Jamie Pav

      Blackrose Journey thank you! Glad you enjoyed it

  6. Lea Vohn

    How much does this retail for?

    1. Jamie Pav

      thank you! if you’re in the UK AO.com have it at £350, it’s over £400 in some places. Having used it for a while now too we hardly use our corded vacuum anymore

    2. Lea Vohn

      Jamie Pav thanks! Great video by the way.

    3. Jamie Pav

      Lea Vohn about £350!

  7. blakaeg

    When you empty, you should push down on the cyclone and then push the bottom of the bin closed. I like these, very handy. Got myself a corded SEBO Felix which is very versatile, very well made German machine. Not sure I agree that the Dyson is well made, their previous V6 Absolute broke continuously at the top of the wand & the plastics are thin, same on the V8. Their uprights are horrible and creaky with bendy, flimsy handles. Much better constructed makes out there like SEBO and Miele for example.

    1. D J Hersman

      I lost my charging cord. How can I get another?

    2. Jamie Pav

      blakaeg Germans always make things well! Compared to cheaper products this feels well made to me, our corded is a shark which is very good but does feel cheaper in comparison. I’ve never used Sebo or Miele! They sound good

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