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Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review

hello everyone and welcome to my reviewand demonstration of this dyson v-6cordless vacuum cleaner during thecourse of this video I'm going to seehow well this Dyson picks up pet hairand more general dirt on carpet also howwell it cleans hard floors howconvenient it is to use and also giveyou a few maintenance tips towards theend of the video but before I start I'lljust explain what comes in the boxyou'll need to charge it forapproximately three and a half hoursbefore your first use it does have somecharge to it but I would recommendgiving it a thorough charge before youuse the machine now you can charge itusing the supplied wall bracket you needto fix that to the wall and this willstore and charge your cleaner at thesame time and you can also score two ofthe accessories as well that comecomplete with this cleaner you can alsocharge it directlyyou've got the charging adapter here youcan actually plug it directly into themachine there's a little port at theback so you can put that on your kitchenworktops a charge it near a suitablesocket so you don't actually have to usethe supplied wall bracket when you'recharging the cleaner the light at thebottom of the handle will illuminateblue and then turn off when it's fullycharged if it illuminates amber it meansit's not charging because the battery iseither too hot or too cold so you needto either let the Machine cool down ormove it in to a warmer place beforeattempting to charge again if the lightflashes red it's not charging and youneed to contact the Dyson help linethese are the two cleaning tools thatcame standard with my particular Dysonthe rigid crevice tool and thecombination tool with a brush that popsout like that so you can use it with thebrush out for your dusting and thenretract the brush and you've got a smallnozzle here for cleaning your upholsteryand your curtains this is the motorizedcleaner head that has two sets ofbrushes very soft carbon fiber brusheswhich are designed to pick up even finedust from your hard floors and stiffernylon brushes to clean your carpets andfinally you get the lightweightaluminium wand that enables you to cleanup high to reach cobwebs etc as wellis cleaning your carpets and hard floorswithout stooping or bending now I've setup a little bit of a torture test forthe Dyson v6 on my living room carpet Ihave a square here of pet hair thiscombines long hair miniature - and hairwith some golden retriever hair and someof you may have seen a quick video I didof a Dyson dc40 attempting to pick upthis particular black hair and it didstruggle with it so it'd be interestingto see if this v6 does any betteronce I've tested it on the pet hair I'llbe using the Dyson v6 on this generaldirt so we've got quite a lot of dustthere's bits of paper there's more pethair little bits of rolled oats otherother bits and pieces that I've used invarious vacuum demonstrations so withoutany further ado let's concentrate on thepet hair pickup first and then we'llmove on to the general dirt in bothdemonstrations I'm going to use theDyson v6 on its regular setting as wellas maximum mode so I'm going to use themachine this side on regular settingfollowed by this side on maximum to seeif it makes a difference okay startingwith the machine on regularokay not bad but not very good either itseems to have removed all the goldenretriever hair but that black hairthat's very tenacious a lot of vacuumcleaners fail with that but of coursethat was on its normal setting so we'regoing to need to give it a bit of aboost this is an extreme example ofcourse so on this side got to try againbut this time with a Dyson on max modecertainly an improvement but with twopasses it has still left quite a lot ofthe hair but as you can see max mode hasmade a lot of difference between the twopasses okay I was going to pass it overagain on max mode a few times just tosee if we can get a thorough cleanit's no struggling I'm not surprisedbecause the Dyson dc40 did struggle I'mnot sure if it picks up on cameraobviously it looks a lot better than itdid before but it took quite a fewpasses to get the dirt up obviously I'vedone an extreme example it's not badit's certainly better than the Dysondc35 that I tested a while ago on mychannel ok so it's alright for pet hairas long as you haven't got a load of itlike this time to go over to my othersquare of dirt and see how well theDyson performs on regular mess so againI'm going to do one side on regularsetting and the other side on max modenow that's pretty goodas I said that's on regular it's cleanedmore or less everything I can't reallysee any dirt there but there may be somedirt that's a bit a bit small but stillconsidering that was on its regularsetting which uses twenty minutes you'vegot twenty minutes of runtime on regularit's done quite a good job I mean a verygood job but we're just going to comparejust see if we can get any improvementat this side you think maximum okaylet's line it upyes it's a definite improvement I couldactually see the carpet being lifted upit's groomed the carpet a little bitbetter it actually started pulling someof the dirt from the middle and cleansection into the nozzle so obviously thesuction is having a greater effect it'sa hundred air Watts on max power I meanit's only 28 on its regular settings soyou know it's knocking on four fourtimes the suction when you use it on maxbut then again you are getting a lotless run time with maximum well I mightas well clean up the rest of this andthen I'll be in to my kitchen to see howwell it cleans hard floorsbefore I go into my kitchen I will needto empty the dyson v-6 because as youcan see I have gone just above themaximum fill line so to give it a fairtest I will empty this first he's allthe debris I've just removed for mycarpet using the dyson v-6 but no matterhow much I shake the machine there'sstill some caught up inside between thebin and the shroud so I'm gonna have toget my hands in even even I can't get myhand in I can't get my finger in so Iwould have to take in order to give it athorough clean that have to take the pinoff little bit fiddly it worked finebefore there we go so you need to takethe pin off and then you can get allthis debris off it's a little bit messyobviously it's an extreme example butthat that is one bugbear I know somepeople have complained about thismachine now that has been solved withthe latest Dyson these eights I wasgoing to say v6 the new v8 has a new binemptying system it is supposed to removeall the debris from around the shroud soif that annoys you I suggest you have alook at the Dyson v8 range okay now soI've come into my kitchen and I've putdown a load of flour and rolled oatsonto the floor now a lot of vacuumcleaners struggle with very fineparticles like flour but let's see ifthe Dyson are carbon fiber filaments doa better job I'm going to use it on itsregular setting because in my case thisis a vinyl floor and I tend to find thatif I use a vacuum with too much suctionpower the floor tends to stick to thenozzle and it doesn't clean very wellbut I think on the regular setting weshould have enough suction to removethis dirt okay let's give it a gowell very impressive with the flowerunfortunately the rolled oats it hassnow cloud a bit so as you can see thatice and v6 has pushed most of the rolledoats in front of the nozzle rather thanpicking them up into the clear bin andas I look in the bin I can actually seea lot of the flour but very few of therolled oats anyway because I don't liketo leave a mess I'm going to attempt toclean the rest of this up using theDyson v6now as you can see it is stillstruggling with the larger particlesthat can of course remove them by takingoff the powerhead and actually usingstraight suction nozzle to pick up thelarger debris this could be a quirk ofmy particular floor if you've got woodenfloors or tiled floors and not vinylfloors you might find it performs a lotbetter I just think it's a little bitunfair to say it's doing a very poor jobbecause I have found a lot of the vacuumcleaners I test on this floor don't doso well with large particles but I thinkthe fault really is more with a floorrather than the vacuum one job the dysonv-6 is really good at is stair cleaningbecause you can attach the motorizedtool directly to the handheld unit soyou're holding your hand a very powerfulmachine for cleaning your stairs with nocord now obviously if you want to giveyour stairs are really deep clean usemax mode and you'll get six minutes ofmaximum suction power which should bemore than enough time to clean theaverage staircase or even severalstaircases what I like about themotorized head is just about the samewidth as a standard stair tread so youcan use the machine like this or ofcourse you can go in this direction itdoesn't really matter whichever worksfor youand of course when you've cleaned thetreads and risers with the motorizedtool you can attach the crevice tool toget into all the cornersand then you can click on thecombination nozzle extend the brush andyou have the perfect tool to clean thesides of your stairs and of course youcan connect any of the small tools tothe end of the extension wand so you canreach up high for those pesky cobwebsapart from emptying the dyson v-6 on aregular basis before it goes above themax fill line there are a few othermaintenance tips you can do to make surethe cleaner operates at maximumefficiency once a month Dyson recommendcleaning the filter which is located inhere you can run that under cold waterwring it out slightly leave it to drybut not over any direct heat 24 hours todry and then you can pop it back in thecleaner if you don't want to keepcleaning it I often find you can useanother vacuum cleaner a suction cleanerand just clean it with another machinethat saves having to wash it all thetime and then of course you can reuse itstraight away without having to wait forthe filter to dry but it's easy toaccess it's just located in the top ofthe cyclone unit periodically you maywant to give the shell to clean that'slocated inside the clear bin to give usaccess to the shroud we need to pushdown the red bin release lever once pushit again and then you can remove thewhole bin just need to jiggle it about abit there we go so now you've got moreaccess to the bin you can wipe the binout if you want to with a damp clothmake sure it's totally dry don'tsubmerge it in water and then you canclean the shroud here you can use theactual dusting tool you get supplied bythe machine brush it like that or ifyou've got access to another vacuumcleaner you can use a vacuum cleanerwith a dusting tool and you'll be ableto suck out any fine dust that'sactually beyond the mesh filter screento relocate the bin simply offer it tothe Machine from the front here makesure it goes over the little black lipat the front once you've got that inplace simply push it until it clicks andthen you can close the dirt release doorfrom time to time you'll need tomaintain your motorized cleaning head inorder to keep it operating efficientlyand for that you just need a coinbecause we now need to gain access tothe brush roll that as you can see hasgot - quite a lot of pet hair wrappedaround it so using a coin we just turnthis end cap here like this and then wecan remove the cap and then the brushrolland now we can remove all this hair youcan use a pair of scissors pull it offuse another vacuum cleaner as well youcan suck all the other debris off tomaintain it you can also clean out thiscavity here I find it best to use a dampcloth but not wringing wet just get acloth wing it out a little bit of milddetergent and you can wipe this outalternatively you can use some wet wipetype things so just clean all this outyou can check for any blockages whileyou're doing it you can also gain alittle bit more access we've got anotherlittle access port here so this comesoff and as you can see we can get goodmore access to give it a thorough cleanand to ensure it's not blocked okay soI've got everything cleaned I've removedall the hairs from around the brush allI just need to reassemble the motorisedhead so I'll pop this access panel backon first secure it with a coin then Ineed to slide the brush all in make sureit goes in this way first you've got aspindle one end that needs to be facingoutwards and you just insert it this wayinto the cleaning head rotate it a bituntil it's flush and then okay to theend cap and use a coin to lock intoplace well that's just about the end ofmy video demonstration for the dyson v-6cordless vacuum cleanerok pros and cons pros well it's verylightweight and being cordless of courseit means you can clean from room to roomwithout having to unplug and plug in allthe time it did a very good job ongeneral dirt on my carpet not so good onthe extreme pet hair test but a lot ofvacuum cleaners struggle with thatparticular pet hair so I wasn't at allsurprised by those results it did a verygood job on fine particles on my kitchenfloor but it did struggle with the lawbunch of particles but as I said thatcould be a fault with the fact that I'vegot a vinyl floor that tends to getsucked into the nozzle of many vacuumcleaners that I test on it so it mayperform better on other types offlooring so don't go by thatdemonstration but it's lightweight as Isaid it only takes three and a halfhours to charge up but it has a shortrunning time 20 minutes is pretty goodfor normal setting but only six minuteson max that's you know it's okay fordoing the quick cleanups that need theextra suction power but you're not goingto get around your whole house in sixminutes unless you live in a tinyapartment can this replace yourfull-size vacuum cleaner in my opinionno unless you live in a tiny apartmentif you live in a larger house or even anormal-sized house it is a goodsupplementary vacuum but I don't thinkit's a very good deep cleaner you doneed still need a mains-powered vacuumto do a more thorough job but for thosein-between cleans it's a very goodmachine and at the time of making thisvideo it's the cheapest way of getting adyson stick cordless vac this on theDyson website though is to $99.99 at themoment I got this for a hundred poundsless than that but I still think 200pounds is quite a lot of money for thisconsidering it's just the base model soI would like this video if you do pleasethumb me up please check out my othervideos I've tested a lot more vacuumcleaners and other floor care applianceson my channel and please stay tunedbecause there's lots more coming up sountil the next time thanks for watchingand I'll see you soon

In this video I demonstrate and review the base model Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner. I first show what you get in the box, before my first demonstration on pet hair

I then test the Dyson’s performance on general dirt on carpets before showing how you empty the cleaner. That is followed by a pick up test on a hard floors and a look at how convenient the V6 is for stair cleaning.

The final part of the video shows a few maintenance tips, followed by my summary.

The Dyson V6 cordless vacuum gives you Dyson suction power without the hassle of a cord.

Motorised cleaner head cleans all floor types
The Dyson digital motor V6 creates the most powerful cordless vacuum
2 Tier Radial™ cyclones capture the most fine dust
Balanced for cleaning up top, down below and in between
Up to 20 minutes of powerful fade-free suction
Max mode gives stronger suction for more difficult tasks
Docking station stores and charges the machine so it’s ready to use
Hygienic bin emptying – just push the button to release the dirt
Wand detaches easily for handheld cleaning
Click-fit tools for all round cleaning
Built from the strongest materials available to ensure durability
2 year guarantee

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10 Thoughts to “Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review”

  1. Rod Schermerhorn

    Great review,real.

  2. Amberlie Rose

    This is a VERY good review. No farcing around JUST talking. GREAT detail in getting straight to the point of showing FULL use, options, pros and issues.. in Clear View. Thank you

  3. Annemarie Paganuzzi

    The Dyson V6 Absolute cordless is great for picking up dust etc. but what a nightmare to clean it. It is so frustrating that you feel you want to throw it out the window. It takes so long and is a very dusty and messy job. I was thinking of getting one with a more lasting battery, however I have second thoughts now.

    1. ibaisaic

      Bagless means more maintenance and messy emptying. Go for a bagged vacuum if you want a cleaner experience.

  4. Carole Barnett

    I love my Dyson V6 for its suction, light weight and its manoeuvrability. But Your demonstration of emptying the bin, is far
    more clinical than the reality of emptying a bunch of dust/hair/debris that has stuck to the filter. There is no way to remove it without actually touching it with your hands (urgh) or getting an implement to drag it out of the bin. Unless of course anyone knows different. Suggestions please.

    1. ibaisaic

      Dyson addressed this problem with the V7, V8 and V10 with a self cleaning shroud. Unfortunately on the V6 models, stuff does get stuck to the central shroud.

  5. David Nieman

    7:50 I’ve owned a few Dyson’s (DC16, V6, DC07, DC15) and that’s the biggest issue I’ve had with ALL of them. Good machines but everything has their flaws.

  6. Michael Knauer

    Raise your hand if you only do two passes when vacuuming?

    1. ibaisaic

      Yes, two is rather excessive isn’t it.

  7. Grace Mirchandani


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