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Dyson V6 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Tips

[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]hello everyone today in this video I'mgoing to be having a look at this Dysonfluffy vacuum cleaner now thisparticular one belongs to my mum andshe's been complaining that it's beenmaking a pulsating noise well normallywhen a Dyson cordless cleaner makes apulsating noise it means there's ablockage somewhere so I'll be checkingfor blockages but I'll also be givingthe hole cleaner a bit of a spruce up tomaintain the efficiency of the Dyson v6whether it be the fluffy or any othermodels in the v6 range you need to keepthe filter clean and the mesh clean andof course you need to make sure youdon't go above the max fill line nowaccording to the instructions Dysonrecommend you wash this filter once amonth now I have to say my mother's hadthis vacuum for several months and thefilter hasn't been washed yet soobviously I'll be giving it a wash butdespite the fact it's never been washedit's not too bad to wash the filterssimply clean them under running watersqueeze them out and then leave them todry somewhere not above direct heat makesure they're thoroughly dry beforereinserting them into the cleaner togive the bin and the shroud a moreeffective clean you need to remove thebin assembly first of all I can see thatthere's some dirt in this bin is allempty that first now that I've emptiedthe machine only to remove the bin togive it a more thorough clean so withthe flap open press the bin releasebutton again to remove the whole binfrom the cleaner so just press it downand then push it forward and then youcan take off the motor unit and you'releft with the bin now you can clean thisdon't submerge this in water because itdoes contain current-carrying conductorsto the power head so here there'selectricity supply through this andthere's also some electrical contacts onthe back so never submerge this in wateryou can clean it with a damp cloth butmake sure it's thoroughly dry beforeputting it back in the machine Irecommend these surface wipes that youget for wiping around your kitchenbecause they're slightly damp they'renot going to over wet the machine butthey will do a good job of removing thedust and dirt so I'm going to get thebin bit of a wipe over and payparticular attention to the seals aswell especially around the bottom of thebin here make sure they're free of anydust or grit and once you've given thata thorough clean put the bin to one sidewhen you've removed the bin from thecleaner it's easier to check forblockages inside here now on to themotor unit obviously you can pull thefilter out and rinse that under runningwater to clean it so once you do thatput that to one side to dry now we haveaccess to the shroud we can give that amore thorough clean so you can use thebrush supplied with your Dyson to brushoff any dust or loose debris such as pethair etc also make sure you clean aroundthis top seal here just get the brush inwhoops give it a thorough brush now ifyou want to give this a more thoroughclean you can use another vacuum cleanerwhich is what I'm going to do nowbecause also with another vacuum cleanerif you've got one to hand you can directthe suction inside here which helpsdislodge any dirt that might have stuckto the inner cyclone once you've removedall the loose dirt you can use anotherwet wipe and give the whole unit a goodwipe over and especially pay attentionagain to the seal around the top makesure there's no grit caught in itbecause the seal won't operate aseffectively if there's any particles ofdirt that does gather in there afterrepeated use the advantage of usinganother vacuum cleaner is you can getmost of the dust that is behind thismesh screen you can't get that just bybrushing the surface so if you haveanother vacuum to hand that's always thebest way to give this cyclone a reallygood clean even though I've only usedwet wipes to clean this Dyson it's stillimportant to make sure it's a hundredpercent dry before reassembly the nextpart that looks like it needs a bit ofthe clean is the Motorhead itself as youcan see there's some threads trappedaround the brushes it's easy enough toremove the brush all you need is acoin simply place it into the slot hereat the side and turn it to the unlockedposition take off the end cap and thenyou can just slide out the brush andit's at this point you can check ifyou've got any blockages it's quite anarrow opening there so you can lookthrough there are a few bits stuck inthis head actually don't poke anythingsharp down there we can also see ifthere's any blockage here in the cleanerhead well this seems to be free ofblockages another thing you can take offis this part here at the back so againnow two pence coin is a little bit bigso I'm going to have to get a smallercoin for that so with a smaller coil andI think a five pence piece will do thisyou can open this part up and as you cansee there's quite a bit of dirt trappedbehind there so again if you've gotanother vacuum cleaner to hand you canuse that to remove the dirt once you'veremoved any loose dirt you can useanother wet wipe or a damp cloth withsome mild detergent and give everythinga good wipe so you can wipe the internalparts like this right the baseplate andalso if you can get into this littlegroove at the back you could use a bluntobject to clean that groove like ascrewdriver as long as you put some ofthis wipe on the end it actually helpsto get this groove really clean butdon't use anything too sharp you don'thave damage the machine it's not too badthis one so I'm managing to clean it allup just using the wipe so that's all theinternal bit giving a good clean andthen of course if you want to you cangive the external part a bit of a wipeover to also don't forget to clean thispart internally and externally againwith the wet wipe or a damp cloth withsome mild detergent give that a goodclean you can also clean the littlevelour stripperback so that's good so we can just putthese to one side to let them air-dryand now it's on to the brushrollto remove any hairs or threads fromaround the brushroll grab a pair ofscissors and just cut along try not tocut the brushes themselves that's itthis one more once you've cut themsimply pull them offagain this is where another vacuumcleaner comes in very useful because youcan just insert the end of this brushinto the end of the hose of a vacuumcleaner to remove most of the debrismake sure you keep hold of it thoughbecause you don't it sucked up into yourcleaner once the brushroll is clean youcan give it a wipe with a damp cloth ora surface wipe now it warns you in theinstruction book not to touch the blackcarbon fiber brushes because some peoplemay get skin irritation from them sobeware of that I'm just going to givethem a wipe over to move any ground ondirt it should do it and again I'll putthat to one side to dry beforereassembly this dyson v-6 comes with thefluffy hard floor cleaning head boththese rollers are removable for easycleaning again you need a coin there's alittle bit here you need to turn tounlock the end cap and then as littlearrow pointing downwards so just open itup push it in the direction of the arrowand then this whole unit slides out it'snot too bad actually I probably get awaywith just giving that wipe over you canactually rinse this under the tap butwhen you dry it dyson say to have it inthat position to allow any water todrain off itthe smaller roller at the back is justremoved by pulling it out and both ofthe rollers can now be rinsed underrunning water of course make surethey're dry before we assembly Dysonsuggest waiting 24again if you have another vacuum cleanerto hand you can use it to remove anydust or fluff that's gathered in thenozzle at this stage you can check ifthere's any blockages in the air pathand again you can give the wholecleaning head a wipe over with a wetwipe or damp cloth both on the exteriorand on the interior taking care not todamage the motor that's situated here itis possible to pass a cloth or a wetwipe just underneath that to give theclear portion of the head a good cleanand clean the velour strip at the backand the suction channel's the final headto look at is the mini motorized tooland looking at this one I don't think mymum has used it very much but I'll showyou how to clean at the brush bar anywayagain you've got another screw threadhere so you can use a coin turn it tothe unlocked position pop the end capoff and then slide out the brush barremove any hairs and fibers from it giveit a wipe if you want to check for anyblockages in the nozzle again you cangive the nozzle a quick wipe and thenreassemble well that's all the partscleaned all we have to do now isreassemble at the Dyson starting withthe bin you'll notice at the front herethere's a little lip that correspondswith a small hole a small cutout here atthe top of the bin at the front so ittakes a little bit of doodling but youneed to locate it at the front and thenwith any luck if you've got it in thehole you push it back until it locks orthe Saudis a bit trickythere we go don't force it if it doesn'tgo first time just jiggle it about a bitso that's the bin in place and then ofcourse we can close the bin trapdoor andthen once the filter of course is 100%dry and that just pops back in there I'mgoing to take this one out and dry itbecause I haven't dried it yet but I wasreally really surprised that the amountof dirt that came out of the water ittook me a few minutes until the waterran clear so despite the fact that thisfilter did look clean it was a prettyclogged up so I would go by Dyson'srecommendation and clean your filteronce a month to reassemble the motorhead we need to slide the brush in makesure it goes this way in first so justpush it in and give it a bit of a twistand then pop the end cap on let's locateit and then use a coin to turn it to thelock position and then finally you needto attach the strip at the back againpop that into place and we go and thiswill needs a 5 pence coin to turn it tothe locked position till we assemble thefluffy head to first insert the smallroller at the back just push it onto thespindle at this side and then ensurethat this piece here is seated thenslide on the large fluffy roller it'llonly go in one wayslide it on this way first put on theend cap like this and then push itclosed and then finally lock it inposition with this one takes the 5 pinspace and that's done and last but notleast we assemble the mini motorizedtool by putting in the brushroll poppingon the end capand locking it into position well that'sthe end of the video I hope you foundthe hints and tips useful in keepingyour Dyson fluffy operating efficientlyif you have any questions or commentsplease comment below and don't forgetsubscribe and you'll be updated everytime I upload a new video so until thenext time thanks for watching and I'llsee you soonbye for now[Music]

In this video I share some basic maintenance tips for the Dyson Fluffy cordless vacuum cleaner. I show the Fluffy in the video, but most of these tips will apply to all models in the V6 range.

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