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Dyson V6 MotorHead Cordless Vacuum with Attachments

the name Dyson oh yeah the premier namewhen it comes to vacuum cleaners this isthe Dyson v6 Motorhead so v6 powerfullike nobody's businessit's a cordless vac that actually hasthe muscle the cleaning power and thesuction that you know and love fromthose big Dyson vacuums that you have tolug out of the closet this is under fivepounds you are cutting the cord but youare not cutting the power this is a saleprice of three nineteen ninety-eight gotto let you know that we already havefewer than 800 of these to go aroundthis price that is a showstopper isactually only available until April 18ththat's Saturday if you're looking atyour calendars so today you can actuallyget it home for six easy payments of$53.00 this is power like nobody'sbusiness it's the power that you expectfrom one of those big old machines youplan to log out and it might even have aDyson name on it but it's under fivepounds and it can either be the handheldor of course like your stick back nowlet me show you you are going to getyour onboard tools over here so theseare going to come with your Dyson andthis is actually going to be yourcombination tool as well as your crevicetool but here at QVC we add threeadditional tools that you will not getout in the marketplace so you might beseeing this awesome price but you're notseeing these additional tools so thesoft dusting brush comes with it thearticulating hard floor tool comes withit the wide nozzle tool comes with it aswell which means we're talking aboutgetting underneath areas and on top ofareas and dusting in ways that you can'tdo if you will look to buy thisconfiguration out in the marketplace theother deal is that we hear of easy paywe love the EZ pay our best mostgenerous six months of easy pay but I'mgoing to get on over to Susie Trainorbecause she brings us Dyson nice to seeyou my Sophie back and she's bringing ussomething that is brand new and this isnew because of the power the v6 right sowe do we have some different linesyou've seen me with so many differentDyson and sometimes it gets confusingbut this one at Dyson is a game changerbecause for so long we always thoughtthat you needed a big Dyson vacuum or abig vacuum to do all of your cleaning sowhat we've done is we took all of thepowerthat you want out of a dyson vacuum andwe gave it to you in an under five poundform he's in and the way to think aboutit is kind of the technology going froma big rotary phone to a cell phonethat's the that's the kind of technologytrend we're all doing right now andthat's what's happening at Dyson in thevacuuming world we're getting smallersleeker better faster with battery powerand and all of that it's why it's sopowerful so we're going to start offwith a demonstration we only do withthis machine because give you the bigvacuum experience it'll give you theidea of how powerful this actually isand remember we're simply cutting thecord we are not cutting the power so I'mgoing to have you help me I've got catsright and I've got two of them Baileyand Olivia so this is definitely catlitter that I'm sprinkling and you'resprinkling what my coffee grounds andthen I'm going to add on top of thataquarium rocks I blocks there and thenthat's a pad here a little simulated pethair I think this is real it's real yeahI'm touch yes I can assure you it'sgross and real yeah um so we're gonna goahead and cut right through thisokay that is serious that's impressiveright that's wasn't in fact you wouldfully expect to get from a 13 to 17pound big ol you know bigger Dyson thatyou'd expect a lug out of a closet andyet the sleeker v6 cordless is givingyou the same results I mean okay Ialmost want to go like this like be amagician there's no port around Susieshe's got no cord so wherever she wantsto go wherever you want to clean up highdown low it's got the muscle it does andthat's what we call it the v6 series sowe have a lot of different categorycategories and Dyson the v6 series meansit's going to be on our most powerfultiers for this one we really designed itthough to give you big Dyson power andperformanceso with this v6 motor you're getting2-tier radial root cyclone technologyit's one of our most advanced forms andthat's why we show you thisdemonstration because it's 50 pounds ofbricks right I'm thinking something thissmall how could that possibly do it thisis less than five pounds and it'spicking up something that is okay youknow what this is already really popularbecause you know maybe you like meyou're bowing like I want a Dyson andthis is your opportunity thatbecause sale price on their mostadvanced and most powerful your newesttechnology when it comes to cordless faxand it is the v6 fifty three dollars andchange that's an easy pay six months ofeasy pay getting this home which youcan't get out there in the marketplacethe other thing is that we're actuallygoing to give you more attachments thatyou won't be able to get out in themarketplace when you're looking at theprice tag on this 319 and change andthen let's talk about how often we'regoing to be using it because this is theone that's under five pounds you'regoing to be pulling this out all thetime so we always do this for clothesand jewelry when you think about likeprice per usage it's like two cents orwhat you know because you realize oh thelittle one I'm using all the time thelittle vacuum unless if this were aclothing item this is your yoga pantright exactly this is the one you wearout you're sleeping in it you're gettingup in your cleaning into you're pickingup your kids from school in it this isyou're going to use it every daymultiple times a day and you know we'renot the only ones who think so because Ihave one I don't have this particularstyle because it's new today but I lovemine and we've got some quotes fromcustomers who also love theirs as wellwhat I really loved is that it wascordless I love the fact that it was youknow rechargeable because I took thisdown in my basement where there aren'tplugs and I was able to clean up areasthat I haven't cleaned before I've notI've never taken them but I don't cleanthem very often because it's just apaint you've got to get the extensioncord and all that so I love this but itwas cordless this little thing I justthink okay it's going to be like a broomand Turnagain on system like wait littleso it was really exciting to feel hereand feel the power of this little devicepretty colors fantastic suction and itreally works quickly and well and thatjust makes a dirty job a lot more fun ifthat's possible I could just grab it andgo and and then if I want to gosomewhere else it and have to go backand unplug it andplug it into another plug I just tookthe vacuum and where I wanted Iliterally it filled up like half thecontainer with dirt and crumbs that myother vacuum didn't get up and Iliterally just vacuumed with it and theygot it so much shorter you know thinkabout what it is that you find yourselfvacuuming every day I was saying to SuzeI've got two cats baleen Olivia so whatdo I take out my cordless Dyson and do Ihave this attachment on it literally andI am vacuuming my upholstery alwaysalways on my upholstery but I also doright around the cat litter box I alsotake this out because I was thinking youknow I'm a little bit of a sloppy cookand somehow I'm spilling salt and pepperwhatever where I'm like oh all of asudden I'm getting all I'm a cook I'm achef I'm going to no pension somethingthis is a things and it's everywhere sothink about as you're watching what thiscan do what is it that you find yourselfthinking do I have to lug out the bigvacuum I kept it up a little bit morefrequently with something like this ohyeah I mean it's again it's like goingfrom the big old desktop computer to thesleek tablets you get everything youwant without the weight and and I thinkthat's what this really is so we'regoing to show you going to demo becauseyou gotta see this now the right fan onWhite's loin we're picking it all rightwe're not tossing it when I'm likesingle testI don't even see it circus either theother thing is that this isn't reallysmooth it actually has some highs andlows to it and the fact that you wereable to get in there is huge yeah and italso has a dusting feature that you justdon't find on I think only one otherDyson upright actually has thistechnology so we have a soft dustingcarbon fiber bristles on this so nowyou're actually dusting the floor aswell as vacuuming so it's a two and onenow to show you this technology versuseven our own Dyson vacuums that do nothave this technology that's why we showyou this demonstration next so if youwant mine hang on yes I will absolutelyneed this yeah if you like things goingon so we have some dusty footprints hereyeah we're going to use a Dyson herethat does not have the new technology sowe with the O's head you look upbefore-and-after here on thisflooringand it did pick up the dirt and dust onthe top layer but this dusty layer isthe bottom that we're concerned aboutright so now the carbon fiber I was justtalking about really picks up all ofthat error cells exactly so this let'sreiterate this cordless back withattachment actually did a better jobcleaning than the big older Dyson thatyou had uses up against your ownprevious technology so when we talkabout this being the latest and greatesttechnology since 3 1998 I don't know ifyou've ever seen that price tag actuallyon a Dyson vacuum and frankly weactually have it at this sale price thisis a sale price along with the saleprice that you might be seeing out therein the marketplace but out in themarketplace you are not going to get theopportunity to pay for this over sixmonths you're not going to get 53dollars and 33 cents on your credit cardand then the vacuum coming home to youand you use it in 7 to 10 days and youpay the balance or the remaining monthsyou're not going to get the additionaltools we give you more here and give youan opportunity to have it like right nowwhen vacation is comingI've got nieces and nephews and they'reout on the ball field and they track ineverything they track in the whole worldyou know and I'm tracking in the wholeworld and maybe you have a beach houseand you want this for your vacationbecause you're tracking in sand all thetime this is how you get that big powerin a cordless configuration I love thisnew technology because you're thinkingyou know maybe you're vacuuming routineis you take out the big vacuum once ortwice a week and that's kind of beenyour routine it's been all of ourroutines for a long time until nowbecause we're giving you the big Dysonvacuum experience right that you wantout of the vacuum but we've taken outthe weight we've cut off the cord it'sunder five pounds it's a lot moreconvenient and there are two speeds onthis right so let's talk about thespeeds and what it's going to do yeahso let's limp it this wayso if there's two loads you have pile ofwood sits on right now then you haveMaximo for that extra boost that youneed so for the majority of the time youonly need high mode which will give you20 minutes of run time on high and youcan clean carpets earlier aspies canwrite royal palace we have a royalpalace today special value which you aresupposed to groom it's a wool rug and sothey suggest that you vacuum it you knowevery day for the first like three daysor so and I was like can this do thatSusie and she said you are right andagain I heard a tinge of doubt that wayyou can see the power and performancethat you can ask to get out of thismachine because I can'tyour impression of a correlation theother convenient sister they're likeright but you don't think that they havebig vacuum power right but I want toknow this and point out what you'reseeing here you're seeing room wine thenfeel that is unusual like to me the factyou're seeing those vacuum groominglines from a cordless that is evenunusual and so that's why I feel like ohthis is going to work on my roll palaceI'm gonna tell you um we didn't mentionthis yet but it has two motors one ofthe motors actually is housed in thecleaner head so that's why you saw thegreen lines yeah and we'll show you thepickup performance as well so becausethe second motor is housed in the basethat's where your v6 motor is so as Iempty this out look at that see all ofthat head hair I mean think about kit doyou think a cordless vacuum should orcould be able to do this this oneactually does no we think of cordlessvacuums and we think okay they weighfive pounds they don't really have thatmuch muscle it's like a battery-operatedthingamajig right yeah when you hear v6and you hear like v6 motorI think of revved up sports car that'sgot crazy power that pushes you back inyour seat that's what you should likethat's the analogy that's what youshould think about in terms of thesuction power when you're getting thiscordless back you get all theattachments you need you've got anycolor that you want in the whole entireworld as long as it's simply magentawhich is the one that comes in which isbeautiful we have about 550 of theseremaining shipping and handling on thisis free so you are saving $14 and changeright off the top it's coming to yourdoor you're not having to have theprocess of lugging a big huge box homeand that sort of thing 53 dollars and 33cents gets it home to you remember thisis Dyson this is not a no-name vacuumthis is Dyson and if you've been lookingat vacuums at all maybe you've beencoveting Dyson and going that's justalways been out of my price range out ofmy accessibility and my reach this wehope puts it back in your reach and wedo better than the stores out in themarketplace because we've got the EZ payand we also have three more attachmentscan I just say the soft dusting brushthe articulating and then also the widenozzle that you are not going to get inthe market place at any each one ofthose caneasily be twenty to fifty dollars eachwhen you're looking at you know buyingadditional ones I'm just going to runover there since you're there so thesethree are ones that you'll get only hereat QVC with this sale price so that is asoft dusting this is the articulatingtooland this is the wide brush as well so V3 3 4 3 4 is your item numberlet's keep putting this baby to workbecause just imagine do you be able topick up something that's less than 5pounds and clean like this will cleancleaning your carpet I'm gonna go onethrough six basically look at thedifference right there a quick and easyway to see how I love it because like Isaid you know we used to think thatcleaning that you had to take out thebigger heavier machine I mean it justmade sense it along to come and thennewer technology came along rightAdderley technology has come a long wayno other technology has come a long waydigital motor successfully now we havethis basic flow in here let me do allthis versatility and Susie I just allthis versatility but I just have to saythat my cordless vac is my oh my goshthe company's coming in two secondssomebody calls and says we're on our wayand you're like are you pulling out theback of it like oh my gosh you're lazyand you want the cordless so you're likeup high down lowand it's just like whoo and then we goall your face is so nice and you're likeooh three seconds ago maybe not so muchbut now more but it also turns into ahandheld so you take it to your car yougo around your kitchen you get the catfood the cat litter or the dog food allof that cat care the dog yeah I meanyour sofa Queen your sofa cushionsbecause even with a bigger any type ofbigger vacuum you probably can't turn itinto this no you can't and you know whatagain I need to remind you this is asale price on something that you willfind yourself using I gotta say everyday I use it every other like what'sthat little speck of dust I mean mycordless back 300 $19.98 but this saleprice is only here until Saturday Iwould jump in now because we're alreadydown to I think he said about 450 and westarted with less than eight fewer than800 so half the quantity is gone sixeasy payments of

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