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Dyson V6 Motorhead Handheld Cordless Vacuum Review by Baby Gizmo

hey everybody its Holly from baby gizmoand today I wanted to do a quick reviewon the Dyson v6 Motorhead cordless vacnow this is said to be the most powerfulcordless vac on the market and all Iknow is that it works and it has amazingsuction now the first feature I loveabout it is it is cordless that means Ican take it all around the house I canget up into the vents you know thatreally hard places to reach I can get inthe corners downstairs we really reallylike the fact that I am NOT tethered toa cord now the reason I'm standing infront of my hall closet is because thisis where it stores I it has a littleplate that you hang on the wall youinstall it on the wall and as long asit's near a plug this charging stationis what plugs in so this is where Icharge it right here so that anybody canget to it it hangs right out of the wayand it comes with two adapters that stayon the charging station first of all wehave this long one so this is good forvacuuming and getting up into the ventswe have this one which is a small onewith a brush but you can put the brushout of the way for a smooth end this isgreat for stairs and the last one is thepointy tool though I don't know thegrate the correct name for this but it'sa pointy tool and this is going to getyou at all the corners and this worksgreat in the car as well because sinceit is cordless that's right you can takeit and vacuum out the car with it nowthere are cyclones up here now we'regonna be a little technical here thereare two tiers of 15 cyclones and allthat needs is has extra suction power soit's really going to pick up their dirtwe have a dog so we do have those dustbunnies on our wood floor this isperfect for that it does great on ourcarpet it also has an easy to emptycanister right here and all you have todo is push down this red button pullthat down the bottom opens up and you dothat over a trash can and you empty itout very very easy to do there is afilter up here now it's pretty long likethis but this is goodsome of you know out-of-reach spaces butthis whole piece comes off like that andthat is when you can add yourattachments if you want to do somethinga little bit smaller like that this is agreat little tool to do the stairs nowmy only complaint about this vacuum Ilove the suction I love everything itdoes it has a very limited battery lifeso the battery length is about 15 to 20minutes on a full charge so you're notgoing to be able to vacuum the entirehouse if you have a great big house butit's great for small spaces it's greatfor apartments it's great for quick jobsnow I'm not going to tell you that thisis going to replace your upright bigvacuum for your entire house because ofthat limited charge but 15 to 20 minutescan get some of the you know if you'rejust trying to get the dust bunnies fromthe animals or just quickly do thestairs so that's my only complaint Iwould love to have them put a battery onhere that lasts much more than 15 to 20minutes now one last thing I want totell you about set this down is that onthe back here there is a max button andwhen you use this you have to hold thetrigger down in order for it to continueto go and that is to save that batterylife that we just talked about so you'regoing to hold it down as soon as I letthe Terr go it's a very easy trigger assoon as I let the trigger go it's goingto turn off now if I want an extrasuction power I have a really dirty jobfor whatever reason that's usually mycar I would just push the max buttonwith my thumb and thatthat's it so that's it that I just wantto tell you it works really well I lovethe fact that it's cordless I love thefact that it's really really easy toempty and I love the fact that it worksmy only thing is I wish the battery waslonger so that's my review of the Dysonv6 Motorhead cordless vac don't forgetto subscribe to our baby gizmo YouTubechannel and I'll talk to you later I'mHolly from baby gizmo bye

Dyson V6 Cordless Vac Review by Baby Gizmo
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*We were provided with a Dyson sample for review consideration.

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5 Thoughts to “Dyson V6 Motorhead Handheld Cordless Vacuum Review by Baby Gizmo”

  1. Tony Fix

    Great video. Thanks so much!
    Waiting for my unit to charge for the first time. Wish me luck!

  2. Jessica Moreno

    Can you use for tile ?

  3. Bend Em

    Great for double story homes and units. Any home really. Do stage cleaning if 20 mins not enough time or speed up 😂 or attach your other Dyson cordless to it.

  4. NaturesFairy

    I just got this yesterday and love it. Yes it would be nice if the battery lasted longer. I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can clean my car. Great review.

  5. Janet Amundsen

    Crevice tool just in case! Great video!

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