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Dyson V6 Review – Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

what do you get when you combine a Fantaand a stick fantastic is it ice and v6fantastic we're gonna find out now heyguys this is Derek from modern castlecomm today I'll be taking a look andreviewing the dyson v-6 cordless vacuumso with that said let's go ahead and getstarted the dyson v-6 is forty seven anda half inches long 8 inches tall thecleaning head is 9.8 inches wide and thecanister is 5.5 inches widelastly the vacuum weighs 4.5 pounds thedyson v-6 vacuum comes packed with avariety of accessories and cleaningtools the primary cleaning tool is themulti surface cleaning head which iswhat you see attached here included wealso have a standard crevice tool prettygood length on that guy we have a combotool where you have the hard nozzle foryour upholstery which has just theselittle tiny red brushes or you're ableto slide out the dusting brush which hasthe softer bristles for your moredelicate furniture here we have theagitation brush this also includes thebristles but they are a little bitsturdier so they can agitate dirt anddebris more easily and then lastly forour cleaning heads we have the mattresstool here great for cleaning dust mitesand other dirt and debris from themattress itself the final accessory iswe have is simply the charging brick andpaint connector to see you thereand then we have a wall mount as well soyou can't hang this from the wall if youprefer the primary cleaning head on theDyson is the multi surface tool and thisdoes include the motorized brush holeI'll show you that nowthe multi-surface tool is great for bothhard surfaces as well as carpets withrespect to power this is of course acordless unit it's powered by a lithiumion battery 2200 milliamp hours on thecapacity that battery lasts for around 6to 20 minutes depending on which powermode you're using or that's regular orthe max mode and lastly it takes aroundthree and a half hours to charge allthat can cleaner reviews on moderncastle comm go there are standardcleaning tests for each review weconduct 12 unique tests we test fordifferent debris types on threedifferent floor types our floor typesthat include a hardwood floor a low pilecarpet and a high pile carpet and ourfor debris types include rice k littercereal and sugar the dyson v-6 cordlessdid pretty good on the hard floorcleaning test it dominated for ricesugar and kitty lair however we did seesome struggles with a cereal sincecereal is a larger debris the cleaninghead was just a little bit too close tothe ground to get on top of that cerealso we saw a lot of sea road is beingpushed forward and away from the actualsuction portion of the vacuum andultimately not being easily removed wesaw similar results for both low pilecarpet and the high pile carpet againrice kitty litter and sugar were cleanedup at nearly flawless levels however wedid see struggles again with cereal justlike the hardwood floor test on both thelow and the high pile carpet we saw thatcereal just being pushed around a littlebit that said it was less of an impactfor the carpet test since caramelprovides a little bit more friction thatextra friction sort of holds a cereal inplace as you're pushing the vacuumforward and backward so it was able tosee better results than we saw on thehardwood floor cleaning tests overallusability on the dyson v-6 is quite goodsetup was quick and easy simply chargeit attach the head and you're good to goperhaps the best part about this vacuumis simply the convenience factor it's atype of vacuum you can just grab and goit's cordless it's lightweight it's easyto maneuver it really is just an easy touse vacuum cleaner all vacuums on moderncasts will go through our standard noisetest for these tests we use a soundmeter to measurenoise generated by the vacuum we conductthese tests in a bedroom that hascarpeted force and we take the soundmeasurements from about three feet awayfrom the vacuum the dyson v-6 cordlessvacuum came in at around 76 decibelsmaintenance on this vacuum is fairlystraightforward your annual costs aregonna be anywhere from around twentyfour up to forty eight dollars a yeardepending on whether or not you need toreplace the battery and of course howoften you use the vacuum as well thefilter costs around eight dollars and isvery simple to replace you simply pullthis housing in the middle this is theentire filter unit once it is ready tobe reinstalled you simply push that backright into the center the dustbin isvery simple as well you simply alignthat over your trash can and you justpull this red lever down that releasesthe bottom portion of dust cup and nowempty it straight into your trash canlast but not least we have the batterywhich is this bottom portion of the unita little bit more to replace that as youdo have to disassemble part of thehandle in order to make that replacementand the battery comes in at around $37so things to like about this vacuumdefinitely the number of accessoriesthis vacuum comes packed with accessoryhuman accessory for just about everypotential cleaning activity you mightwant to do in your home additionallycleaning convenience has got to be amajor factor as well being cordless hasa pretty good runtime and it's justsuper easy to grab off the wall andquickly clean around your home lastlyoverall cleaning performance was verygood while there was some struggle onour cereal test most the other testswere easily passed the pure suctionpower coming from the dyson motor aswell as the cleaning head and thevarious tools allow this vacuum to doquite well the biggest con with thedyson v-6 is simply priced this vacuumis usually around 250 to 300 dollars soit's definitely not on the cheap end ofthe spectrum well guys that is it forthis review I hope you found thishelpful if you have any comments orquestions please drop us a note downbelow we're always happy to help if youdidn't like this video give us thatthumbs down but if you thought it wascool and helpful we'd love a thumbs upif you want to see more of our stuff tohave to subscribe or check out some ofour other videos also make sure to checkout our website over at modern castlecomm we've got the full contextualwrite-up on the v6 cordless as well asof their comparisons guys reviewstutorials and a wholeas always thanks so much for watching

The Dyson V6 is a cordless stick vacuum with a surprising amount of power and great convenience, but will it pass our cleaning tests?

This vacuum is a few years old, but continues to be one of the most powerful stick vacuums on the market. The digital motor and 2,200 mAh battery result in solid performance. The motorized brushroll is great for a variety of surface types, including hardwood floors, tile, carpet, and more.

The biggest con is simply the price. Even though it’s a few years old this vacuum still hoovers in the $250-$300 range, making it fairly expensive for a stick vacuum.

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