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Dyson V7 Animal Cordfree Vacuum with 6 Tools, Storage Bag HEPA Filtration

more runtime more power than our mostpopular v6 model of the Dyson Court freethis is the v7 it's the animals thatmeans it's the top of the line even inthe v7 class and it has the HEPA filterand that HEPA filter is so important wejust talked a little bit about that theidea of all that pollen and skin deadskin and all that stuff that's allaround the allergens get sucked in butthey don't get blown out at you moreruntime up to 30 minutes on high whichis pretty spectacular and we have abetter value than the only other placeyou can get it which is at Dyson comm soif you're in the market and you'relooking for a Dyson and you see a b7it's not this one because there's onlytwo places that have this here today isit today's special value and we're doingit for the very first time ever and ofcourseDyson comm has it but that store thatyou're going to or that website you'relooking at they don't have this exactmodel and this is the one I think you'regonna want because it's reallytop-of-the-line so on Dyson comm it isjust under $600 v $99.99 we're doing itfor less than 370 so you're saving ahundred and thirty dollars you're alsogetting at home on six easy payments of61 dollars and sixty six cents with freeshipping and handling and let me quicklytake you through the tools and you knowmaybe you can help me out with this Suzyjust only a little bit on what willwaiting on I don't want to forgetanything about my notes here okay so youhave the three colors we have thefuchsia which is getting pretty limitedright now so if you want the fuchsiaplease don't wait only 1700 remaining noadvanced orders when the 1700 is spokenfor you won't see it on the air until atleast 2018 if then here it is in thetitanium and of course won't be thatprice I would imagine because it's aspecial value and then here it is inthat purple so what are we going to usethe cleaner head for that's adirect-drive cleaner head that's whatyou're gonna use is your main cleanerhead for all your carpets and all yourbare Forks awesome and then we move overto our mini motorized tool that's youranimal attachment and that's yourmattress your sofas your love seats allthe grooming on your furniture so that'sif you have pet hair or it's also justif you really need the extra power cleanthe furniture a perfectthen we have the combination to yes sothat is great for your kitchencountertops the car as well as yourvents using the brush portion perfectmoving over crevice tool the creviceokay that is it doesn't say car all overit so car definitely detailing in thecar but also if you're cleaning out ahighchair and you have food in thelittle tiny scrums there need this aboutcrevice tools perfect it's also reallygood for like keyboards yeah and we haveour mini soft dusting brushso that's your lampshades those are yourblinds your shutters your picture framesyour entertainment areas that collect ususe that soft that nice okay so that'sthis mini soft brush then we have astubborn dirt brush and the bristlesfeel very different much sturdy verystiff on that and the reason is becausesometimes especially your kitchen youhave crevices where you need to sort ofdig out dirt that's an accreditor usethat and push it out amazing yep andthen we have our hard floor tool andthat's a very flat low-lying tool so youcan get underneath your refrigerator oryour washer/dryer or get in betweentight spaces and then here's somethingwe've never done before and just it'snot a small deal it's actually kind of abig deal we're giving you the bag tohold it all so instead of having likeyou know a drawer full of yourattachments and wondering where yourattachments are keep it all on the bagyou could just hang that up in your coatcloset you want or any place it's andthere's a nice looking bag we actuallyhave a little video yeah it's justjoining us that goes through what makesthis particular cord free so unique sothis one you're getting 50% more runtimethat's up to 30 minutes over the v6 30minutes guys that's a half an hour up to30 minutes 75 percent more power in thatbrush bar in that cleaner head over thev6 so you're gonna get the big powerbecause it's a v7 animal larger bincapacity so you can pick up so much morewith this lightweight cord free hasslefree no plugging no lugging because it'sonly 5.3 pounds that's under 6 poundshigh reach cleaning without a step stoolor a ladder you do the crown molding andthe fans you do the cobwebs you haveHEPA filtration if you're worried aboutpollen and you know dust and dander inyour house this vacuum holds in all ofthat dust also turns into a handheld soyou have the full length mode to dofloors then theyhandheld no to do smaller you know moresort of intricate jobs a new dirtejector that is a self-cleaning beenthere and now you can also take it outinto the car this is actually live myspeak Mike is outside taking care of acar right and because it's cord free youcan get into the car but it's also waymore powerful than probably anythingyou've ever vacuumed your car out withbefore so you can see he's easilygetting all the pet hair that was therehe's getting all the food now he's gotthree kiddos of his own they're alllittle toddlers and so he's definitelycleaning out food I'm sure out of hisminivan how about all the food that's inthe you know car seat all not just thefood all the dirt especially as we'reheading into fall and you're having theleaves and then all the gravel and allthe kids going to the soccer andfootball practices or all the car poolthat you're doing everyone filing in thecar how about this all the dust thatjust accumulates on your - yeahabsolutely absolutely I mean I know mymy hubby he's a big car guy his car isimmaculate now me I always eat in my carI am a snacker attacker okay my glovebox is full of snacks and I do I have toclean my car out a little more because Imess it up a little bit but now so it'ssuper easy to do because I just simplyjust here turn it into a handout and nowI'm outside and I live in the city ofPhiladelphia so I don't have you know agarage or I can put your on somethingexactly so this is perfect for that -and here's what's great because this isthe v7 animal with the new longerruntime it's gonna run on high for up to30 minutes our beloved beef v6 only did20 minutes so that's great hey let'stake a quick call from Pamela and Pamelaare you there yes I'm here hi okay we'dlove your thoughts on our today'sspecial value have you ever used a Dysoncord free of any kind before oh my goshI have to these fixes you gonna be in mynew pet I have two very large homes Ihave a 500 square foot kitchen and thelight hardwood and when the afternoonSun comes in through the windows I cansee every hair free - what was it - caband I can see every hair and every crumbof dirt and my Dyson gets everything gofrom of just everything and so I amlooking forward to this one because it'sfor powered order and I can I can haveone on my third story so I don't have togo up and down the stairs but I'mgetting to be elderly so I like it thisnew one because it's more powerful andit's lighter mm-hm and you know Pamela Iwould say take the one you already lovemove that one upstairs and keep this newone for your kitchen because having thatHEPA filter where it just takes upeverything or so powerful like if youspill flour or all that pet hair thatyou say oh my gosh the time in my pantryoh yeah so everything may love it andthen the dog hair on this is exactlywhat my Dyson does well here's the goodnews Pamela as much as you already loveyour Dyson this is gonna be even betterso to get a job at your company I loveit so you are welcome Pamela come ondown then they have a Facebook messageI'll work something out for you don'tworry don't worry I live in I got itanyway it's you guys do a great job andI'm I can't tell you this is my fifthone I'm not even telling my husband howmany I have I'm gonna start giving themto the grandkids though well keep thenew one for yourself because it truly iseverything you loved about your successand you know what Pamela I love thatyou're gonna have one now on every floorcuz my gosh this is so light you caneasily carry it upstairs but happy rightif having one on every floor makes youhappy have at it Pamela hey I'm elderlyI do thirds of f you you know I do notnow when right and they're so light it'slike nothing in your handwell Pamela I'm so thrilled that youturned on the television today and sawthis it sounds like it was made for youand your house and your pet that isenjoy it Pamela I will honey and thankyou so much I did my car with ityesterday it came out greatOh oh good oh that's wonderful willPamela take any tires such a pleasureAmy okay so we have it in love ourcallers yeah so she was raving about ourv6 this is the v7 more power moreruntime up to 30 minutes and the HEPAfilter it's the v7 animal we have it inthat beautiful fuchsia only 1500remaining though and no advanced ordersand we don't have this our only order ofthe entire year so if you're thinkingabout having company over for theholidays or autumn leaves are cominginto your house don't wait get it nowbecause when you want it later it's notgoing to be here so fuchsia titanium andthe beautiful purple plus all of theattachments let's go ahead and getstarted though on this carpet so nowwe're back to pulling up right so wehave all the rocks here on the floor wehave the simulated dirt that simulateddander this vacuum just pulls it all up75 percent more power in that brush barover the v6 not just ten percent or youknow twenty percent 75 percent that'sgetting into upgrade status right so nowwe're going right from carpets to barefloors because this cleaner head can doboth you can dust and vacuum at the sametime so you don't need that broom orthat dust can't or that dry mop with thereplaceable bottoms you have to buy atthe grocery store this does it allyou're gonna do your kitchen yourbathroom anywhere that you have a hardfloor surface tile laminate or wood thenthe same machine that was on the floordoes all of your higher reach cleaningas well okay so right ceiling fans andcrown molding and cobwebs I mean it'sjust so easy and light yeah well youcould never take your upright andobviously lift it over your head so Ilove it for that but you know what I useit by use it for like a high areasometimes but what I use it for all thetime I have hardwood stairsso am i have pets and I have kids so Iconstantly see like little dust bunniesand crumbs on my stairs I used to justtry to not look at it because it meantpulling out the big corded vacuumcleaner and stairs are such a pain withthis I see something I can run up I'mdone I think that fast now you can tellyou got clean and heavy clean I show youthe that the cleaning the stairs in thehandheld but to be honest with you guysI want to show you what I do I have itin the full length and I just go up onestep at a time actually I'm just likeyou know I just go up one step at a timeand I'm like you know and because I havea little landing yeah and so yeah sameand I just go up what separate I makesit super easy you don't need to betripping over the coiler you can get iton your patio which means your housenever gets that dirty because when yousee it you can get it then you don'teven have to go and pull out the vacuumand plug it in and then you know go toanother room and the cord comes on rightyeah it's nice right run for up tothirty minutes on high and if you'rethinking woods light how can it bepowerful to discuss it was well I'mgoing to answer that right so here wehave 115 pounds of weights which is themost we've ever done for any cordlessmachine but it's able to pull up ahundred and fifteen pounds because weput 75 percent more power in the brushbar compared to the v6 we've amped upboosted the runtime by 50 percent overthe v6 so it's up to 30 minuteseverything is bigger and bolder on thisyou're getting more runtime you'regetting the bigger bin time and morepower with this as well so just you knowif you do want that titanium it is nowwe're over half our quantity is gone buttake a look at this all no matter whatcolor that's 75% more power isincredible so you're getting the largerbin capacity as well so you can fit alot more in this it's one of the thingsthat people wanted was a bigger bin it'slightweight cord free hassle-free notripping over the court no lugging andplugging in a bigger heavier 15 pounder17 pounder you're able to do high reachyou can do the ceiling fans in the crownmolding areas you typically couldn't get2 HEPA filtration is a really big dealnot every day sincethis has HEPA filtration not Evy notevery Dyson v7 has HEPA filtration thisone does it quickly converts into ahandheld so now you're doing all thedelicate areas your blinds yourlampshades your entertainment areas yourkitchen countertops you're taking it outinto your car and the dirt ejector whichmeans it's a self-cleaning ventokay I love the collar two collars agowho said she had two questions shewanted to know when you needed to changethe HEPA filter zero times never neverand then she also wanted to know whenyou needed to replace the battery neverjust plug it is no custom owner tookwith Dyson we don't we don't you know wedon't bring you products we're oh youknow I bought this awesome Dyson but Ihave to go and buy a bunch of things forit to keep it running and maintainproperly no once you get it Dysonthere's no more cost of ownership youdon't have to buy anything extra laterit just works every timewhen you want to use it there's no bagsor belts or filters to have to replaceor anything to worry about and that's abig deal when you're talking about theinvestment pricing right or it's thehassle when you want to take into theliving room and you want to stand upjust cereal the cookies the crumbs thechips the mess that we're eating youknow whether it's just everyday normalstuff it's in the living world you knowwhat's in your living room if you havekids maybe it's broken crayons and bitsof toys if it's the you know the diningroom table maybe it's a bunch of erasermarks some kids doing their homework youknow maybe it's having that heart letbare floor surface where you have duston it like that last caller was saidwith her the one before gosh gamer namechickasaw saw the dust when there areNebraska yes you could see the dust onthe floor at a certain time of day whenthe Sun was shining and that's all of usright so here is dust but this cleaneris actually able to dust and vacuum atthe same time so you do not need yourbroom and your dustpan or that dry mopthat needs a replaceable bottom you pullall that up

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Cord-free. Hassle-free. Powerful suction.
Up to 30 minutes of powerful fade-free suction. Trigger releases instantly. Battery power is only used for cleaning.
The Direct-drive cleaner head drives bristles deeper into the carpet to remove even more dirt. It has 75% more brush bar power than the Dyson V6 Cord-free vacuum.
Whole machine HEPA filtration captures allergens and expels cleaner air than the air you breathe.
Convenient docking station stores and charges the machine, and holds additional attachments. So it’s always ready to go.

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  1. Jonathan Vaucher

    Up to 30 min ON LOW! On high it lasts 6 minutes. And it 30 min nut because the V7 has better battery (t`s the same as V6), but because the V7 has less power (100AW) than the V6 (118AW)…

    1. Cubei

      +Jonathan Vaucher Yes I agree. However, the normal (or in your case ‘low’), is amazing enough as long as the filters are clean, and you will not have to worry about that with this unit. Regardless of the 18AW difference, both have incredible suction.

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