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Dyson V7 Animal – Full Review Real Life Battery Test

[Music]hi guysI want another episode of JD CTR today Iwanted to talk the food Dyson's one ofDyson's latest vacuums this is the v7animal they also do the VA in variousdifferent ranges as booth all of myvideos I guess we should start withwhat's in the boxthe dyson v7 animal comes with a usualcrevice and brush tools one of whichslides up and down we'll have a look atthis one later a charger a handheldmotorized brush head a backplate formountain Dyson on the wall a largemotorized brush head warranty aninstruction manuals a titanium extendingtube and of course the Dyson v7 itselfv7 I can see that they have fixed one ofour biggest gripes of the Dyson v6 andthat was emptying so on the v6 you wouldsimply open the bottom panel and thenall the dirt should fall outapart from the fact you have the cyclonein the middle which then meant all thedirt will stop around the outside and bethere with a pencil or a pen orsomething trying to scrape it all outwith the v7 they've can't with thisnittany design when you pull it up itpulls the remove two head out and opensthe bottom some newtonia see it can be abit stiff upon first to doing it butthat's a much better design secondly aswith all Dyson's really I love the factthey've made the filters so accessibleso you've got one filter there simplypulls up and you've got another giveback whoopsanother filter on the back and that justtwists off and away you golet's talk accessories so with the Dysonb7 you get a halo a whole host ofaccessories to go with itI guess you got standard ones like brushcrevice tool so we won't discuss that ifany box standard this is a combinationtool which i think is just over engineerideally for multi-surface simplechanging between surfaces but reallyit's just a brush and a bit of plasticso that's a bit of fun second mostexciting I would say it's probably themotorized handheld attachment ID stairsI guess so you got my want bristles on abrush while the spinswatch it along stairspretty useful that one gives a bit morepower than it's down the crevice toolwhat you'd normally use be stairs and itgets the party piece really is amotorized brush head this is supposed toimitate a normal vacuum so you got nylonbristles there and then you've got somecarbon fiber bristles their carboncrystals are there to create staticgetting some floor obviously staticattracts dust and therefore you pick upmore dustprobably some theory we'll see in thebox the Dyson comes charged with 20%power which is more than enough for youto a marvel at noise it mates in maxmode which by the way is 75% quieterthan the v6 apparently so I guess thenext step is for me to charters Ibelieve it takes 3 to 4 hours and thenwe'll do some tests to see how long theyactually bonds for the thing that makesor breaks a cordless Hoover is thebattery life because that's really whatmost people insure in the v7 Dyson claimit has half an hourI guess that is in optimum conditionswithout a motorized head so what I'mgonna try and do is put a crevice toolon it just for completeness really therewe go and then I'm going to tape thetrigger on and we'll see how long itlasts so I've got my timer here on thephone or tape here for tapingand just see how a movie lasts he goesand at this point my camera went intomeltdown which unfortunately meant itmissed the all important results howeverI do have them here following my benchtests with a crevice tool only the Dysonexceeded its quoted battery life by oneminute and five seconds when I attachedthe motorized brush head and perform thesame bench test the battery life did notdrop anywhere near as much as I'dexpected so they have it attached amotorized head to the dyson v7 and youonly lose three minutes of battery lifebut I would say that is in idealconditions because the motorized brushhead was literally just up in here therewas no friction against that brush partor no resistance at all which means Iguess your battery life will drop a bitI can't see it going below 20 in normaluse so I guess that leads us on to thenext sectionhow long does it perform as an actualvacuum cleaner and how much does thebattery drop in normal use[Music]so after a week with the Dyson v7 in mytwo-bedroom mid terrace house which isI'd say fairly generic not once has itrun out of battery on me which to meit's quite a surprise it's the thebiggest worry I had with purchasing oneof these but I guess they're true yoursystem it goes a long way towards savingsome power and the new battery in the v7is a million times better than thebattery that was in the v6 so if you arelooking for a handheld Dyson I wouldseriously consider upgrading from the v6because the battery life in it is justnot long enough but if you are one ofthose people who always wants the bestand I looked at the v8 I had a fungalthingy honest seriously consider v7 ithas most of the features at the VA andthe battery life is stunning so unlessyou have a really big house I don't seewhy you'd be anything more than a v7 interms of its cleaning performance it'spretty spot I can't see it being anyworse than a normal vacuum cleaner theamount of stuff is picked up from myhouse is worrying because I thought itwas quite a clean house but I guess it'sonly a good thing for a Dyson and and Iguess lastly lastly I don't really havea finishing point I mean really it's allvery good I can't think of a bad pointforward really so yeah if you want aDyson handheld the v7 seems to be a veryvery good buyas always thanks for watchingif you drop my review pleaseabout what do thank you

A look at one of Dyson’s latest handheld vacuum cleaners – The Dyson V7 animal. I put to test Dyson’s claimed battery life both with and without a motorised brush head to find out if the V7 is any better than its predecessor, the V6.

If you are considering buying a Dyson V7 animal, you can view latest pricing here:

Thanks for watching :)


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16 Thoughts to “Dyson V7 Animal – Full Review Real Life Battery Test”

  1. Matthew Ruddleston

    People or interested in the V7 Animal reviews because they probably have an animal. It would have been nice to actually see how it coped with things like dog hair on carpets.

  2. Ron

    I got my V7 Animal from Costco here in Canada. Only thing I don’t like is emptying. I almost have to wear a mask as dust seems to get everywhere! I have to wrap a plastic shopping bag tightly around the bin before it drops open. Even then , dust escapes so I do this emptying outside the house or in my garage.
    Love the big retro toaster you got there!

    1. JB CTR

      Good to hear your experiences with the V7! I do find emptying a little dusty, but I always empty outside. I guess it’s the nature of the beast! I do like my toaster, but I think you are the first person ever to compliment me on it! Cheers 😀

  3. Marty Ochoa

    V8 425W 40min w/nonmotor, 25 min w/motor both at 22AW, 7Min max 115AW; V7 350w 30min w/nonmotor, 20min w/motor both at 21AW, 6min max 100AW: V6 same as V7 except in normal instead of 21AW it is 28AW with 30min due to more AW in normal.

  4. Craig Mclaughlin

    V7 increases time(30min) by lowering suck power to 21AW vrs 28AW(V6,V8), Max PWR time is same for V6 and V7 (6minutes) with 100AW, V8 (115AW maxpwr 6min, normpwr 25min28AW), so the upgrades are quieter,bin, battery(V8onlynominal), max button, mostly cosmetic upgrades.

  5. mcdjque

    Great video! I was going to buy the V6 because it was cheaper and I thought it was a good deal. After watching your video I made my decision and bought the V7 Motorhead. I bought it off the dyson website and got a black Friday deal, in the end it only cost me 50 more bucks then the v6 and I also got 3 free extra attachments with the black Friday deal! Thanks for educating us on this fantastic machine, we are really in the future and this vacuum proves it! I use it for my house as well as my cars and once you go dyson you never go back lol. Thanks again mate!

    1. JB CTR

      mcdjque No worries! I’m glad the video was of some use. The V7 is leagues ahead of the V6 in my opinion and not too far behind the v8. A very good buy for the money. Sounds like you got a great deal on yours too 😉

  6. Jennifer S

    I can’t seem to find the v7 animal anywhere, only the v7 Motorhead, is that the same thing?

    1. surtigal

      Sweets Stuff v7 has few extra tools and its good for homes with pets too otherwise its same as the motorhead apart from the colour and few extra tools has the same motor and power

    2. JB CTR

      Sweets Stuff Not the same thing. The V7 unit is the same (albeit in a different colour) but the accessories are different – mainly the brush bar. There is a link to the v7 animal on amazon in the description of the video if you are UK based. John Lewis also have them in stock but at nearly twice the price at the moment.

  7. TheTCOLL

    Does this have the same amount of power as the V6?  Its advertised as 150% more but then the AW dont seem to be different

    1. Qasim Mir

      TheTCOLL You need to read things properly. Dyson are talking about motor head power and not AW. The V8 has a 50W motor head meaning 150% more power than the Dyson V6’s 20W motor head. The V7 has a 35W motor head meaning 75% more power the V6 equivalent.

    2. TheTCOLL

      Doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Dyson advertises the V7 as having 75% more than the V6.

    3. surtigal

      TheTCOLL v8 is much more powerful v7 has same power as v6

  8. Nice review! Really like the look of this vacuum.

  9. Could really use one of these for my car. Thanks for the review!

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