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Dyson V7™ cord-free vacuum – Getting started

How to assemble, recharge, use and empty your new Dyson V7™ cord-free vacuum. Your machine may differ from the example shown, but the process remains the same

Please note, the colourway of your particular machine may vary from the one shown in the video, but the process for using it will be the same. Some Dyson V7™ models may include additional accessories not shown in the video – these will attach to your machine or wand in the same way as the standard Combination tool and Crevice tool.

Dyson experts are on hand to help, so leave us a comment if you’d like some advice. You can also find us on Twitter:

Cord-free. Hassle-free. Powerful suction
Up to 30 minutes of powerful, fade-free suction
The direct-drive cleaner head drives bristles Deep into the carpet to remove ground-in dirt
All Dyson cord-free vacuums convert to a handheld for quick clean Ups and spot cleaning
Accessories include docking station, combination tool, and crevice tool

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13 Thoughts to “Dyson V7™ cord-free vacuum – Getting started”

  1. Queenslander

    Ask Dyson? Ok I will, how come you guys charge the earth for these vacuum cleaners and then they have so so many problems, like the chargers? They have been shitting themselves for years but you don’t sort the problem just keep pumping them out like that so we have to keep buying new ones . It’s a ferking stitch up.

    1. AskDyson

      Hi there, can I ask what sort of issue you’re experiencing with the charger on your machine? We certainly wouldn’t anticipate the charger breaking in ordinary domestic use. But if this did happen, we offer a free 2-year parts and labour warranty that covers failures due to manufacturing faults.

  2. kels sa

    Imagine wearing shoes inside the house

  3. Peace1dy

    Just bought a v7 trigger online. Does it come with a wand and motorhead? If not can I buy those as attachments and use them?

    1. AskDyson

      Hi there, the Dyson V7™ Trigger vacuum is solely a handheld machine, and we do not offer wands or motorised floor tools for this particular model. My apologies for any disappointment – it sounds like one of our cord-free stick vacuums might be better suited to your needs:

  4. Valerie Brown

    Out of the box my blue light doesn’t come on. Isn’t it suppose to do something, I have had it charging all day.

    1. AskDyson

      Hi Valerie, I’m sorry to hear this. If the machine doesn’t work at all from new, even after being allowed to recharge, this would be extremely unusual and something we’d need to help you with. Please can you let me know which country you’re based in so I can put you in touch with the right people?

  5. Allison Leigh Says

    I have the V7 trigger, will an extension wand be compatible?

    1. AskDyson

      Hi Allison, if your Dyson V7 is a handheld variant, unfortunately we do not sell compatible wands for this machine. Our handheld vacuums are intended solely for above-floor cleaning tasks, whereas our cord-free stick models also include the lightweight wand and a motorised floor tool. My apologies for any disappointment.

  6. Navraj Kalsi

    since there is no hepa filter on the v7 absolute will the dust and dirt still come out easily?

    1. AskDyson

      Hi Navraj, Dyson V7 vacuums have a pre-filter, but not a post-filter. If allergies are a concern in your home, you might prefer to choose a Dyson V8 model which includes the additional post-filter.

  7. Donald Rieck

    What is the width when the motorhead model unit is hanging on a wall in the charging station?

    1. AskDyson

      Hi Donald, with the motorised cleaner head attached to the machine, the storage width would be 224 mm, or 8.2″. Hope this helps!

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