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Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

hi guys welcome back to my channel todayI've got a review of the dyson v7 lowtech I'll be demonstrating how thedevice works the pros and cons of it andI'll show you everything that comes withit when it arrived in the box you getthere a Dyson registration document andthe manual I would highly recommend youfill it in and send you a full two-yearguarantee I haven't really asked but Ithink I should get to it soon we get themotor v7 head which is a lot morepowerful than the v6 you get your pipefor hard-to-reach places like theceiling and also for the floor this alsocomes with the roller head you also gettwo attachments for the handheld deviceyou also get a charging port which youcan mount onto the wall is when you willsoon arrive it comes 20% times up so wehighly recommend the Utah you're pullingbefore using it you can put a string onsupport very easy you just slide it inlike that and chips in and there youhave it we let it charge fully it wasthis fully chargedyou get half an hour's worth of usagefaster practical so we're gonna pourinto the Motorhead is this long pipeit's as easy as that and I will also putthe roller the earlier on for thisdemonstration when I warm up a bit Icreated a little bit of messI'm finally really satisfied there aretwo certain options argues the highestaction extended run the other option ismax action we also like to use a reward[Music]so your unclip it from here it comeseasier pressing the red button take thepipe out you press this red button hereand plug it in my wife always tells thisand a lot of money getting the car cleanon the inside I think this will reallyput things right because maybe a fewpennies and save a few pennies the othersmall attachment that comes with it isone it's also good for vacuuming publicrelated stuff the good got the brush onthe end they also comes down so if youdon't use a brush clean either like thisso right now kept on the muck suctionpleaseone of the pros is how easy is 22 thered button at the top we could just clipon top of the bin and it's simple asthatthen push it back down and clickunderstand it says light as an iron Iwould say I wouldn't recommend it forelderly or the field but for someoneyoung and fit I think you can handle ityou can put the attacks with them hereeverything just stays nice and compactis quite small small clip for a handhelddevice I think the suction on this isgreat you don't see many handhelddevices which has such a like this forhalf an hourthe cons it might be a little bit heavyfor some people it's really cool to comethe color Center to the others byfortune guys please click like andsubscribe to you guys

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This is my review of the Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, which has a running time of 30 minutes on a full charge. I will demo the product and run through the features. Enjoy.

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5 Thoughts to “Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner”

  1. LulzRoyce

    2:57 lmao reminds me of reloading a gun in unreal tournament

  2. Bayard Taylor

    You do not get half hour usage. May be on low setting. But on high you get 6. Minutes

  3. Leah Glidewell

    Thanks for the review. Trying to get a vacuum that works well since I can’t see dirt very well due to being half blind. I also can’t stand vacuums that are extremely loud as I have sensitive hearing. This one seemed bearable. Only thing is, my entire apartment is tile *love it* so some vacuums are not going to do as good a job on them.

  4. tackless

    I just received one for a birthday present . I had just run my stick vacuum 3 days before and then I ran my new Dyson V7. It was unbelievable how much dirt I picked up that my other vacuum missed. I vacuumed my entire downstairs 1800 square feet. Wood, carpet, porcelain tile and area rugs on one charge. I am very impressed. I would have never bought one of these for myself but my daughter-in-law gave it to me for my birthday and I am so appreciative. Would I recommend, oh yeah.

  5. the Hena and Maya show

    Why don’t you vlog anymore?

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