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Dyson V7 Motorhead vs V7 Absolute – What’s the Difference?

so it's one do a quick comparison of theDyson v7 Motorhead and uv7 absolutely tobe entirely clear I have a v7 Motorheadright herewhereas I do not have a v7 absolute infact I'm not even clear on if the v7absolute is for sale yet it's all funDyson's website and it'll come up inyour research but there appears to be noplace where you can easily buy one forexample Amazon or Bed Bath and Beyondmaybe it's available through anotherretailer but I'm not really sure anywaylike I said it will come up in yourresearch so it's worth talking throughfirst up is the price the MSRP themanufactured suggested price of theDyson v7 Motorhead is $400 but if youwere to go out and buy one the streetprice is $300 for the absolute the MSRPis 549 so $150 more than the Motorheadand I cannot yet find a street price forone was I can't find a retail and justto be clear on the Dyson v8 which hasbeen available for over a sell for overa year there is about a hundred and tendollar difference between the MSRP andthe street price so maybe we'll see a v7absolute sell for I don't know maybe alittle bit over $400 when it goes onsale or when it becomes widely availablebut that's just a guess as far as themain specs go the two devices are verysimilar they have the same suction powerthat's 100 air Watts they the sameruntime thirty minutes and neither ofthem has a HEPA filter you can see backhere there's no additional HEPA filterin the back it's just built in peacethis built-in filter it's notreplaceable it's not the HEPA model asyou would see on dv8 there is a slightdifference in weight the v7 motor headis five point four poundstechnically five point four five poundswhere the v7 absolute is five pointthree pounds I emailed Dyson about thatand they said it comes downto the different head attachment itwasn't really clear if they meant thispiece here or the main head attachmentwhich is slightly different but there isa very slight difference in weight themain differences come down to what isincluded with the vacuum so the dyson v7absolute is the model that comes withall the fancy head attachments yes youget all the standard ones but inaddition you get a soft roller head andthat's similar to this standard mainfull-size roller head except the beateron the inside is built of a softmaterial sort of like a tennis ball it'slike a fluffy material and that'll pickup larger debris very easilythat's stuff like cereal and Legos theheads not cheap so it starts that youstart to see why there's a difference inprice between the absolute and motor netso just be clear absolutely comes withthe soft roller head the boater head itdoes not another big addition to the v7absolute is you get what's called thequick-release mini motorized head so Iactually have the quick-release minimotorized head with this older Dyson Ihave and you could see it right hereit's basically a small version all ofthe motorized head but it's reallyuseful because it's could fit in placesreally well it's quite compact and itbut it also has the motorized beater soit works really well under a lot ofdifferent circumstances and it has thisfriction piece for picking up stuck ongrime maybe it's not something you wouldexpect to use but I use it a whole lotmost mainly I use it when I get theDyson body itself and I plug it directlyin without the extension piece and now Ihave a very handy little handheld vacuumthat I could use for a couch inside acar stuff like thatand I really do like the Dyson set up inthis handheld mode so you can do thatwith the absolute you cannot do it theMotorhead the Motorhead does not includethat mini motorized headlastly the absolute includes aquick-release mini soft dusting brushthat is not something that you use muchin the past but they have it shown forcleaning off desk sink keyboards andcounter tops stuff like that probablyuseful for cars and under desks behindcomputers bathrooms stuff like that soyeah that is the difference between thedyson v7 motor head and the v7 absolutehope that solves some questions for youor answer some questions for you thanksfor watching

How is the Dyson V7 Absolute different from the V7 Motorhead? It’s a super popular question, and one I asked myself. I did some research and emailed Dyson to put together some answers for you.

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6 Thoughts to “Dyson V7 Motorhead vs V7 Absolute – What’s the Difference?”

  1. Sal

    My full review of the Dyson V7:

  2. Nờ Nguyễn

    nice to know about this, thanks man! could you please tell me how long is the tube itself?

  3. VIC on ur PC

    you know you can connect the main motorhead directly to the v7 itself instead of just the mini motorized tool.

  4. VIC on ur PC

    you forgot to mention how the v7s dont have hepa filters and their mini motorized tool is not as powerful as the v8’s mini motorized tool

  5. SASenglish

    tries to do comparison on a unreleased product…… why bother

    1. Sal

      It’s a big purchase and some people are surely waiting for the absolute and Animal models.

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