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Dyson V7 Review – Motorhead Cordless Vacuum – Best Cordless of 2018?

My review of the Dyson V7 Motorhead cordless vacuum ( ).

V7 Filter replacement:

What I don’t like about the Dyson V7 (after after the review):#

Dyson V7 Absolute vs V7 Motorhead:

How to empty a Dyson V7:

Overall the Dyson V7 is a great vacuum. If you have a DC44 or DC59 that has seen serious use, then you should consider upgrading since it’s a quieter vacuum with lower noise levels. If you have a V6 ( ) there is no need to upgrade, since the two are essentially the same except that the V7 has a lower motor speed which means it’s quieter, but has less suction power when operating in normal mode. The two have the same power level in the Max mode.

The V7 will eventually totally replace the V6, so keep that in mind when buying. The V8 is a different line (sort of like the iPhone X compared to the iPhone 8). So the V6 will disappear soon, but it’s still a great vacuum.

The V6 is available for under $200 ( ) which is pretty cool though, so if you can’t decide between the two, save your cash and get the older model. You’ll get MORE suction power in normal mode but it’s slightly louder and the vacuum live is 20 minutes not 30 minutes. Both have the same level of suction and same battery life (6 minutes) at the MAX mode.

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9 Thoughts to “Dyson V7 Review – Motorhead Cordless Vacuum – Best Cordless of 2018?”

  1. MadAboutHoovers

    Great review – all good points. I believe now that the American market can get a V7 Animal + model which does have a removeable and washable rear mounted HEPA filter. In the UK where I live, there is no V7 model to date with a HEPA filter. The specs according to Dyson on the power ratings of the motors are: On Standard suction power V6 = 28 Airwatts, V7 = 21 Airwatts, and V8 (all models) = 22 Airwatts. On MAX power V6 = 100 Airwatts, V7 = 100 Airwatts, V8 Animal and Absolute = 115 Airwatts, V8 Carbonfibre (Dyson exclusive model) = 155 Airwatts. One area to keep an eye on are the black carbon fibre filaments on the brushroll head, as they are prone to wearing prematurely and breaking off, leaving bare spots on the brushroll. The red bristles are not affected, only the black ones, and on the V8 this issue seems to have been resolved by angling the black bristles at 45 degrees from the brushroll, to reduce flexing of the filaments, which happens on the DC50,DC59, V6 and V7 where the black bristles are angled at 90 degrees from the brushroll. Also, the joint between the top of the wand and the main unit can become wobbly and develop excess play, as it already has on my V8, and its something I am not very happy about.

    1. Sally James

      MadAboutHoov is

    2. Sal

      Thanks for the note! I’ve been thinking about picking up a V8, you know, for science reason. And good call on that joint: it’s a mess on my DC59! Regarding the V7 Animal, it seems like its Costco only for now. That’s not something all consumers have access too. I’m hoping it become more widely available in the future, but who knows! Dyson is quite odd about availability.

  2. Jacktw 321

    Sooo you love vacumees

    1. Sal

      I love anything I can geek out about.

  3. Jordan Steffen

    i just bought this so i’m watching your vid to see what to expect when i get it in the mail in 2 days. very in depth and informative, thanks for making it!

  4. Jacktw 321

    You are making vids of vacuums woooow

    1. Jordan Steffen

      what pens? current fav is the pilot g2

    2. Sal

      Confirmed. Happy to take requests as well but lately my new toys are pens and the v7

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