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Dyson V7 Review – Motorhead Cordless Vacuum – Best Cordless of 2018?

okay so I've been using this Dyson v7Motorhead vacuum for a couple weeks nowand I wanted to do something approachinga full review this is something you buycost a lot of money and you use for afew years so it's hard to review it intotal so I'll try to leave some notesunder the review first of all I'm a longtime Dyson vacuum user and I finallywent ahead and picked up this v7Motorhead because it was just time myolder models mainly the DC 59 Motorheadwere about shot I wanted something witha similar feature set I really wanted aHEPA filter but at current time rightnow the v7 is not available in a HEPA Icould have gone to a v8 but then you'removing to something much more expensivethis v7 Motorhead sells at retail andwe're talking you know target Bed Bathme on Amazon all those other things for$300 which is what I paid for it whichseems like a pretty reasonable deal hassome changes from the previous modelslike the DC 59 and more specifically thev6 the first is that the fan speed sothe motor speed is lower so we listen tothis hereand on max if you listen really closelyanyone everyone and do it again at Max'sare like sort of a high pitch and thatcomes from the motor inside spinningmore quickly the the faster that turbinespins the more suction you get but alsothat sort of like louder more piercingtone the here without the wind shear thefan speed starts sorry they keep sayingthat the motor speed on the v7 isactually lower than that on the v6 whichmeans there's a slight decrease insuction power when you are using it instandard mode so that's just the normalmode but it's a lower sound is a lowersound level and a less piercing soundlisten listen - it's really not that badso basically the v7 loses some suctionpower at the standard level but thetrade-off for that is it's more pleasantto hear and a longer battery life p7 israted at a 30 minute battery life wherethe v6 only had a 20 minute battery lifesame with the v8 then if you go aheadand want that suction power you move itto max now the v7 has the full suctionpower of the v6 before you know it's thesame fan speed but also just as loudthis is worth keeping that in mind otherbig change to be seven is the hygienicbeam so basically when you pull this upit empties just like that before thiscomponent right here didn't pull up outof the bin just the bottom dropped andwhen the bottom dropped the debris wouldget stuck in this tight area here youcan see there's just maybe an inch ofclearance maybe three-quarters of aninch of clearance right here so all yourdust and cat hair or whatever we getstuck and you'd have to dig around inthere either with your hand or like witha chopstick or something that's what Iusually ended up doing so that has thisnew it's called the hygienic bin designit makes the whole mechanism morecomplex but and actually I think morefragile but I haven't had any problemswith it in fact it works quite well withthis model the max button is here so itsaid of being a button on the back it'sa switch which is really nice becauseit's really clear before you had topress the max button while the vacuumwas active which is really unclearthat's not how most buttons work usuallyyou could press it and it staysactivated whether the device is on oroff with the Dyson it only stayedactivated like basically the vacuum hadto be run and you press the button itwas just very confusing here it's aswitch normal mode max mode that's allthere is and you could switch it whilethe vacuum is active if you want as faras the accessories go this is a prettystandard kit if you want the fullaccessory kit you have to get theabsolute but I really wouldn't recommendthat it's just a lot of extra money andit really only makes sense if you needthose pieces the standard head is prettymuch unchanged the one thing peoplenotice is that the buttons are now redand that any time a button or somethingis red in a well-designed piece ofconsumer electronics or whatever youwant to call itgoods it´ll that means it's an activepart it's red I could push it this isgray probably can't push it this activepart has been moved onto the head so ifit ever does wear out your reallyexpensive vacuum doesn't wear out justthis sort of expensive head wears out ithas a really good fitthey definitely see that connection andthat fit is nicer you know I think thesethings you could really only get to knowthem after a couple years but definitelyhave had no problems with it all theseaccessories have been really not reallyredesigned there's essentially the sameas they've been since like I don't knowthe DC 44 so if you have crazily highexpectations from that I would say youcould forget about that was these thingshave been tweaked but not reallyredesigned at all some of the parts arenot here the only part I'm missing thatcomes with the absolute is called themini motorized head so it's worthkeeping that in mind that you won't getthat mini motorized head which I reallylike and I like it on my v7 I'm sorryI'm on my DC 59 but it's probably notworth upgrading for you get the littlecombination head which is nice obviouslythis piece for cross use or whatever andthen it's hard to film books I don'thave a wide-angle camera but here's justthe normal extension and it comes inthat standard magenta which i think isnice enough some other changes with thev7 that I've noted in previous videosthat the battery is actually a littlethicker so you can't put this in theholder of some of your older vacuums Itry to charge this in a DC 59 holder andthat didn't work which is disappointingcuz now I have to like take the DC 15 Iwall mount remove it and put it in thelike put the new one up in the place ofthis as for the colors you know it'spretty much the same types and colorsthis ispurple/pink type thing really not a bigdeal one thing they did is they didn'treally unify in all the active areasbeing red which is really nicepast that is really not too much else tosay check it out my notes here it hasthe better bin same a max suction speedlower normal suction speed longerbattery life the weight on the v7 isslightly more than that of the oldermodels like the v6 and the DC 59 butit's less than that of the v8 so that'sworth keeping in mind and we're onlytalking about a few ounces here there'sno HEPA model I think that's a realbummer with the v7 by the time it got tov7 was hoping everything would be hepabut if you poke around Dyson's websitethere is actually a v7 animal hidingthere it's just not widely available yetyou I think you have to get it throughCostco past that I think the the v7 is anice way to go basically the v6 is beingphased out so you could buy one use andget a louder vacuum with less suctiontime I sorry a louder vacuum withslightly more suction power but lessbattery life at normal mode or you canget the v7 which is what I wouldrecommend they're really similar so ifyou want to get like you can get like a$200 v6 instead of a $300 v7 that mightmake sense but with the v7 havingobviously warranty support for a fullperiod of time instead of buying ifyou're going to use v6 whatever theimproved bin and just like less sounddorm normal mode I think that's the wayto go you lose a little bit of suctionpower but not enough that it's going toruin the experience this is stilltotally sufficient and like I'd reallythink suction power tends not to be ahuge deal on day to day life it'stotally sufficient what you lose out onwith the v7 over like a v7 absolute isyou you don't get the the soft headwhich usually if you're not pickingsomething up is because of a physicalbarrier on the here and just it notbeing picked up not youlacking the suction power to pick it uplacking the suction power will stop youfrom like picking up like a really finedust or if you're like have a lot ofcarpeting and you really wanted to be asclean as possible then you might wantthe suction power but it's a differentissue and kind of an edge case you knowusually this things will get it totallyclean or like clean enough but you knowyou have to decide if it's enoughsuction power for you so yeah that isthe dyson v7 I definitely recommend itbut I recommend that if you're a Dysonfan if you're a v6 fan if you arelooking at like a hundred dollar vacuumI can't say that this thing is totallygonna justified for you so that's itDyson v7 thanks for watching

My review of the Dyson V7 Motorhead cordless vacuum ( ).

V7 Filter replacement:

What I don’t like about the Dyson V7 (after after the review):#

Dyson V7 Absolute vs V7 Motorhead:

How to empty a Dyson V7:

Overall the Dyson V7 is a great vacuum. If you have a DC44 or DC59 that has seen serious use, then you should consider upgrading since it’s a quieter vacuum with lower noise levels. If you have a V6 ( ) there is no need to upgrade, since the two are essentially the same except that the V7 has a lower motor speed which means it’s quieter, but has less suction power when operating in normal mode. The two have the same power level in the Max mode.

The V7 will eventually totally replace the V6, so keep that in mind when buying. The V8 is a different line (sort of like the iPhone X compared to the iPhone 8). So the V6 will disappear soon, but it’s still a great vacuum.

The V6 is available for under $200 ( ) which is pretty cool though, so if you can’t decide between the two, save your cash and get the older model. You’ll get MORE suction power in normal mode but it’s slightly louder and the vacuum live is 20 minutes not 30 minutes. Both have the same level of suction and same battery life (6 minutes) at the MAX mode.

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9 Thoughts to “Dyson V7 Review – Motorhead Cordless Vacuum – Best Cordless of 2018?”

  1. MadAboutHoovers

    Great review – all good points. I believe now that the American market can get a V7 Animal + model which does have a removeable and washable rear mounted HEPA filter. In the UK where I live, there is no V7 model to date with a HEPA filter. The specs according to Dyson on the power ratings of the motors are: On Standard suction power V6 = 28 Airwatts, V7 = 21 Airwatts, and V8 (all models) = 22 Airwatts. On MAX power V6 = 100 Airwatts, V7 = 100 Airwatts, V8 Animal and Absolute = 115 Airwatts, V8 Carbonfibre (Dyson exclusive model) = 155 Airwatts. One area to keep an eye on are the black carbon fibre filaments on the brushroll head, as they are prone to wearing prematurely and breaking off, leaving bare spots on the brushroll. The red bristles are not affected, only the black ones, and on the V8 this issue seems to have been resolved by angling the black bristles at 45 degrees from the brushroll, to reduce flexing of the filaments, which happens on the DC50,DC59, V6 and V7 where the black bristles are angled at 90 degrees from the brushroll. Also, the joint between the top of the wand and the main unit can become wobbly and develop excess play, as it already has on my V8, and its something I am not very happy about.

    1. Sally James

      MadAboutHoov is

    2. Sal

      Thanks for the note! I’ve been thinking about picking up a V8, you know, for science reason. And good call on that joint: it’s a mess on my DC59! Regarding the V7 Animal, it seems like its Costco only for now. That’s not something all consumers have access too. I’m hoping it become more widely available in the future, but who knows! Dyson is quite odd about availability.

  2. Jacktw 321

    Sooo you love vacumees

    1. Sal

      I love anything I can geek out about.

  3. Jordan Steffen

    i just bought this so i’m watching your vid to see what to expect when i get it in the mail in 2 days. very in depth and informative, thanks for making it!

  4. Jacktw 321

    You are making vids of vacuums woooow

    1. Jordan Steffen

      what pens? current fav is the pilot g2

    2. Sal

      Confirmed. Happy to take requests as well but lately my new toys are pens and the v7

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