alright guys so today we are here to dothe highly highly highly suggestivevideo on my Dyson vacuums I have two ofthem I have the Dyson v7 motor head andI have the dyson v-6 animal so I'm gonnabe sharing with you guys the differencesbetween those two so we actually got thev6 animal first that was when we firstmoved into this house and we just had alot more square footage in this houseand so I wanted something that waseasier to vacuum with so we got this oneand thin like a few months laterprobably like two or three months laterDyson actually contacted me to give methe v7 Motorhead and do a video for themthis video is not for them I did thatvideo a few months ago so this video isnot sponsored by Dyson but I just get somany questions about my vacuums so Ithought I would do this video for youguys and let you know like thedifferences and all of that so let's goahead and get on into it so this oneright here this purple one that I haveis the v6 animal and this is the onethat we had first this one actuallyretails for more than the v7 if thatmakes any sense like I feel like thatdoesn't make any sense but this one isactually more expensive than the v7 onthe Dyson website the on the Dysonwebsite this one retails for $500 but Iwas able to get ours on Amazon for $300so that was a really good deal and I amgonna find a few Dyson's on Amazon andlink them down below that are a lotcheaper than what the dachshund websitehas them for so just check thedescription box if you're interested inany of these I'll have the Dyson websiteand then I'll have the links to theAmazon stuff too this one right here isthe v7 motor head and it's pink andpurple and I love the way this one looksI think this one is prettier than theother one probably just because it'spink but this one retails for $400 onthe Dyson website and like I said thisother one is $500 so there's about $100difference between them now that we'vetalked about the prices let's talk aboutthe time and how long each of them runbecause they are cordless vacand that is one thing that I absolutelylove I love not having to plug in myvacuum every time I need to use it it'sbeing plugged in when I'm not using itand then when I'm ready to use it I justunplug it from its charger and I canjust go all around the house so that islike the number one thing that I loveabout it but they do have different likeruntimes how long you can use them thev6 you can use for 20 minute but if itis on max then it's only gonna run forsix minutesso B seven will run for 30 minutes andfor about six minutes on max a lot ofpeople say that that's actually notenough time to vacuum your house butpersonally I've been using these fourmonths and it's been very rare that thebattery runs out on me and I think it'sbecause I will do like the downstairsarea first and then come upstairs andclean this and while I am cleaning theupstairs I have my vacuum charging so Ibasically only vacuum like one level ata time and in between each level I haveit charging for a little while so that'sprobably why I've never had it actuallyrun out if I was to do my entire housein one time then I definitely would runout of battery it's gonna take me morethan 20 or 30 minutes to do that chargethem up completely it's going to takethe v6 three and a half hours to chargeup like from completely dead to you knowa full charge and for the v7 motor headit's gonna take only an hour so it has alot faster charging time on that one alot of people also ask about the weightand how heavy it is not heavy at all thev6 is five pounds and the v7 is likefive point four five pounds so there'sreally not much of a difference theykind of feel the same when you'reholding them up something else that Ilove about the v6 is it comes withdifferent attachments they both comewith like sets of the same attachmentsbut the v6 comes with a few extras and Ilove those attachments it's really easyto like vacuum out your car with themand just get in lots of different placesand be able to vacuum up a lot just lotsof different places so you don't have touse it like as a full vacuum here let meshow you guys you don't have to use itas a full vacuum you can take thisentire part off and howan attachment on here so you're reallyit's kind of like a handheld vacuum -they both have the same amount ofsuction and I wanted to show you guysanother thing that I love about the v7compared to the v6 is how you can emptythe bin out so whenever you're emptyingthis one out I'm not gonna open it upjust in case there's some dust in herebut there's a little thing in here thatbasically pushes everything out insteadof like the v6 this just opens up butthen you kind of have to dig everythingout but with this one it all gets pusheddown into the trash cans so I like thatfor emptying out the bin so personally Ithink that they are totally worth themoney I know that they're a little biton the expensive side for vacuums butfor me this has been the best vacuum Ihave ever had I used to own sharkvacuums now I have these Dyson's and Idon't think I'll ever be going back Ijust love everything about the Dysonespecially the cordless ones because youdon't have to plug it in like that islike my number one thing and I also lovehow skinny they are so you can easilyget like all the way up under the couchit's no big deal to be able to do thatbut with my other like sharp vacuumsnumber one like you were pushing it withthe cord like to even be able to get allthe way under the vacuum the vacuum thecouch but you were pushing it even to beable to get all the way under the couchbut also it was so bulky that it justwouldn't fit anyway so I highlyrecommend these vacuums I also love theswivel feature because it just swivelsas much as you want it to it makescleaning so easyanywhere I use it on my hardwood I useit on my tile my carpets my rugsanything I use it on my back porch andI'm telling you guys anywhere you needto vacuum something up so I even like totake this part off and just hook theattachment to this and dust like that aswell so occasionally I'll do that if Ihave like dust on of you know thefireplace mantel or on dressers I'lljust go overand dusting things off like that and sothat way you know like dust isn't goingeverywhere you're not collecting it on awashcloth you're actually like suckingit all up I really love doing thatthere's just a ton of things like I saidI'll have the Dyson website link downbelow for you guys just in case I missedanything and you have any otherquestions that maybe I cannot answer foryou just go check the Dyson website andI will have those Amazon links for youguys just in case like I can find somediscounts on them and I hope y'allenjoyed this videothey've got a thumbs up if you did anddon't forget to subscribe to my channelif you are new and if you would likesome cleaning motivation I will leave itright here on the page for you guys andI will see y'all in the next video bye

Today I am doing a Dyson vacuum comparison between my Dyson v6 animal and my Dyson v7 motorhead. I will explain the differences between the 2 and explain why my favorite is actually the cheaper one! 😉 I hope you all find this video helpful! ❤️
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  1. hotmasked1

    you are stunning !

  2. Beth Gorman

    Hi Meg! Long times watcher, first time commenter. I just wanted to say I love all your videos and thank you for making this video on dyson’s. It’s really helped me out now that my old Vacuum has died. I ordered the V7 and I just can’t wait to give it a test drive. All the information you gave was beyond helpful and is the reason I picked the one I did! Thanks so much for always being so cheerful and inspiring!

  3. Conor Riddell

    do you use a corded vacuum or just cordless

    1. Love Meg

      Just cordless

  4. Melissa And More

    Just ordered my V7 from Amazon! I didn’t even know about the V7 and I was going to buy one from Target since it was on sale and then found this video! Thanks girl! Never thought I’d be so excited for a vacuum.💗😂

  5. Haley Baskin

    I’m so glad I found this! Thank you thank you thank you!

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