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Electrolux Ergorapido Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

hello internet world tech oh guy threefour nine techno today I'm going to bereviewing the Electrolux Peugeot rapidowireless vacuum cleaner firstly I wantto say that I got this product two and ahalf years ago and it's still goingstrongI decided to review it now because it'sstill on the marketfirstly let's start with the packagingactually on second thought let's not gothere moving along this vacuum cleaneris pretty well designed it's tall enoughso that I don't have to lean over duringuse but compact enough that I can stowit away in a corner when I'm donecleaning to turn it on simply hit theswitch at the top of the handle flippingit down gives you less continuous powerthat saves battery life the battery isbuilt into the hand vac so you cansimply take it off the main unit tovacuum tight spaces couches etc once youbegin using a cordless vacuum cleaneryou'll find that wired ones areincredibly cumbersome the Ergo rapidoglides easily across flat floors withouthassle but then comes the carpet themanual claims it works on carpet and itdoes to a degree it picks up much lessdirt on carpets for one and it's muchharder to move around if you're notusing a super thin cheapo carpet fromWalmart even with this annoyinglimitation it's still easy to maneuverwith about 4 million different axes ofmovement it's easy enough to empty outdirt obviously there are no bags sosimply take it out of the enclosure anddump out the debris the battery life isdecent two and a half years ago it was alot better but I can still get about 20minutes of solid use out of it before itstarts to noticeably lose suction poweryou're definitely gonna have to put thisthing on charge after each use to do sojust dock it on it's admittedly sexystand and wait until next time inconclusion you'll find that this vacuumcleaner works great for small spaces andhard floors but I recommend having amuch larger vacuum cleaner around forheavier duty cleaning jobs 7.5 out of 10so this has been tech go guy 3 for nontechno and thanks for watchinggot ityou

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This is my review of the Electrolux Ergorapido Cordless vacuum cleaner.

Product description:

The Ergorapido offer the cleaning maneuverability of a lightweight stick vacuum, with the convenience and ease of a handheld!

The crevice tool and dusting brush are stored conveniently in the charging stand, always ready when needed.

Clean under and around anything with the patented 180-degree swivel power head.

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