EUREKA NEC122A Powerplush Cordless VacuumBest Stick Vacuum Cleaner 

EUREKA NEC122A Powerplush Cordless Vacuum REVIEW

hey guys welcome to those reviews andtoday I'll be reviewing the Eureka Powerplush lithium power stick vac thisthing's pretty cool they sent this to meto review so it's exactly what I did itit's like a lot of your stick vac thatyou see out on the market nowHoover Dyson all these guys shark makesthese but the unique thing about thisone is this one is pretty much strictlyhardwood and tile and stuff and that isbecause of the power plush splush rollright here this thing comes off by thislittle screw right there you unscrewthat and this brush can come right offand you can actually clean that but makesure that you completely dry it as amatter of fact everything can come apartup in this housing here you got yourfilter up here you got your bin here andthe cool unique thing about the bags youcan push button dump like you're notgoing to touch it where you can unscrewthe whole bottom and have it like a cupand dump out fine granules so you made aboo-booon some salt or whatever and you want toclean it up and you don't want this bindoor to swing open and blow dust andstuff everywhere which can be messy onthese little OneTouch doors so I likethat idea of unscrewing the bottom for acup supposedly this has more suctionthan Dyson's v8 absolute on the highsetting includes anti allergen filter sothis is supposedly sucking more out thanDyson I don't know that I don't have oneof those to compare it to I do know thatit's not as strong as my shark and itmay be just a hair under my Hoover stickvac that I've had forever but I don'tthink it has having a ginormous amountof suction because I was able to get upeverything with this plush brush I thinkthat's the key is this plush brush a lotof vacuum cleaners that good use on yourhardwoods and stuff they have a agitatorbrush and that's to agitate that carpetand to knock up dust and everything elseto try to get as much stuff out of thecarpet as possible this is not the casethis is super plush and these littlerings our barbershop stripes they're alittle bit longer stuff so that does agreat job of getting in into the tileinto the grooves of the tile because itfeels like it's a little bit longer andmaybe even a different type of materialthere but you can buy replacementbrushes on this at some point along withthe batteries and speaking of thebatteries it's a twenty one point sixvolt lithium battery and let's see thespecs on this for sure it says thattwenty one point six volts two thousandmillion per hour battery lithium batteryI will say that I have charged this anduse just three separate charging and ifrepetitive on the 15-minute markdeciding to start like you have aconstant level of power v throughfifteen minutes and in fifteen toseventeen minute market starts to diedown and shut off at seventeen minutes Iread on Amazon which is where they willsell this at exclusive to Amazon andWalmart as far as I know so I believethe Amazon link I don't think this ishit store ships yet it is on electronicstore shelves Amazon but not in thephysical store at Walmart yet but it'llbe there and but y'all leave linksAmazon one and it's one forty nineninety nine right nowI think that it's worth the 100 to 150marks the build quality isrepresentative of that there's a lot ofthese stick facts that cost up into thefive hundred plus dollar some of themare including the agitator brush and oneof these mini brushes here but Iactually like the standalone versionbecause we're messing with only thismuch of a gap of area to come through sowe're not losing suction to multiplerolls across a multiple roll head andthe heads fairly small but they're allabout this size on all these stick backso that's continuous across all brandswhich is cool we got a felt bottomacross here so you won't scrape andscratch your hardwoods the rolls areactually coated and there's a rubberroll back here in the back which allthese look replaceable so that that's anice touch it disconnectshere and you can attach the toupholstery attachments or crevice tooland a poacher attachment that you getand supposedly the bonus two-in-oneupholstery tool item is this guy and itactually slides up to expose thesebrushes for blinds and stuff like thator for your AC filter thing up thereyour vent for that and then down formaybe some of your blinds hardwoodblinds or faux blinds or whatever so youcan get that crevice tool in there andit's got a little felt brush right hereso a little scratch surface of thingstoobut that can snap right on to this guyor the end of the wand which is probablywe'll probably use that unless yourvacuum that your couch and it has thecrevice tool here you can attach thatlike this and you can take it to the cartake you to the couchall those little crumbs and get that youcan also attach this of course to thewand and get up high get down lowwithout having to bend over anybaseboards which I personally likebecause there's always that half-inchthree-quarter inch band aroundbaseboards and get score fit if you'renot careful let's go take care of thatso that's plus and you also get the wallmount which is nice sharp doesn'tinclude a wall mount with there's I havethe short one which I will have a reviewfor that sharp stick vac coming soon butyeah you'll have this guy mounted to thewall and it's got some grooves and it'lljust set like this with the stick comingdown and your crevice attachments oneach side and you can run your poweradapter through this little channel hereon the side down and around to where itplugs in right there this is not thecharger itself you have an externalplug-in charger with a pretty long cablefor this and the bad thing is this guywill not really free set anywhere thisdoesn't lock in like this it just kindof wobbles around likeso you have to really think in terms ofthis is electronic broom and and that'skind of it you know you might you can Idid well I was able to prop this upagainst the counter with the back ofthis sitting right up on the counter inthe corner and that worked for me sothat's gonna be my little post there andyou can also detach the end of this thehead of this and actually attach itstraight to this if you want to do somesteps and stuff a staircase or somethinglike that and dust that are cleaningthat off I cut my own hair so for meusing this or trying this brush outagainst hair was gonna be the definingthing for me I also tested some otherthings but the hair was the biggestloose hair all over the tile floorthe tiles kind of has some of thosegrooves in there some hair can get leftin there my stick vac which doesn't haveone of these plush brush rolls can'tgrab the hair it's just got thatagitator brush and there's always hairbehind fine hair small hair from where Icut my hair in the bathroom so that'salways a battle but I saved some hairfrom the last time I cut my hair sprayedit out over the tile there and use thisplush brush and on the first pass Inoticed it picked up and left a traillike a solid edge trail where it wentthrough and just grabbed all the hairsso that was really cool so if yourcosmetologist you cut hair you can havethis mounted next to your station andwith a fifteen-minute will say batterylife it takes you what a minuteto do to vacuum up the hair so you canhave a full day's worth of just hairpicking up with this and an easy dumpsystem so that would be better thanbrushing I mean you would get all thehair grafts that's a cool feature initself and that's a big plus I like thatand also I wanted to spread out somepowder like some cooking powder so yousome mill granules some powder out onthe tile there and to see because that'sa common thing in the kitchen where youknock over something and it didsurprisingly well with a littleno residue left behind it got even gotdown in between the tiles there whichwas surprised me I thought I was gonnathis is the one I was gonna get I'm on Ithought I was gonna have like a trail inbetween the tile but it got that too sothat was great and then I did the darkfood which pushes the limits of the gapthe gap between the head and the brushrolls about like that but that brush iskind of spongy but it's kind of firm tooso if it does grab something and gothrough it could kick it in and up thechute there up to the bin but it handledall the dog food so I think I traversedeverything that you might come acrossand I think it worked really good likeit might handle some low carpet like amat that you would have in front of yoursink you might could run it over thatbut like rugs and carpet I wouldn'treally rely on this too much I wouldactually want to get a stand alone stickvac or your traditional upright vacuumcleaner for your carpet and I have avideo where I compare robot vac toHoover stick vac and your traditionalpowered upright vacuum cleaner I wantedto compare those and see how they'vedone and see if you still really neededyour traditional vacuum that videoproved that you still need a traditionalvacuum to exist in your arsenal but Ihaven't tested the new sharp stick vacback here which is just a vacuum carpetdedicated thing with agitator brush noplush roll and I think you need yourseparate stick backs one for hardwoodone for carpet when you get one of thoseUniversal ones you're you're skippingyourself somewhere so I'm gonna try tocompare the shark against the sharktraditional upright so I'm reallyexcited to for this test to see if itcan beat itself so that's the cool oneso make sure to check that video outwhen it comes before forget you do havethree lights here too to tell you wherethe battery power is once it gets downto the bottom and starts blinkingthat's the 15 minute mark and you'llnotice that the power graph goes twominutes you got two minutes once younotice that it's downward spiralthey said that they are going- this dislodges like that you have touse this to charge this right nowthere's no charging base for it and Idon't know how much the batteries willcost hopefully they're affordable itwould be nice if they're hovering aroundthe 50 dollar mark but I don't knowbecause that would be really supercompetitive because the short ones Ithink are 100 bucks and that would benice if this was a little cheaper so oneswitch I can't tell you how many timesI've accidentally hit that if every timeI grab this it turns on so if I had tosay the positives I think I've covered alot of the positives I've spoken only ofpositives for it but the negatives wouldbe I think I'm okay with battery lifeyou'll be able to clean your entirehouse probably once out of it itdepending on how much orbit would youhave but or maybe two cycles and ittakes a long time to charge this batteryso give yourself quite a few hours tocharge the battery back up again andthat's like I guess another part of theconfusing factor but this is a smallbattery I was hoping for a true 20minutes but but it is five minutes lessthan that really and I would say thatthere is a little bit of flex there inthat joint and you notice that wheneveryou're vacuuming and I don't know if Icould put a tiny rubber washer aroundthat and seal that up or not or if Idon't even know if that's reallyrestricting the airflow or causing aloss of suction because of that or it'sdesigned that way I don't know but theplastic on it feels like it should forits price range but yeah this is theEureka power plush it was a it's a joy Iwant to keep this I actually like thisto me is a cosmetologist dream if youcut hair and you hate having to sweepand leave remnants behind into a dustpanthis the demolishes everything that youwould want to pick up so Jake just notfor hair but for everything he didreally well I don'thuge fan of this plush roll right herehas converted me like but a standaloneunit is awesome so Eureka I'm glad thatthey went to stand-alone route insteadof trying to make a dual head like thatI think that was a smart decision to dojust to stand there own standalone plushrole so make sure it explode on thatsubscribe button and also you getnotified on the next vacuum cleanerreview video that I do which wouldshould be coming up fairly soon becauseI've been neglecting my own carpet athome for a couple weeks waiting just onthis guy so I could prepare it to thetraditional upright so yeah[Music]

EUREKA NEC122A Powerplush Cordless 2-in-1 Lightweight Stick Handheld Vacuum Cleaner featuring rechargeable lithium-ion battery, charging adapter, wall mount, crevice tool and upholstery tool REVIEW

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  1. David Holliman

    Is the plush brush supposed to spin when using the floor extension? Mine only spins when connected directly to the hand unit?

    1. Isaiah's Reviews

      Yeah mine spins all the time

  2. Christopher Chavez

    Great review. Thanks, Isaiah!

    1. Isaiah's Reviews

      Thanks 😀👍

  3. BeasTFockeR

    i wanna see it in action please

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    2. Bryan Bierbaum

      BeasTFockeR did you watch the video? There were 3 different messes on the floor he demonstrated.

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