Eureka Quick-Up 2 in 1 Stick VacuumBest Stick Vacuum Cleaner 

Eureka Quick-Up 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum 169J

this is the part that is hard to getback into place after you empty it andclean it and then you have to get thisgasket right here down in there which Icannot do on video because it takes toboth hands and I didn't take time to putthe video camera on a tripod but see howthis has to squeeze in there and it'svery difficult for me to do instead ofjust slip right in like it like mostother brands this is a Eureka - quick up- and one lightweight cleaning and I'mgoing to be returning it because themechanism is the de Brees holder Cup istoo hard to put back in place issue Ibought it because I wanted somethingquick and simple and it's not quick andsimple it takes too long for me to beable to put this this Cup back inside ofthis part other than that that it'sgreat it picks up and and everythingbolts it worked really good

Bear decided to make an appearance in this review of the Eureka Quick-Up 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum model 169J I purchased and returned because the dust bag part is too hard and takes too long to put back into the dust catcher. I returned it and bought a cheaper stick vacuum by another company with a simple and quick pull out and easily put back in the filter. A stick vacuum is for “quick” pick ups so it should also be “quick” to empty.

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7 Thoughts to “Eureka Quick-Up 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum 169J”

  1. Shanna MzSmokey Simmons

    It looked pretty easy for you to do to me? Quick and simple. Lol

  2. MyCringyAdventure

    I have the exact same vacuum and it’s not that hard 😂

  3. MyCringyAdventure

    This review is actually fucking stupid. This dumbass is gonna return a product because she doesn’t have enough strength to push the filter back in?!? I don’t care what disease you have. People these days returning shit for the dumbest reasons. Company’s make so much sacrifice but it’s just the plain stupidity

  4. T B

    maybe youre just too stupid to change a vacuum bag right

    1. T B

      P Shadwick try some medical marijuana ….

    2. P Shadwick

      I use to work for the fire department and now disabled with pain in most of my body including my hands. So maybe you shouldn’t assume someone is stupid. I have another brand of stick vac that works great and easy to empty and it cost less than this one.

  5. Tony Umphreys

    How do you take apart and replace the belt

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