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Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum, 96H Reviews

and I live here with my hello GermanShepherd puppy he is seven and a halfmonths old 80 pounds and right now he isin his den as you can see my apartmentis a mess as usual and that's becausethe puppy is hyperactive I will show yousome key issues here and that you cansee it or not I think you can you seethe hair the clumps of hair right thereit's kind of like tumbleweed and this isspring so the puppy is in full swing ofshedding and for some reason I don'tknow I must have sinned in the pastbecause of which my kitchen floor iswhite in color linoleumso it's a pain to maintain can youbelieve it that I'd clean and moppedthis very same floor in the morningbefore going to work and right now youcan see it basically takes the puppyaround maybe 2 to 3 minutes after comingback from a walk walk to make an entiremess of it so we're gonna basicallyreview the way the Hoover or rather thewhatever brand it isEurekavacuum cleaner works it's pretty cheap Ipaid like $40 for it at my local Kmartand it is available on Amazon one of thereasons I got it is although I have twoother vacuum cleaners is because it'svery light and weight so it's easy tostore as you can see I was storing it inthe window and there's a good reasondestroy it there because the pup getseverywhere and anything the pup getsthat is pretty much gone and done for sothis is one of the reasons I got itbecause I have other two guys biggervacuum cleaners I wanted to see how thisguy could work out for me given itsportable size and its functionality sohere it is with the battery fullycharged let's try it on right now[Music]there you see one cablegive a show theredeliberately Passover didn't take it outfor pastors you live in check it out[Applause]there it isthis cannot pick up a kid oh this sidethe figure of paperthese are pieces of a Pepsi like one ofthose 12 packs that you get made out ofpaper so the puppy you can see thatactuallythe puppy love care of the feet paperinto pieces the elephantlet's see what happensoh it might have picked up the paper andthe co shootingpick it upyeah I did[Music]that's one of my rightdoes not pick up anythinggetting stuck in the brushes knowledgeto the hairsome small particles heremr. Kibo six of the smaller pieces[Applause]let's see how much of a Java can do yourmother clumps of hair here[Applause]looks like it's picking it up[Applause]advantages that it is very light and way[Applause][Music][Applause][Music]everything has the rightand there fell apart isn't that justgreat see that there's a piece of paperhere on one side and the hair is juststuck here there's nothing blocking thedamn hair but it lacks the suction poweror the mechanics to suck up even thestupid hair this is such a waste ofmoney it can't even pick up normal hairand this was like a you saw a clump ofhair so you might be thinking maybe it'sbecause it's a clump of hair that it gotstuck but normally the reason I'm makingthis video is because this is what itdoes even when I take a broom and Isweep the floor and then I use it topick up the stray pieces of hair this isexactly what it does the hair getsaccumulated in the brushes and nothinggets sucked up here and there it is Iwas laying it down and this just came upon its own how amazing design is thatwell I'm gonna sweep the floor now andI'm gonna try it again so the video isgonna be two parts I'll be right backhey guysso as promised I just swept the floor asyou can see I have removed almost allthe hair and the paper particles frombefore and now I'm gonna run this stupidthing I wanted one more time to see ifit works or not at all or notdoor shutting[Music][Applause]dustpan was empty before it startedto fix something[Music][Applause][Music]how do you get a design of a vacuumfinish on that stuffI mean you have to be really reallystupid first I'm an engineer myself it'sa simple equation of my Kanamemathematics is not difficultexcept the first like you know peoplethat Eureka obviously suck at ityou need a certain size of an opening acertain suction power to be able to suckthings up give it normal conditions akibble it's a pretty small object in myopinion that should be fixed up let'ssee herelose hair not in clumps[Applause]food[Applause][Music][Applause][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]no too big for the pan a container pieceof paper is too big for itas you can see there are no clumps ofhairthere's a puppies then the main reasonfor this vacuum cleaner[Applause]all right now let's see how that's doneso far[Applause]here is the best pic about let's seewhat it has done so far why do I see 10okay this is what happens every timesee thisjust shut off the rocky Buddhism all[Music]this is what this vacuum cleaner does itjust takes the dirt taps it in its ownjaws and then releases it this was notclumped this is loose hair lying aroundokaythe vacuum cleaner didn't have thesuction power to even pick it up thebrushes will be here they rotate see thebrushes they rotate and they gather upthe dirt and then the hair and you justhope you see that you can see still seethat it just holds it in place withoutsucking it in consequently your house isnever cleaned because this piece is yourgarbage just takes the dirt and forkedand takes it like unit basically if youhave dirt in one place it'll take thatdirt and distribute it all over theplace it's such a piece of garbage

Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum, 96H Reviews

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Lightweight cordless vacuum for a quick clean up (battery lasts up to 12 minutes on high)

Comfortable telescopic handle

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On and off brushroll system and easy to empty dust cup

Wall mounted charger for convenient power-up

10 inch wide cleaning path

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People looking for a lightweight stick vacuum to replace a broom and dustpan to clean up messes on their bare floors.

It is equipped with a brush roll so larger bits of dirt like cheerios’ are picked up as well but take note that it will struggle picking up large bits of dirt.

It’ll work on carpet and upholstery, but do not use it on medium to thick carpets – it isn’t strong enough.

Don’t expect the battery to last very long, expect around 15 minutes on a single charge. Good enough to clean small messes around the house.

Remember to empty the dirt container each time after using it because it fills up pretty quick and to maintain suction strength.

It will take around 14 to 16 hours to fully charge but don’t fully discharge or leave it on the charger for days because it’ll kill it prematurely.


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  1. mikethelma

    DUH! Have you considered turning the brushes ON? Of course, paper will stick to the brushes if they are not turning to sweep it into the collection bin. But your general point is correct … it is a very weak machine which does not pick up a whole lot. It is just for touch up, IMO. If you want real cleaning you want a REAL vacuum … a plug-in with a powerful motor and a bag collection system that allows you to throw away the dust and hair without banging the filter into a trash can and having it take off flying around the house.

  2. adnilgreen

    great review

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    Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum, 96H Reviews

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