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Eureka QuickUp Quick Review

okay so I probably sound like a brokenrecord at this point because I Irealized I've been saying this a lot butyet again this is another machine thatI've been very impressed with and kindof surprised by and the reason why Ikeep saying that is normally my vacuumpurchases are a lot more planned thanwhat they have been as of late whereasas of late they've just kind of been ona whim spur-of-the-moment yeah I wantthat let's go with it and that's workedvery well for me this time around sothis is Eureka's quick up these damnthings have been around in one variantor another corded and cordless for I'dsay probably easily thirty yearsprobably been longer than that in allhonesty and these are just incrediblelittle machines so this is a $27 stickvacuum from Walmart and so my localWalmart had had an entire end capdisplay of these machines and I kind ofthought to myself oh wow Eureka's stillmaking the quick up and I went oh whatthe hell it like I put it off for alittle bit but then I just went oh whatthe hell it's twenty seven dollars I'venever seen it in this blue color beforeand I actually really like this accentedblue so I picked one up I actuallybought the last two blue ones and gaveone to my partner who always cleans forall cleans the hard floors in hisfriend's house when he house it's forhim so he had been looking for somethinglike this and I knew that people reallyliked the quick up and it tended to be agood little machine so I just pickedboth of them up they were both in blueversus a boring red that they normallycome in or a hideous lime-greenso I grabbed them and I've beenimpressed because a to start with thesefilters in the dust cup mine has beenused multiple times but what I do withmine is I don't wash it I don't doanything like that I vacuum my filterson everything with a bag machinenormally so I vacuum this out every timeI use it and it still looks pretty muchlike brand-new so that was the firstpleasant surprise the next one is itdoesn't really clog or lose suction asmuch as you would think something with afilter setup like this does it kind ofjust keeps on trucking even when it'scompacted with crap and then you've gotthis little brush roll which it lookskind of pathetic but in all honesty ifyou know what the setup in a Miele 2 1 7is like that's pretty much what this isit's long very soft bristles it'llactually clean all kinds of surfaces alot better than you would initiallythink and the nice thing is and I'venever realized this about these whichgood on Eureka for going with this thebelt that these use and it's not evenlisted is like a replacement part butyou can still buy them is the the beltwhich is geared so there's no real worryunless it completely breaks which willonly be after multiple years of havingto actually replace that little belt inthere it just keeps on going no stretchno slip no loss of efficiency you've gota removable handle so you can use thisjust like a Dustbuster if you wantbasically up on your couches everythinglike that and then you've got atwo-position switch so you've got yourflooringand then your carpetand I've just been really impressed withthis little machine because normallywhat you end up with is when you've gota nozzle design like this especially ifyou've got it just on floors on the hardfloors it normally doesn't pick anythingup the suction is not great enough inthat large and opening to have thebrushroll to really pick anything up andwith it on carpeting on the floors thatnormally scatter stuff back at you butthis you can put on floors run rightacross it it picked everything up on myfloors from smaller pieces of shatteredbroken glass at one point to cat litterand cat fur dust everything like thatevery time we use them that the filtersare covered in crap and the dust cup isfilled too and it's just this is one ofthose things for $27.00 it's one ofthose why would you not have it machinesbecause it makes quick cleanups oranything on hard flooring or area rugsor carpeting when you don't want to pullout a full size machine so simple and soeasy to just take care of and quicklypick it up so yeah that's pretty much itI just intended for this to be a quickerreview of this little thing but run outand buy one because they're awesome

A quick review of the cheap and cheerful Eureka QuickUp

Eureka 2-in-1 Quick-up Bagless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Motorized Brush Roll, Red.

This is a Corded 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum cleaner, lightweight, easy to convert from a stick to a handheld. (Please kindly note this is not a cordless stick vacuum.)

The Eureka boss Bagless stick vacuum 169J is useful around the house for picking up dirt, hair, and allergens. This motorized brush roll vacuum functions efficiently to remove dirt from carpets, rugs as well as bare floors.

This unit boasting unique accessories makes it easy to access areas that a bigger vacuum cleaner may not reach. There’s no hassle of a bag involved; all the dirt that is vacuumed drops directly into the dust cup

The Eureka boss Bagless vacuum can be easily converted from a stick vacuum to a hand vacuum for quick pick-ups in one compact design.

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6 Thoughts to “Eureka QuickUp Quick Review”

  1. luciahask64

    Oh so awesome!! I just went online and bought one that was in the clearance section in walmart’s site. I looked at reviews (of course they just wanted to talk about the high end ones) then went on to youtube to see if there were any demos. I was just wanting an inbetween one that I could use until my full sized vacs were fixed (don’t ask). All of this going on while the wm site was on hold with the purchase button waiting to be pressed. Hemming and hawing aside I thought f*#k it, just get it and be done (it’s spring in no. WI and I have 2 big dogs!). So glad I did because I just saw your review. Whew!!! So glad it was good news!! Now I can’t wait til Wed.! Thanks for posting!!

  2. Bruce Solomon

    One of these burned my house down when the battery overcharged

  3. Claire Fernandez

    Cookie Crumbs on the floor?QUICK GET IT WITH A QUICK UP

  4. Lacking

    I actually bought two of these over the years – one I donated, the other I returned almost immediately. My problem with these machines is that the head has no debris openings or any other suction relief, so the head clamps down and is basically unusable on my carpets. Recently I bought a Superlite, which has the same guts as this, but the front of the head is segmented and makes it a lot easier to move.

  5. Buster1849

    I have had a blue one since december 2009. My aunt got it for me for christmas

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