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Eureka QuickUp Quick Review

A quick review of the cheap and cheerful Eureka QuickUp

Eureka 2-in-1 Quick-up Bagless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Motorized Brush Roll, Red.

This is a Corded 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum cleaner, lightweight, easy to convert from a stick to a handheld. (Please kindly note this is not a cordless stick vacuum.)

The Eureka boss Bagless stick vacuum 169J is useful around the house for picking up dirt, hair, and allergens. This motorized brush roll vacuum functions efficiently to remove dirt from carpets, rugs as well as bare floors.

This unit boasting unique accessories makes it easy to access areas that a bigger vacuum cleaner may not reach. There’s no hassle of a bag involved; all the dirt that is vacuumed drops directly into the dust cup

The Eureka boss Bagless vacuum can be easily converted from a stick vacuum to a hand vacuum for quick pick-ups in one compact design.

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6 Thoughts to “Eureka QuickUp Quick Review”

  1. luciahask64

    Oh so awesome!! I just went online and bought one that was in the clearance section in walmart’s site. I looked at reviews (of course they just wanted to talk about the high end ones) then went on to youtube to see if there were any demos. I was just wanting an inbetween one that I could use until my full sized vacs were fixed (don’t ask). All of this going on while the wm site was on hold with the purchase button waiting to be pressed. Hemming and hawing aside I thought f*#k it, just get it and be done (it’s spring in no. WI and I have 2 big dogs!). So glad I did because I just saw your review. Whew!!! So glad it was good news!! Now I can’t wait til Wed.! Thanks for posting!!

  2. Bruce Solomon

    One of these burned my house down when the battery overcharged

  3. Claire Fernandez

    Cookie Crumbs on the floor?QUICK GET IT WITH A QUICK UP

  4. Lacking

    I actually bought two of these over the years – one I donated, the other I returned almost immediately. My problem with these machines is that the head has no debris openings or any other suction relief, so the head clamps down and is basically unusable on my carpets. Recently I bought a Superlite, which has the same guts as this, but the front of the head is segmented and makes it a lot easier to move.

  5. Buster1849

    I have had a blue one since december 2009. My aunt got it for me for christmas

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