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Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

hi guys today I'm reviewing the HooverLinx cordless stick vacuum cleaner it'scordless and babbles it weighs 7.3pounds and the nozzle width is 11 inchesit comes with an interchangeable 18 voltlithium battery and charger there is afuel gauge which tells you how muchbattery life is left if there are threeLEDs lit there's more than 75% chargeleft two LEDs lit means more than 50%left one LED means more than 25% and oneblinking LED means less than 25% theon/off switch is located conveniently onthe handle the first setting is for hardfloors and the second setting is thebrushroll for vacuuming carpets the dirtcup is clear so you can see it fillingup it's easy to empty out since there'sno bag to deal with the Linx comes withan instruction manual for the vacuum andthe battery when you first get thevacuum place the battery in the chargeruntil it's fully charged this will takeabout 2 to 3 hours when the battery isfully charged the light will graduallydim and brighten to remove the batteryonce it's fully charged hold the basepull the release lever and lift off thebattery put the battery into the vacuumit's best to put the battery into thevacuum right after it's finishedcharging don't leave the battery in thecharger to remove the battery from thevacuum put your foot on the base of thevacuum pull the lever and pull thebattery straight out put your foot onthe nozzle and tilt the vacuum back torecline the vacuum stands straight upand a slim so it's easy to store andtakes up very little space to remove thedirt cup press the release button andpull away to empty the dirt cup put itover your garbage can and press thisbutton it opens right up to clean thefilter pull off the cap and filter cleanthe filter with a brush if necessary andrinse with cold watermake sure to dry for 24 hours beforeusing the vacuum to clean out the baffleto press the bottom release button onthe dirt cup turn the tubecounterclockwise and pull straight outshake the tube over a garbage can untilall the dirt inside comes out align theslots on the tube inside and turnclockwise close the coverslam the door cut back into the vacuumI'm going to throw some quartz salt onmy floors and see how the Lynx doesvacuuming itas you can see all the salt was pickedup by the Lynx there are some gaps andcracks in my hardwood floors so a few ofthe salt crystals did get stuck inbetween next I'm going to throw downsome white riceall the riders picked up very quicklythe legs did a great job of picking upthe rice from the edges of therefrigerator and under the refrigeratorthe Lynx does suck up everything on thesteps but it is awkward to use goingfrom step to stepone advantage of cleaning the steps withthe legs is that is very light I'm goingto throw some cereal down on my carpetto see how the Lynx does picking it upas you can see the legs picked up all ofthe cereal including the little piecesthat I had crumbled up one of the bestfeatures of the Lynx is that I didn'thave to unplug the Lynx from the kitchenand drag it out to the living room andplug it again into another outlet it'scordless so it's so easy to move fromroom to room to move the Lynx fromhardwood floors to carpet you do have tolift it up it doesn't easily go fromfloor to carpet you can see all the ricecereal and salt in the canister I lovethe modern look and design of the Lynxit's quietcompared to most vacuums my favoritepart is it just glides across the floorthere's a very little effort I have toput in to use vacuum that also makescleaning faster and less tedious I'llnever look forward to vacuuming but withthe Lynx I don't dread the choreit has edge cleaning bristles which getsdirt close to walls and corners thehandle reclines all the way down so youcan get far on your furniture if thespace is taller than the dust cup it'sreally easy to use and sub-subeverything on my floors the link to thisvacuum is in the description below Ihope you found this review useful pleasesubscribe and thanks for watching

Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010. LINK TO Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum. It’s cordless and bagless. It weighs 7.3 pounds and the nozzle width is 11 inches.
It comes with an interchangeable 18 volt lithium battery and charger.
Battery life is approximately 20 minutes. There is a fuel gauge which tells you how much battery life is left. If there are 3 LEDs lit, there is more than 75% charge left. 2 LEDs lit means more than 50% left, 1 LED means more than 25% and 1 blinking LED means less than 25%. The on/off switch is located conveniently on the handle. The first setting is for hard floors and the second setting is the brushroll for vacuuming carpets. The dirt cup is clear so you can see it filling up. It’s easy to empty out since there is no bag to deal with.

When you first get the vacuum, place the battery in the charger until it is fully charged – should take 2 to 3 hours. The LED indicator will light and stay lit. To remove battery pull on the release lever while holding the base and pull out. Then put the battery in the vacuum. It’s best to put the battery in the vacuum after it’s charged, don’t leave it in the charger. To remove the battery, turn off vacuum and pull on the release lever to pull out battery. To remove the dirt cup, press the release button on top and pull away. Press empty button over your garbage to release the contents. Push the door closed until the latch clicks. To clean the filter, pull out the cap and filter. Clean it with a brush and rinse with cold water if necessary. Filter should be dried for 24 hours before replacing.

To clean out the baffle tube, press the bottom release button on the dirt cup. Turn the baffle tube counterclockwise until it stops. Pull out the tube and shake it over your garbage can to release any dirt. Place the tube into the dirt cup, align slots and twist clockwise till it locks.

Put your foot on the nozzle and tilt back to recline. Roll button forward to the first setting for hardwood floors or the second setting for brushroll On to use on carpet.

Fits under furniture and the handle reclines so you can get far under furniture if the space is taller than the dust cup. It has edge cleaning bristles which gets dirt close to walls and corners.

To store, the unit just stands straight up. It’s slim and doesn’t take up much space in your closet. I love the modern look and design of the Linx. It’s quiet compared to most vacuums. My favorite part is that it just glides across the floor, there’s very little effort I have to put in to use this vacuum. That also makes cleaning faster and less tedious. I’ll never look forward to vacuuming but with the Linx I don’t dread the chore. It’s really easy to use and sucks up everything on my floors.

Hope you found this review useful. Please subscribe and thanks for watching!

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