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Hoover Unplugged Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

introducing the revolutionary Hooverunplugged cordless freedom but with thelong-lasting power you'd expect from amains vacuum it's sleek slimline designmeans it fits easily within a cupboardfor storage and at less than fourkilograms its lightweight design makesit easy to carry up and down stairs nocord no hassle no need to worry aboutplug socketssimply select the floor type and thepowerful suction will collect all dirtand debris whilst you effortlessly moveunplugged around the room once you'rehappy that your room is spotless switchoff lift up and move to the next roomthat needs cleaning nothing could bemore simple it's highly efficient designand powerful 30 volt battery equivalentto a 2200 watts mains vacuumeffortlessly cleans both your hardfloors and carpetsdo you have messy pets that leave pethair around your home even hair will notdeter unplugged press the turbo buttonand watch it disappear the low-profileflat back design allows unplug to fitunder the lowest of coffee tables andeven sofas clean an entire room withoutcords getting in the way and moveeffortlessly from room to roomthe powerful long-lasting 60 minutebattery will clean the average home morethan twice this super maneuverablepowerful cordless vacuum captures alldirt with its cyclonic dust separationsystem and powered brush bar to ensureyou're done in no timeonce you're finishedpop your hoover unplugged back into thecupboard or uncharged and it will bethere ready to go for your next cleanhoover unplugged power without limitsdiscover powerful cordless freedom withhoover unpluggedyou

Long lasting cordless power, equivalent to a corded vacuum*.

Discover our latest top-performing range of cordless stick vacuum cleaners. New for 2013, Hoover™ Unplugged is not only ultra-slim, easy to use and lightweight but is highly manoeuvrable and offers extreme, long lasting suction. You’ll be amazed by the advantages this great range can offer.

Hoover™ Unplugged is quite simply an extreme cordless vacuum cleaner. Contrary to belief, size simply doesn’t matter when it comes to suction and power. This sleek and ultra-slim design outperforms many corded vacuum cleaners on the market today. It also has an impressive Turbo Power function for intensive cleaning.

The 30V Hoover™ Unplugged (UNP300R), offers an unrivaled 60 minutes of cleaning time. Unlike many other cordless models, this gives you plenty of time to do your cleaning without the need to stop and recharge the battery. We love it.

If you are looking for high performance vacuuming, but weight is an issue, then look no further than the 30V Unplugged. Designed to be ultra-light, easy to use and simple to store, the Hoover Unplugged 30V really is a simple no nonsense design which features flat-to-floor manoeuvrability function allowing it to glide around furniture with so much ease we’ll know you’ll enjoy using it.

The Unplugged 30V comes with an innovative LED battery status indicator. All Unplugged vacuum cleaners also come with edge-to-edge cleaning, good size bin capacities and washable HEPA filters to capture and trap airborne household allergens, including pet allergens, dust mite faeces and pollen. All in all, a great new vacuum cleaner that helps care for your environment too.

*Equivalent to Hoover Dust Manager DM6220

Find out more at www.hoover.co.uk/unplugged

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