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How to clean and maintain the Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Hi in this video, I'll show you how clean and maintain the Dyson V8 Cordless vacuum cleanerIt doesn't matter whether it's the V8 Animal, V8 Total CleanV8 Fluffy or the V8 AbsoluteAll of them are pretty much the same apart from some of the accessories they come withSo let's get going. First of all what you'll want to do isTo actually enter the bin on the cleanerand this is really easy to do all you do is get the handle at the top and you pull it like thatThen all the dirt empties out. What we want to do before we carry on playing in is to get rid of thisSo now that we've emptied the binWhat want to do is to take this part off. It is very easy.What you need to do,Inside here. There's a red button, all you do is press thatIt's a little bit fiddly, but press it and then carry on pulling outAnd then that will come off, and we'll work on that in a momentSo to take the bin off all we need to do isHave a look underneath, and you've got a red switch thereJust press that, and then pull the whole bin down and that just comes off like thatthe first thing to do isTo give it a rinse under warm waterOnce you've done this let it dryideally overnightNow the next bits clean is the filter on the topThat just pulls out there and again with this just give it a rinse under warm waterBefore we put it back together it has to be dryAnd there's a next bit to clean is the filter on the back that just twists offso with thisagain it's just designed to rinse under warm water andLet it dry if we put it all back togetherand once you've fully dismantled it, then that's pretty much what you'll be left with and best thing about this is toget a paintbrush, andYou just brush [around] insideThat's where the motor is and a lot of the mechanisms and again that sideHopefully [should] be nice and clean in there just do around the seal on the back and justMake sure it's nice and cleanWhen it comes to the accessories these are important keep clean as the main vacuum cleanerFirst of all this is the fluffy head which it comes with the absolute and the fluffy model, but not the animalLiterally all you do to take this apart if you have a screwdriver flat-headed one to handthen just put it in the side there andtwist itAnd then what happens is that part will just pull down like that and then it comes offandThat will come off easily. You can just rinse it under warm waterthe same with that partAnd with the rest of itRecommend, not putting this in the water, but just get a paintbrushjust brush it all to make sure it's nice and clean andput that back together all you do is get the main put it on there andThe small Accessory, so that just slots in the sideclicks in therethat just pops on the side thereTo finish that offTwist that and that one's doneNow this is the main motor headSlightly easier to clean than the fluffy head, just get a screwdriver put it in the sideand if you twistThat just pulls outAgain with that you can just rinse it under warm waterand just make sure it's fully dry before you put it back togetherand inside hereAgain, I wouldn't recommend putting this under warm waterbecause there's quite a lot ofintricate detail in here, but just get a paintbrush and just make sure it's all cleanThen once you've done that then to put this back together, just put that on the sideand you just locate that, get the screwdriverand away you go. Now with the mini motorized brushThis is the smaller accessoryAgain, it's very easy to clean all you do is get a screwdriver,put it in the side and that twists and take that offlittle bit fiddly to get out, but that just pulls out like thatjust rinse it under warm water andagain with that just get a paintbrush, make sure it's nice and clean insideonce this is dry, just pop that back in the sideand put that on.Get your screwdriverTwist and away you go again. When it comes to cleaning this partDyson don't recommend getting any of this wet or washing any bitsso really what we recommend when it comes to cleaning it is just to get a brushand just piece a newspaper andbrush round the edge just to getany dirt offBut when it comes to the inside here as you can see you can actually get a lot of dirt in thereSo first of all what you can do is that rubber seal at the bottom, that just pulls offalso the seal around the EdgeIt is a little bit fiddlyThat does also come off so you can really get in and give it a good cleanBut when it comes to the inside then just brush around in thereAnd as far as the inside hereWhat we recommend is try to get a long thin brush and put it all the way in andTry and get the dirt out because a lot of dirt can accumulate in there, but again wouldn't recommend washing that in thereBecause chances are you won't be able to dry it properlyand then once you've done that just put the rubber seal back on the bottom andput theother seal around the edgeAnd then you're ready to start putting it back togetherOkay, so once everything is dry then just locate those two parts with the binThat's it. Just clips into there andThen that will just, if you just locate it you can just see the twoSections there just locate itback in,that pushes in and then you can close the binif you get the filter on the backthat one there and just make sure that's properly dry, and then that will just drop in the topThat's basically how to clean the Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner

This video shows you how to clean the Dyson V8 Absolute / Animal / Fluffy / Total Clean cordless vacuum cleaner.
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