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How to clean the Dyson V6 / DC59 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

hi this is a video to show you how toclean the dyson v-6and it's the same whether it's the v6animal the fluffy turtle clean theabsolute or even the normal v6 so let'sget going first of all what you'll needto do is awfully take it apart so takethe wand off and we'll put up to theside for the moment so the next thing toshow you is the filter which is actuallylocated on the top here if you just pullthat out and basically this is washableso if you just rinse it under warm watergive that a really good rinse and onceit's done then just leave it for around24 hours just so it's fully dry beforeyou put it back in the machine okay sothe next thing we do is to actuallyempty the bin and always recommendhaving some newspaper to hand so it'seasy to clear up afterwards so you pressthat to get as much of the dirt out inaccount and once you've done that if youcarry on pressing the button thenactually helps to release the bin it canbe a bit fiddly but that's how you getthe front of the bed off so again withthis it is all washable so it'srecommend again give it a good rinseunder warm water okay we're going fullynow but that gives you an idea so forthe next bit what we recommend is havinga paintbrush to hand and because you'llsee round seals here you can get quite alot of dirt so you just want to dryclear that there we go now for this nextbit this can be quite fiddly so you'renormally either need a small screwdriveror possibly a knife but be reallycareful and want to try to do is toremove this bit so to start off to get ascrewdriver in there we want to try anddo is there's lots of little Clipsaround here and you just want to try andremove this top plastic part so just bereally careful if you just work your wayaroundall right so that's all of the clipsundone and basically if you just removethat part and this shows you how dirtyit can actually get inside and reallythe best thing for this you can take itapart using some very small turretscrews but at the moment or we'll do itjust get the paintbrush and just dust itdown because really to generally cleanthat that's as much as you need to dookay so all I've done round there isI've given it good brush round and I'vejust used a damp microfiber cloth justto wipe all in here and to white roundthe seal as well because I can help justget it clean so really the next part ofclean is this that's what we removedearlier again just rinse it under warmwaterand then once you're done same as thefilter in the bin just let it dry beforeyou put it back together so that's thatpart really done so we've put that tothe side for now and we'll show you howto clean the tools this is the main headthat you'd normally use and as you cansee in here there's quite a lot of hairsand it can get quite mucky over time soto start off with if you get a coin or ascrewdriver just put in there so justundo that and then that lifts up pullout to the side and you've got a lotmore access in here now but really themain thing is to just undo this thatjust twists that pulls out and you canpull the brush out so that easy so withthis parteven though you can't really wash it allwe'd normally do is again just get adump microfiber cloth and just wipe allin here and just wipe over the top hereand with the brush best thing is just togo along pick all the hairs offso once you've given it a clean up thenit should look a little better and thefirst thing to do is to get the brush tolook the LAT end and then put that inthe side just locate it there and againif you get that piece and twist it andthen just get your screwdriver and goback up so it clicks and then get thatpart and that will just locate it in theend thereand then just get the screwdriver againand just twist and then that's all doneso once all of these parts are dry thenwe're ready to pull the machine backtogether so what you want to do is toget this piece now if you look for thatsection that wants to match up with hereand again it's a bit of a knack to getit all back together you just need to bebe patient with it and push it back sothey all clip around the edge I said soyou just have a look make sure they allline up round the side so the next thingis to pull the bin back on and the keyto it here is if you locate the clip atthe front so that's it just puts inthere and then push it back and if youjust push it up from the bottom likethat and it will lock into placeand then once you've done that and justcheck that the filter is completely drythen that goes in there I hope you foundthat useful on how to clean the dysonv-6 vacuum cleaners thanks for watching
Please understand this video is not endorsed by Dyson and some of the actions can invalidate the Dyson warranty.After several washes you will need to replace the filter. See below for a cheap price on new filtersWarning: Do not get the electrical connections wet, if you wash the bin.Please understand that the following actions can invalidate the Dyson warranty.For a great price on a new filter see the link below

To Purchase a new filter at a cheap price visit:
This is a video on how the take apart and clean the Dyson V6 / V6 Fluffy/ V6 Animal / V6 Absolute vacuum cleaner

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8 Thoughts to “How to clean the Dyson V6 / DC59 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner”

  1. shokie38

    How often should I do this?

  2. ThursdayDog

    Why would you clean your vacuum at home on a counter? You are breathing in all these dirt, dust, and allergens. That is my biggest complaint about Dyson. Bagless!! I love practically everything about Dyson, but, without a bag, you are left with disposing dirt and dust right into a bin while you inhale that dirt and dust into your lungs.

  3. Emerson Zanini

    Thanks a lot for the video – finally I cleaned mine :)

  4. Eman

    So am going to spend 200+ pounds to spend an hour cleaning the machine !!!! That’s a really downside that made me change my mind on the machine

  5. ktco83

    Very helpful video, do you ever change the spongy looking filter in the back of the unit , the “exhaust”?

    1. Lords Electrical

      Hi, depending on the model of Dyson some of them are not replaceable but on the Absolute model, it can easily be replaced. On the whole you wouldn’t normally replace these ones just the main one in the middle of the vacuum.

  6. Marion Cozens

    Brilliant video much better than book instructions perfect great thank you.

  7. zachary fitzgerald

    Great vid, many thanks.

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