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How To Clean The Dyson V7 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Hi in this video. I will show you how to clean the Dyson V7It doesn't matter whether it's the Motorhead, Animal, Fluffy or any other variants of V7It is a fairly standard designSo let's get going. So first of all the tools on these are relatively easy to cleanI won't bother too much with these andThe brushes because on the whole they are very easy and simple to clean on their own. For the main drive headto clean this first of all get quite a large flat headed screwdriver and just put it in the sideTwist it, then that pulls outRemove any debris, and you can take off all the fluff and hair from thisjust make sure it's clean inside and the next Step would be theBottom part there so again use a large screwdriver, just be careful because you can damage these quite easilyTurn it to the clicks then that can removeSo just really using a damp clothJust wipe some thereclean on the inside thereAnd then once you've done that then you can put it all back togethernow for [the] vacuum itselffirst of all empty the bin and as you should know on the Dyson V7 if you pull thatthen all of the dirt will come outnow first of allWe will remove this dirt. So we've got a clean area to work withRight now we've done that. We just need to remove this top part and to do thatYou've got some red buttons hereso if you could press that andThen that will remove itAnd you remove the bin as wellSo it's after the bottom you've got a red clip under there. Just pull that andThen the Bin will take up and just recommend rinse it under warm water letIt dry ideally overnight, so we put it back together(Squeaky tap noise)Just make sure when you are cleaning it don't get these contacts worksNow the next part is the actual motor unitFirst of all just check in here and if you just get brush and just brush aroundTo see if there's any dirt or residue in here now, so it's when you've got this apartyou can actually take the battery out anddepending on how old your vacuum is will depend on the suction and performance you are gettingIt might be at the stage where you want to change the battery and to do that, you've got two screws herethey're just normal screws and you put one around the back here, so to show you how toTake it apart because it only takes a momentAnd then once you've done that then it gets pulled apartSo you should be able to get a spare batteryfrom any reputable retailerAnd then once you've either got a new one or if you just want to put this back inJust literally slots back in like thatAnd then you just put the screws back in where you took took them out of. So the next step to clean the DysonYou've got the filter in the top hereIf you pull that outIf you have a look this is designed to be washable so againjust rinse it under warm waterBut you have to make sure it is completely dry before we put it in so ideally leave it overnight(Squeaky tap again)So for the next part, you can find that if you want to give it a quick clean you can just brush around hereBut really we want to get in here because inside. There's a lot of dirt that does accumulateAnd to do thatfirst of all we need to undo these four screws, and i am using aT10 TorxscrewdriverJust undo that screwAnd once you've done that then that just pulls over the rubber lipIt can be a bit stiffJust put that to the sideAnd what we need to do now is to remove this outer shroud and to do this if you get the flat headed screwdriverYou do need to be careful because there are some clips under herebut to do that you just push that in andThen up like that, and then if you work your way aroundAll the way around till it's loosened, and then you can pull that offAnd as you can see is quite dustyWhat you need to do is just get a brushAnd just get rid of all the residueshould've done that first reallyOnce you've done that you can get a damp cloth, I wouldn't recommend washing thisJust go around the rubber seals as wellJust make sure they're nice and cleannow the next stage once you've done that is to get into this partfor this again, you need a Torx screwdriver, but it's a T8 this time so slightly smallerNow you can find that if there's a lot of dirt within the screws then you might need to try and get that out first.On the inside here, so once you've got those screws out then you can see it does get very dirty insideSo give it a brushagain don't run it under warm waterif you use a damp clothThe other two parts you really want to get clean are inside there, as you can see it's really dirtyso if you get a brushWith this part because it is only plastic then you can rinse it under water if you want toagain let it dry properly before we put it back togetheronce you've done that then you just got this outer shroudGive that a good brushOnce you've done thatIf you have washed any part just ensure it's completely dryWill clear this up and then we'll start putting it back togetherCan you say the [first] thing to do once you've got it all clean isto put this back togetherNow if you notice, that's got a slight bulge on it, so that locates over thereand once you place it on there, then you put the five screws back in as you took them outthe next stage is to locate this back on andBasically use place it over there, and if you notice where that lug is at the frontAnd then just push it back, and it should clip back into placeGet it tight all the way aroundand then after thatYou want to get the handle and put that back on?You have to push it over the rubber there, and then you should put the four screws againAnd then once you've got the four screws back in there nowWe can start putting cleaner back togetherSo the next thing to do is put the bin back together if you locate those actually into the cleaner itselfSo to do that, and then it will you'll hear a clipAnd then this just slots back underCan ease up then shut the binThe filter that we washed earlier again, Just make sure it's really dry ideally overnight before you put it back in and drop it in.Thats the video on how to clean the Dyson V7. I hope you've enjoyed it.Please give us a thumbs up on our You Tube video. Leave any comments belowThank you

In this video i show you how to take apart the Dyson V7 Motorhead / Animal / Fluffy / Absolute and clean the Vacuum, and replace the battery.

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11 Thoughts to “How To Clean The Dyson V7 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner”

  1. Jody Enright

    Thanks for the info my v7 is like new

  2. Marcus Yang-Nilsson

    Instead of the flat screwdriver, you can use a COIN.

  3. Qasim Mir

    Hi. The cyclone assembly you opened doesn’t need cleaning as crazy as it sounds. The area you opened is where the cyclones dispense fine dust so no air actually flows through there. It’s normal for a layer of dust to be in there and doesn’t affect the performance of the machine, cleaning it is pointless as it’d be back there within first use.
    I say this because your videos of disassembling can be damaging to people’s machines in their longevity (seals, gouged plastic, fittings). This goes for most of your videos on Dyson cleaning.

  4. Roinel Nathalie

    J’ai un V6 je l’ai acheté chez boulanger 539€00. J’en suis très déçue 😡
    Brosse usée au bout de deux ans, elle a perdu ses poils😡pour la remplacer 80€ la brosse 😡
    Quant- au nettoyage de l’appareil c’est loin d’être aussi facile que sur la vidéo 😡
    Si c’était à refaire, je ne rachèterai pas ce produit 😱🤪😡

    1. Ivan Gill

      Here is a link to a Brush Bar for £19.99 on eBay, cheaper are available. You might want to use ebay or similar for other shopping I just bought a V7 animal for £189, about €200, you are paying far too much at your local store.

    2. Sierra Merchant

      It wouldnt be picking up fur as they don’t really shed and if they’re droppings were wet they’d be sick si they’re pretty much solid it just doesn’t stay in the cage like the hay it gets everywhere . So I’ll consider it

    3. PierreFZ1

      Sierra Merchant, haha hay for sure. Chinchilla droppings… If they are dry enough it will not spoil the brush. Mine is a “fluffy” so I will not recommend it for your chinchilla’s things. Motorhead will be ok.

    4. Sierra Merchant

      Thank you! Another weird question do you think this vacuum would pick up chinchilla droppings and hay?

    5. PierreFZ1

      I own a V6 bought on “boulanger” 539 Euros. I’m very disapointed. (angry face)
      Brush wasted after 2 years. It losts its flur (angry face) to replace them it costs 80 Euros for a new brush (angry face)
      About the cleaning it’s not as easy as on the video (angry face)
      If I should buy a new one, I will not buy this product again (angry face).

      I personally own a V7 and I’m totally amaze of the technology. 2 years for a brush is ok for me as this is cunsumable parts. Ebay or amazon will than be my frien.

      Dyson is from far the king of all vacuums. Expensive for sure but what a beast!!

  5. Jay Algonkin

    I’d be using compressed air instead of a brush…btw…there is some serious engineering behind this vacuum.

    1. fastfoodfetish

      😂 serious vacuum banter

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