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How to clean the filter of a Dyson V6, V7, or DC59 cordless vacuum

so every once in a while maybe everymonth two months you should clean outthe filter on your Dyson vacuum this issomething you could do in just a fewminutes and you don't need a new filteryou just have to clean out the existingone so locate the filter just look atyour vacuum and it's on the top give ita quick pull here and that's itit's filter is cleanable it's alsoreplaceable so if you do want a new oneyou can do that but you really don'thave to so now with it out all you haveto do is wash it under some cold waterand then let it dry overnight you don'twant to put it back in here wet it'llget water in your vacuum and it willhinder the effectiveness of your cleanso going to rinse out the filter undersome cold wateronce it's thoroughly rinsed give it ashakeyou could try to squeeze it a little bitbut there's only so much you could do ithas a plastic frame so you want to becareful of that you don't to crack thatyou'd see the water still comes out alittle dirty looking that's the casejust rinse it out again after you'vegiven the filter a good shake and wrungit out just put it on a paper towel andleave it out for a couple hours or burnout it'll be best when you come backtomorrow you'll see that it's dry andfluffyafter that just put it back in yourDyson vacuum and you'll be all set

Every few weeks you should be cleaning out the filter on your Dyson cordless vacuum. All varieties (HEPA, Animal, and Motorhead) of both the Dyson V6, Dyson V7, and Dyson DC59 use a conical filter that costs about $16 ( ). The filter is replaceable, but it’s also washable, so you should have no need to replace it.

The video shows you how to clean your DC59 or V6 vacuum’s filter. You just need to rinse it under cold water, shake it off, and then let it dry over night. Super easy!

Current price on the Dyson V6: if you are in the market. That said, I would recommend the Dyson V7 –

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