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How to properly clean a Dyson DC59 head and fix one that’s not rotating (V6 and V7 too)

The Dyson DC59, V6, V7, or V8 vacuum head has a design flaw that means every few months you have to clean it out thoroughly or the vacuum will stop working altogether. This applies mainly to the DC59 Animal () and the DC59 Motorhead (which was used in this video).

To do this procedure I’d recommend you use a wire coat hanger, a large coat or screwdriver, and then some cleaning supplies, since there will be a lot of dust.

This cleaning process will improve performance on vacuums when done regularly but will also revive what appears to be a broken DC59. Or if the vacuum turns on, but the beater bar/tube won’t turn, which will probably fix that as well. These vacuum heads range from $60-$200 () so it’s definitely worth taking care of them!

The Dyson V6 () is a newer model and does not suffer from this problem, but it’s a good lesson to learn because any collection of dust or fluff in the vacuum’s head will decrease cleaning power.

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