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How to properly clean a Dyson DC59 head and fix one that’s not rotating (V6 and V7 too)

okay so let's properly clean your dysondc50 9 vacuum head for the video we'llbe using the motor head component thiswill work with any dyson dc50 9 head soI just take a quick look at it we canget a lay of the land and kind ofunderstand the parts right there that'sthe end cap it's kind of a pain to getoff because it's too big for mostscrewdrivers and too big for most coinsI found this weird gold novelty coin itactually works perfectly so good luckfinding something like that so the firststep will be to remove the beater barand take off any big hair or any bighair or like clumps or fluff or anythingthat's gotten wrapped in there this ispretty obvious and when people thinkthey're cleaning their vacuum head thisis really all people do and that's theproblem the cost over time the beaterbar will just stop and the vacuum won'twork and you won't know why that is andthat's because what people aren't doingis the next step which ends up being alot more important what still totallyclogged your vacuum so just ignore theother part in the top right a gray thingand get some sort of wire or in thiscase we're using a metal coat hanger andwhat you're going to do is kind of shoveit into the back of the motor head tryto be careful so you don't scratch it uptoo much and put a little L Bend on itlike I'm doing right now and you'll seethat in the back there it's sort of aplastic shelf and not quite sure whythat's there but it collects a crazyamount of dust and that dust gets moreand more compacted as you run the vacuumand after about a year if you don'tclean that shelf out your vacuum willprobably stop working and you'll have noidea why which your brush bar issomething you clean and it might lookspotless but the vacuum will not workthat amount of dust there is from lessthan a month of cleaning and not aparticularly filthy individual so wejust it just collects a lot of dirt backthere so get your brush or your coathanger or your wire or whatever and justreally give it a good cleaning and itdoesn't have to be spotless it's goingto be dirty the first time you vacuumbut what you really have to do is getthose clumps out of there which theywill clog the vacuum and and break itovertimewe're not breaking it's repairable butit'll stop working and you'll have noidea why last step is kind of wriggle itaround in the mouth there you might besurprised what you find in theresometimes some hair gets stuck or a Legoor something like thatbut at this point this thing should bepretty clean so put the brush bar backon this takes a little bit of finesse Ihadn't done in a while and add sometrouble here but if you you move itaround a little bit and twist iteventually you'll find the right spot itwon't fit in improperly if this thinggoes in like right there then it's fineand you could hand tighten it like Itried to do there and then get your coinor screwdriver or whatever and give it alittle twist and that'll finish it up

The Dyson DC59, V6, V7, or V8 vacuum head has a design flaw that means every few months you have to clean it out thoroughly or the vacuum will stop working altogether. This applies mainly to the DC59 Animal () and the DC59 Motorhead (which was used in this video).

To do this procedure I’d recommend you use a wire coat hanger, a large coat or screwdriver, and then some cleaning supplies, since there will be a lot of dust.

This cleaning process will improve performance on vacuums when done regularly but will also revive what appears to be a broken DC59. Or if the vacuum turns on, but the beater bar/tube won’t turn, which will probably fix that as well. These vacuum heads range from $60-$200 () so it’s definitely worth taking care of them!

The Dyson V6 () is a newer model and does not suffer from this problem, but it’s a good lesson to learn because any collection of dust or fluff in the vacuum’s head will decrease cleaning power.

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