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How to Use – Trilogy Super-Light Stick Vacuum

enjoy multi-surface cleaning power withthe trilogy super light to operate yourmachine first plug into a wallyour vacuum has two-speed brushrollcontrolslide the power switch up to the firstposition for low brushroll speed toclean bare floors and delicate area rugsslide the power switch up to the secondposition for high brush roll speed toclean carpeted areas and help pick updebris the low surfaces there are threeways to clean with your hand vacuum touse an extension wand hand vacuum pressthe release button and pull theextension wand from the foot now you canclean hard-to-reach areas to use thehand vacuum press the release button onthe hand vacuum and pull to remove itfrom the wand with the dusting toolattached you can go right into cleaningupholstery or dustingto use your power foot hand vacuumconnect the hand vacuum to the powerfoot use to clean your carpeted stairsfurniture and other places that yourupright vacuum can't reach to use yourhard surface glider first turn thevacuum on remove the extension wand fromthe power foot and attach it to the hardsurface glider footmake sure the pad is attached to thehard surface glider slide the vacuumpower switch up to turn on and clean allof your hard surfaces your trilogy superlight comes with a wall mount toconveniently store your vacuum place thewall mount in the desired position use aPhilips head screwdriver to install yourwall mount place screw one into the tophole and use a screwdriver or drill toattach to the wall repeat the same forthe second screw in the bottom hole findthe opening on the bottom of the handvacuum and hook it on the hanger on thewall mount if the wall mount isn't usedthe vacuum should be stored in a safeplace up right against a firm surface soit doesn't fall

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Upright cleaning power with clean anywhere convenience.
With Upright cleaning power and clean anywhere convenience, this multi-use vacuum takes cleaning to a whole new level! With a powerful motorized brush roll, it is a multi-surface cleaner seamlessly transitioning from hard floors to carpeted areas. Super-lightweight and swivel steering makes maneuverability a breeze. With a press of a button, go from upright vacuuming mode to handheld cleaning. Connect the power foot to the hand vacuum in order to deep clean stairs, furniture, or anywhere. With the extension wand, clean high to low, corner to corner. This corded vacuum is lightweight and easy to use.

Upright cleaning power with clean anywhere convenience. Easily go from upright vacuum mode to powerful hand vacuum in one easy step.
Includes the Hard Surface Glider! The additional foot allows you to vacuum dry debris and capture fine dust and debris in one easy sweep on hard surfaces.
Motorized brush roll with 2 speed control. High speed for carpeted areas. Low speed for bare floors and area rugs.
One-Click On Board Tools Storage. Dusting brush and Upholstery tool are stored on-board and ready to use.
The microfiber pad for the Hard Surface Glider is machine washable.
A wall mount is included for easy storage.
30ft Power Cord.
Washable and removable filtration system.
2 Year Limited Warranty.

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