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Meet the Shark® IONFlex™ DuoClean® Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum — Full Infomercial

sharp wanted to know what's holding youback from purchasing a cordless vacuumwhen I think of a cordless vacuum I tendto think of not good session a cordlessvacuum would not work for my messes Ifeel like it might not be gettingeverything up off the floor you cannever trust if the batteries going tolast long I'm afraid that you know startcleaning and then it'll burn Alec Chuckheard your concerns and set out to solvethose problemsnow redefines what cordless can be withsharks most innovative cleaningtechnology yet on a vacuum thechallenges current limitations withunbound freedomuncompromising power[Music]unstoppable clean[Music]it's a huge game changer you can see somuchreally has changed the way that we cleanour home it's incredible never would Ihave thought of cordless vacuum wouldhave been able to explain my entirehouse I would call this revolutionary itis the greatest greatest vacuum I haveever owned in my lifeintroducing the all-new shark pie onflex 2x the world's first freestandingcord-freewith dual blade technology having thefreedom to move around the house withoutbeing bound by a court is amazingtotally like exceeded my expectationswhen it came to a cordless vacuum it'sdefinitely set at the bar normal vacuumNataly that good the new shark I on flexchatters the limitations of cordlessvacuums with the creation of shark iontechnology good move I on flex gives youthe ideal combination of a high speedmulti-phase motor and a high-capacitylithium battery system to deliver pureraw suction power I was very surprisedto see the suction power of this vacuumthe suction on the shark is it's verypowerful it actually picked up more thanthat I was gonna pick up it's a made itreally is the suction power was awesomeyou definitely not giving up any suctionthat's for sure it's more powerful thanit looksplus the I on flex gives you sharks mostinnovative cleaning breakthrough yet duoclean technology now you have afree-standing cord freak that can cleanmesses even some corded backs canstruggle with large particles othervacuums can push around duo clean pullsthem in easily on carpets and on floorseven piles of small particles othervacuums can snowplow on carpets or canscatter on floors not a problem with duoclean on carpetsfloors even in crevices and grout linesand along edges on hard floorstraditional upright vacuums can leavebehind this stuck on layer of dust thatdulls your floors the duo police brushroll directly engages the floor toremove that stuck on layer and leavenothing but a clean shot on carpets duoclean and sharks incredible suction pullout the deeply embedded stuck-onparticles in carpets for a deep cleanthat's triple particle cleaning with duoclean technology for the first time everavailable with pure cord for conveniencewhat I love about the duo clean is thatI can use it on the carpets and thefloors and it does a wonderful job onboth at last you have one step cord freecleaning with the I on flex with duoclean technology now that I have theshark eye on flex I have not been usingthe broom or the dustpan it's all in oneI don't have to dust my floors anymore Idon'tmusic room I can just see a shark for aquick job and be doneget rid of your broom in your desk handsyou don't need it concerned aboutbattery run time with a cordless withshark you don't need to worry aboutruntime because shark gives you hasslefree runtime when you order today we'llupgrade you for free to the ion flex 2 Xwith not one but two interchangeablehigh-capacity ion power pack batteriesand a double charging dock now you canclean practically anywhere while yoursecond battery charges on the chargingdock somewhere elseplus the I on flex features multiflexwith a simple press here your I on flexfolds down to become the freestandingcord for you now you can park and letyour vacuum live anywhere in your homeyou don't need to store your vacuum nearan outlet or on the wall break free fromthe wall with a free-standing cord freethat lives anywhere in your home becauseyou can always be charging somewhereelse so you can go well I'm not sheworking on the house the other batteriescharging in the mean time and go againthat's hassle-free runtime with theshark eye on flex 2x the eye on flexabsolutely gives me hassle-free runtimeI definitely like the ability to parkat anytime they've always got onebattery charging the kids can grab it toclean something up real quick it's veryconvenient you can even use multiflextechnology while you clean with a simpleclick you'll never need to movefurniture or bend down ever again Ithink that is so fantastic I don't haveto get down on my knees I can just getunder all the furniture and it does itreally well like it can get all the wayinto the wall it's amazing and the shortI own flex quickly transforms into anultra convenient hand vac that lets youtarget it's powerful suction whereveryou need itperfect for couches and chairs fordusting cabinets and shelves cleaningair beds and just wait until you use itin your car that's the new shock I onflex 2x shattering cordless limitationswith powerful suction dual cleanperformance on carpets and on floors andhassle-free runtime that lets you go andgo and go again the ion flex is like alaptop it's smarter technology it'ssmaller it's faster it's better withinone minute using it probably 30 secondsI was soldshark pushes the boundaries of whatcord-free can be all for a fraction ofthe price of the Dyson v8 absolute plusthe ion flex has even more suction powerand runtime than the Dyson v8 absoluteso which would you rather havehi I'm Amy Mota and joining me is sharkCEO Mark rosensweig with some incrediblenews hi Amy heyI am so excited to be here today tointroduce everyone to sharks next biginnovation and here it is our ultimatein convenience and cordless cleaningperformance the shark eye on flex 2xcord free ultra light with duo cleantechnology Wow mark it is so beautifulso sleek the eye on flex 2x is designedto give you a new level of hassle freecord free convenience and freedom folksnow shark redefines cordless convenienceto go beyond hassle-free exactly the Ion flex 2x gives you a charging dock anda second battery go ahead and cleananywhere you want while your secondbattery charges but Amy that's still notall we've added a really excitingfeature called multi flex when you'refinished vacuuming you simply watch thispress here and flip it into the parkposition now the I on flex 2 X is thefreestandingcord free and you can have your secondbattery charging somewhere else whereveryou want it's as simple as multiflexfreestanding plus aybysee always be charging Amy that's reallythe secret behind sharks hassle-freeruntime that is really incredible heartoh and Amy one more thing you can alsouse multiplex to do something like thisyou can reach under furniture and neverhave to bend down again I love it the Ion flex 2 X is the freestanding cordfree that goes beyond hassle-freenow that I have this shark I on flex Idefinitely feel like I have ahassle-free and cord free way to cleanbecause I can have the battery chargingin one room and then I can be vacuumingin a different room I never have toworry about stopping the cleaning withthe backup battery it makes cleaning theentire house so convenient and easy it'salways out somewhere for us to usebecause we're always using it I lovethis vacuum it's easy unfold it turn iton vacuum change out the battery when Ineed to fold it back down to perk modeleave it off to the side until the nextmiss happens because that's life that'sreal life the shark and vacuum isfantastic I don't think I'm compromisingon anything there's no cord thebatteries are interchangeable they arelong lasting this suction power isfantasticit really is the best vacuum that I'veever used finally you can have both cordfree and hassle free convenience withthe I on flex 2x quite free from thewall with the freestanding cord freethat lives anywhere in your home becauseyou can always be charging somewhereelse so you can gogo and go againthat's hassle free run time only fromshark in addition to hassle free runtime we wanted to give the ion flex 2 Xthe ability to clean messes even fullsize uprights can struggle with sometime agoshark noticed a limitation in sometraditional vacuum designs at shark weasked what if the vacuum head could domore so we remove the front wall andadded a rotating soft brush and wecreated sOooo clean technology ok Amynow we're gonna do some cleaning ok nowlook at this just a couple of passesback and forth look how the duo clean isgonna be able to really deep clean thecarpets and pull out so much dust somuch hair this is really gonna surpriseyou ok look at this I pop off the handvacuum like this nice now look at howmuch comes out and look how easy this isto empty whoa it's incredible that isincredible - Oh clean is just amazingwatch this we're gonna start on thiscarpet with some pet hair look at thatsoft brush well look at that togetherwith the bristle brush done and theselarge particles look at this maybeyou've seen your vacuum push stuff likethis deeper into the carpet but dualclean doesn't do that it just wouldn'tlose them look at this high pile this iscan you believe a cordless vac if doingthis the cleaner performance you havewith jewel cleans you can't take youreyes off of it look at this it grabs thepile and pulls all the small particlesin and there you have it all right nowthat we did some carpets with largeparticles let's move over to some hardfloors okay watch this this is gonnablow you away look at that beautifulvirtually polished floor look how fast Ican finish that this soft brush willwell it's it's directly engaging thehardwood floor it's giving you abeautiful polished look you don't need adust mop or a broom and a dustpanthis is one-step creamy incredible Ilove it let's look at large particlesover here this is gonna surprise youwatch thisno snow piling around here it reminds meof an SUV glowing on rocks and all kindsof terrain you're probably not used toseeing a cordless vac that can handlelarge particles like this look at this[Music]drei almond dual clean does things youjust have to see to believe over hereanother high pile look at the way thefront threshold brings in the pile luresit and then pulls it into the suctionfloat row you're done it's not picked uplook at this high pile of coffee groundsthis is very surprising the height comesdown and there you have it done now overhere this is really interesting folks weremove the grout from between the tilesand we inserted some heavy darks and toreally show you what the suction powercan do in narrow spaces like thisthat's dark sand in one passlook at that suction power and if you'rewondering how well jewel clean worksagainst the edge normally you would seeif you need a bruise look at that edgecleaning it's incredibleor been done with with that performanceand cordless conveniencethere's no reason to and there you haveittricking particle cleaning on all yourcarpets and floors with the shark eye onglass the freestanding cord-free you'llclean I think is one of my favoriteparts of the eye on clicks it picks updifferent sizes on my carpets my floorsis so dang convenient I didn't realizethat a vacuum could dust and pick uplarge particles at the same time I don'tthink I could go back to a vacuum thatdidn't have duo clean I also don't thinkI could go back to the vacuum that had acord I'm here this outdoor mall in sunnyCalifornia to let some of the people wemeet try the shark eye on flex for thevery first time first I ask people ifthey believed a cordless vacuum couldactually work in their homes with theirmesses when I think of hornless I don'tthink the power at all battery runs outcan it really suck up everything I needall right so I'm gonna show yousomething really exciting it's the sharkion flux and it shows up from carpet tohardwood and it just might change howyou think about cordless vacuum allright here we gooh wow holy cow that's amazing honestlylike I you got everything I feel likeit's sucking up everything although isit one of those really cool that has alot of power for a cordless fax allright let's see what happens my goodnessoh that's fantasticI'm very very impressed Amy I love thisvacuum I don't have to fight it at allit's just what they keep going let meshow you the coolest part multiplex modepress this button right here huh and itbent wow this is greatoh my gosh I'm gonna save my back I likethat it doesn't have a cord the cordalways gets in the way I'm stepping onit I'm pulling it this way to move itout of my way this is awesome would youuse this vacuum in your home ohabsolutely it's a lot easier and a lotlighter this could tell you anythinganywhere any place house where it's notsupposed to be fun but this was so easysay yeah I mean that would buy this in aheartbeatin a heartbeatdo you have a hard time believing a cordfree vacuum can really give youincredibly powerful suction so to theseskeptics until they tried the ion FlexthemselvesI thought cordless vacuums were acomplete waste of money you know there'sno way they're gonna get as much suckingpower into that little motor change mymindwithin what 30 seconds right when I turnit onso I started vacuuming our couches it'slike full of dust like little tiny finedust and I'm thinking myself how theheck did this little thing pick up allthis dust the suction power is amazingyou would never get a set it's cordlessbecause it gets little things bigparticles I've never experiencedanything like it oh my goshthat's amazing honestly the first time Isaw the iron flex I thought there's noway this little tiny cordless vacuumcould clean my whole house I was verysurprised at what the cordless vacuumcan do it does great on the hardwooddoes great on the carpetI'm definitely sold on this vacuum Ithink it's amazing the section power onthe shark is incredible if you have apet the shark eye on flex is the Machineyou need to get because it works wondersI have no idea that a cordless vacuumcould have the power that the sharp ironflex does have why don't you put theamazing suction and cleaning performanceto the test in your home go on just tryityou have sharks 60-day money-backguarantee and nothing to loseyou always think a cordless vacuum isn'tgonna have a lot of power isn't gonnaget the job done it's gonna die reallyquickly but I feel like with the sharkion flux it's completely changed myperception of a cordless vacuum Iabsolutely love the shark Alexand the short I own place is not just anamazing vacuum for your floors andcarpets it quickly transforms into aconvenient handheld vac so you can bringthat powerful suction for incredibleclean practically everywhere in yourhome pet owners will just love the deepcleaning motorized pet tool for pullingout air and dander as a dog ownerthere's no other vacuum that I want wecan just go right over the couch once wedo that it looks like a brand-new couchif you have a dog you need the shark eyeon flex because of you the anti allergendust brush for dusting without the messyrags and you'll be amazed at thedifficult places you can reach with themultiflex under appliance wand it wasreally easy because it reaches all theway back to the wall I would never beable to get any of that clean withoutthis vacuum cord for convenience andversatility make cleaning so easy withall the different tools that it has andthe versatility it's so convenient forme I can just take one device around thehouse and everything it's completelychanged the way I clean my housethe new shark I on flex 2x free-standingcord-freemore suction power and runtime than theDyson v8 absolute duo clean technologyfor triple particle cleaning on bothfloors and carpets incredibleversatility hassle-free runtime cleanvirtually everywhere charge anywhereeven while you clean the shark eye onflex 2x freestanding cord free withhassle-free runtime so you can always becharging unbound uncompromisingunstoppable I love the iron flex becauseI can be vacuuming wherever upstairsdownstairs in the living room while theother battery is charging with thefreedom to go wherever I want to justget it done so much faster I can't evenimagine going back to a corded vacuumhaving a cordless vacuum is now anecessity for me it has everything Iwant and it does everything I needed todo I was just very skeptical of anythingbattery-powered once we got the sharkeye on flex it's exceeded ourexpectations the battery life thesuction power the cleaning ability theskepticism is gonethe ion flex is the most fantasticvacuum that I've ever owned in my life

Enjoy the benefits of DuoClean™ with the convenience of cord-free power. To learn more about the Shark® IONFlex™, visit

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    I love the Apple level of showmanship, seems tacky as hell but it’s actually a good product. Maybe ease up on the marketing and stick to the performance. OR double down and install a defibrillator so you can say it’s the only vacuum that can literally save your life. Suck on!

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      Thank you for your comments. We will definitely take your feedback to our marketing team in an efforts to produce videos that will be more engaging and satisfactory to our customers.


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    Just got one for an early Christmas present. This is the best vacuum I have ever had. No more lugging up and down stairs. It truly picks up everything. 👍🏼👍🏼

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    I just ordered one. The website had a better deal then anywhere else. Hopefully it’s not garbage.

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    Typical shark taking the mickey out of dyson and other cordless vacuum cleaners! I hope dyson sees this and makes an advert battle with you lot. this video makes me angry grrrrr!

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