ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 🍀V20-6 in 1 Stick & Handheld Vac

Orfeld Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner – Review

ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

🍀V20-6 in 1 Stick & Handheld Vac👈

Welcome. I have a new lightwieght stick vacuum cleaner from Orfeld. It converts from a stick back to a handheld vac, and it offers a powerful suction of up to 20 000 pa. This is the Orfeld cordless stick vacuum cleaner.

I’ve unboxed it and I’ve tried out.

I tried out the handheld portion and I’m impressed with the suction power and the versatility. So this comes with the Orfeld stick vacuum cleaner, which has a roller brush on there now, which is meant for carpet.

You can switch that out with another brush intended for hardwood floors. It’s softer here is the main part of the vac itself. I’m going to show it in use in a few minutes, and it has the two in one attachment brush or the um.

I guess you call that a crevice tool, there’s an additional crevice tool slightly different, also included, is the charging station which can be hung. The hardware is included, or you can charge it by laying it on a flat surface and there’s a filter already in the unit and an extra one included.

The instruction manual goes over most everything you need to know to put together, assemble disassemble and clean the vacuum. It does include pretty detailed information with a diagram and so on and there’s an additional instruction manual, which has even more detailed disassembly instructions, power mode and two suite speed, switch information, a diagram on how to recharge on the dock and remove from the dock.

How to empty the recycle bin, which is very easy?

You just push a button here – is the trigger for starting the Orfeld stick vacuum cleaner. You just press and then you let go press again to stop um here’s the top, and you can see the green curved led lights.

It has two speeds or suction modes turn it on the standard mode, runs for 30 minutes on a charge and provides up to 8000 pa strong suction for dust, hair cat litter on the surface. The turbo mode runs for 15 minutes and provides over 20 000 pa suction.

The vacuum does have a four-stage Hepa filtration system that is said to capture 99.97 of fine dust and particles as low as 0.1 microns. I’m going to make a mess here on the rug with some oatmeal and see how it comes up.

Here’s how the carpet brush looks in action, and you can see it’s spinning in high mode, so I’ll put on the hardwood floor. Roller attachment now all right very, very easy to switch the roller attachments.

ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 🍀V20-6 in 1 Stick & Handheld Vac

Let’s try something on the hardwood floor now: okay, I’ll, try putting down some more oatmeal on oatmeal, usually don’t make quite this much of a mess:  that’s on the low setting I’ll put it on turbo.

Again, the Orfeld cordless stick vacuum cleaner is very easy to control. It’s lightweight not too heavy to carry around, and that’s what’s great about these stick bags over uh, regular, upright and canister vacuums, and so on is how easy they are to carry from one level to the other or up and down, and around.

Now I’ll switch to The handheld vac -I just press this button and I’m gonna set this attachment right on and I’m going to use this two in one brush and crevice attachment to empty the vacuum.

You just press this little notch here, so I have used several stick bags before actually very similar to this. My overall impression is that it’s lightweight a little bit lighter weight than others.

I’ve tried, even with the attachments and relatively quiet, there’s no vacuum. That’s truly quiet: it is easy to glide. So that’s a look at the Orfeld v20 cordless two-in-one. Stick vacuum cleaner.

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