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Review: Dirt Devil Simpli Stik

hey guys well got another review for youtoday this is another cleaning productof course so that's what I've beenputting out mostly lately this is calledthe dirt devil simpli-stik it's athree-in-one unit basically a dustbuster but it's got a floor attachmentlike you see here and crevice tool uphere which nice switch nice andconveniently clips to the handle whichis cool sits down there easy lightweightcleaning it is very lightweight itprobably only weighs mmm4 or 5 pounds that feels like about 4pounds I would say I don't even thinkit's 5 but maybe it is I don't know butit's it's very lightweight so that'svery nice to use definitely if you knowthe weight of something like this wouldmatter to you which a lot of people itwould so like you as you can see it doesplug in to a wall outlet it's not abattery-operated unit like a lot ofrechargeable dustbusters that some ofyou may be familiar with so it doesn'tlose power because the battery doesn'tdeplete as you use it like some otherdustbusters very very quickly do so Iguess let me put the camera down hereand real quick I will show you how howeverything basically comes apart and howyou can use it so obviously right nowwe've got the floor attachment on it youflip this over there's the bottom of itit's got this rubber blade here whichkind of acts as a guide for dirt andhelp agitate so to speak any dirt maybeout of a mat or something or out of ahardwood and it's nice and channeledthere you go put it in the light it'schanneledright into the middle there where thesuction goes and it's cut out on theedge so it can edge clean which is niceand all you do oh it's got these plasticwheels I don't they're not they'reactually pretty soft plastic so I don'tthink they'll scratch or scuff any ofyour like hardwood or linoleum floorsyou should be good all it does is slideright out of thebottom like that and just goes rightback in with that little tube like thatand then if you take a look at thebottom looks like a normal dust busternow doesn't it except with a long handleso this is kind of cool actually if youput the crevice tool lon it slides rightinto the bottom just like the floor unitand now you can basically use this sothat you can stand up and clean increvice areas how well picks that up butI'm standing right now and so I'mstanding up perfectly straight and I caneasily get the unit into somehard-to-reach areas just like that whichis kind of cool so then the top comesout just like this with this littlebutton here unless it unlocks it and itpulls right out and there you go now youcan use it just like a normal handhelddust buster or you can use the crevicetool if you desire if you want so it'sit's a pretty handy unit to have aroundthe house I would say it's definitelynot a carpet unit but you know you don'tbuy these for that you buy them forcleaning up your kitchens and worksgreat for cleaning the bathroom anywhereoh and if you have when you come in yourfront door if you have hardwood floorsthere and stuff like that it could bedefinitely a good way to get those areasclean if you don't have a vacuum cleanerthat works well for hard floors which inmy case my vacuum the Eureka ESP isbasically just a carpet unit it reallybecause of the beater bar it reallyisn't designed for hard floors so now Iam going to take some rice here anddon't worry I'm not going to waste toomuch just want to show a littledemonstration now let's give it a testthere we go that's good enough so we'regonna spread a little bit of it out butwe will leave some bigger clumps to seehow it handles them so let's see how itdoes they look on the unit here it isable to stand up straight which is cooland that just comes with falls rightdown yep there's the power switch rightin the middle there but see hot dogsWowonce wife and it's all gone a thingyep think that's allI throw of it then to get the dirt outthis last latch here unlocks the bottomwhich is the dirt cup and then there's afilter in there that sits in front ofthe suction motor so that no creep andcrud gets sucked into the motor anddamages it or makes it lose suctionhowever the the filter I notice getsdirty very very quickly it gets coveredin dust at least I think quicker than itshould so I'm not not 100% sure why butthat's something maybe to address fordirt devil on the back dirt Devils ifyou don't know are made by royal made inChina of course nothing's made in the USanymore unfortunate but what are yougoing to do but overall I would say it'sa pretty good unit I probably give it aOh probably a seven or eight out of tena pretty good suction for something likethis and you know even though it's allplastic it feels high quality higherquality plastic you know you can highquality's a relative term when it comesto things that are made out of plasticbut it doesn't feel incredibly fragilelike it's going to break or anythinglike that so pretty good unit to havearound the house for sure definitelyreally solid for floor floors like thisor little mats like that it does have aharder time with softer breadcrumbs andstuff like that but harder items as youcan see it's tucked that rice right upwhich was a pretty cool so I guessthat's my little review anddemonstration of the dirt devilsimpli-stik overall I would recommend itthanks for watching

In this video I review a Dirt Devil “Simpli Stik” dust buster vac that my mom bought me when I moved. It’s a handy unit for hard floors with respectable suction and good versatility.

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7 Thoughts to “Review: Dirt Devil Simpli Stik”

  1. Sly Mason

    This vacuum sucks ass. I left it up to my wife to get a vacuum and she got the cheapest thing she could find. Do not buy this product if you’re trying to clean your house. Unless your house is all tile and all you have to do is vacuum up some rice.

    1. mhtube01

      Lol well yeah it’s only meant for stuff like that. It’s just a stick vac, not a real upright or canister vacuum that’s meant for full use in a house. I just use it for vacuuming up the crumbs off my kitchen floor. It could be more powerful for what it is though.

  2. Son of Sparda

    Is it weird to have two separate vacuums because I currently have one mainly for carpet upstairs in my house so I’m planning on buying this since I don’t wanna use broom and dustpan anymore for my downstairs hardfloor and bathrooms?

    1. mhtube01

      I don’t think that’s strange at all, I have a few vacuums haha. You may want to consider a larger, more powerful vacuum than this though if you have a good amount of hard floors to vacuum.

  3. Cinnimon Jones

    Thank you for this thorough review. I had lost the instructions and couldn’t figure out how to remove the bottom where the wheels are, and you did it quickly 1-2-3. Thanks!!! 👍

  4. Shar

    Thanks, I have one and I wasn’t using it as I could have…I didn’t know how to pull it apart! Thanks! haha! 😉

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