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Review: Dirt Devil Simpli Stik

In this video I review a Dirt Devil “Simpli Stik” dust buster vac that my mom bought me when I moved. It’s a handy unit for hard floors with respectable suction and good versatility.

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7 Thoughts to “Review: Dirt Devil Simpli Stik”

  1. Sly Mason

    This vacuum sucks ass. I left it up to my wife to get a vacuum and she got the cheapest thing she could find. Do not buy this product if you’re trying to clean your house. Unless your house is all tile and all you have to do is vacuum up some rice.

    1. mhtube01

      Lol well yeah it’s only meant for stuff like that. It’s just a stick vac, not a real upright or canister vacuum that’s meant for full use in a house. I just use it for vacuuming up the crumbs off my kitchen floor. It could be more powerful for what it is though.

  2. Son of Sparda

    Is it weird to have two separate vacuums because I currently have one mainly for carpet upstairs in my house so I’m planning on buying this since I don’t wanna use broom and dustpan anymore for my downstairs hardfloor and bathrooms?

    1. mhtube01

      I don’t think that’s strange at all, I have a few vacuums haha. You may want to consider a larger, more powerful vacuum than this though if you have a good amount of hard floors to vacuum.

  3. Cinnimon Jones

    Thank you for this thorough review. I had lost the instructions and couldn’t figure out how to remove the bottom where the wheels are, and you did it quickly 1-2-3. Thanks!!! 👍

  4. Shar

    Thanks, I have one and I wasn’t using it as I could have…I didn’t know how to pull it apart! Thanks! haha! 😉

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