Ryobi-STRUT-18-Volt-Stick-Vacuum-Cleaner-REVIEW-P718KBest Stick Vacuum Cleaner 

Ryobi STRUT 18-Volt Stick Vacuum Cleaner REVIEW P718K

what's up everyone so today we aretaking a look at the Rio V 18 bolt 1plus thick vacuum so many people told meI needed to try this I wish I would havedone it earlier so cool I can't wait toshow you how awesome this thing is thelink is in the description below let'sget it started[Music]here we are with another innovative toolfrom Rio V the 18 volt oneplus stickback this thing is so coolit's been out for a little while Ifinally got my hands on it everybody hasbeen telling me you gotta try it outlet's take a look at this you got someattachments here you got the wand thebrush we're using the 4-h battery itcomes in this kit I will put the link inthe description below for it yes thisthing is brushless as well now you willget about 45 minutes running this thingon low on a fully charged battery youwill get about 25 minutes on highcheck out the canister this is also verycoy just hit that button right there andit pops open you can empty it out nowyou can empty this debris out a coupledifferent ways just go up to yourgarbage can push the button you can seethat door opens up or you can actuallytake that canister off just like so pushthat button and off it will come now thecontainer itself looks to be under ahalf gallon but all in all it does holda lot more than the other stick backsand what's really cool about this see Ihave the debris right behind the filterall I have to do is pop off the top andclean it out like so put the top rightback on very very simple to do no screwsto want to loosen its cleaner out andstart all over again I also has a littlerubber flap right here so when you turnthis vacuum on it'll pull that debris upit'll actually open that flap and thenwhen you shut that vacuum off it'llactually close the flap automaticallyand keep that debris in there now as forstorage I'll show you how you can hangthis right up on the wall it's very coolbut you can also take this apart intosmaller sections so if you want to putit in some type of pantry or closet youcan do that as well and it will not takeup a lot of room at all here is a closerlook of it disassembled if you want toput it in a storage area you can do itthat way if you want to now the lengthon this thing is really nice I'm 6 foottall I don't have to bend down at all Iwant to give you a comparison here withthe makita stick vacuum right a lotlonger this thing is 45 inches long sono bending down nothing and it's morepowerful than the makita vacuum I candefinitely tell the difference myselfpersonally now the turnsinging on and off to simply hit thatbutton right there hit it once goes inthe high mode hit again goes in the lowmode it it again and it will shut theunit down now this thing only weighsseven and a half pounds even though it'sbigger than the makita a lot of theother stick vac out there it's not heavyat all and it's actually balanced reallywell quick let me show you what itsounds like herenow even if you want to do carpeting allyou have to do is take that nozzle offright there and simply insert the rollerbar very easy to do and this has aswivel head on it makes corners reallynice and easy to go around let me turnthis on real quick for youthe bristles on this thing actuallyturned very very quickly I'm actuallysurprised how much force that actuallyhas for being battery-operated so nowlet's throw some rocks down on here andsuck them up with the vacuum no issue atall taking down these rocks very easy topick the stuff up get into the tightcorners really really happy with this Iwas using it out in the garage I wasusing it in the house I was using it topick up my kids Legos like keep steppingon and yeah the power of this vacuum Ihave to say it's a lot better than Ithought it would be let me show you whatlooks like going into the canister hereOh another thing I did notice when I wasout in the garage is that it does do agood job keeping that dust inside thecanister alright so right now what Iwant to do is sweep the carpet in thehouse and this is what this reallyshines out as well as getting into thosetight corners or going up steps if youhave an RV if you have a boat this is soso portable I got to be honest with youI I'm really impressed with this hereand I know a lot of people told me yougot to try this you got to try it and Ijust didn't try it and now I'm trying itthere you golook at how you can get into thosecorners real easynow another nice thing about this Ialready mentioned that you can get intothe tighter areas like the corners butcheck out the swivel head on this realsmooth on it real easy to go left rightor round corners with it now anotherlittle feature that a lot of peopledon't really even notice is check outhow this scene can lean up against thetable they actually designed it to dothat check that out the bottom of thatcanister is actually angled it'sactually really cool and the batteryright here again 4.0 aah and what a lotof people do is they throw them up intheir battery charger and they charge amop but what Ryobi did and this isgenius to me herethey say got their own little chargingdock here so you do not need a Ryobibattery charger just take this you throwit up right on top there's your littleconnection point so right up on top hereon the wall boom now you can see thelight charging on the battery here andthen there's also another batterycharging indicator light right on theunit itself now it does not charge asfast as a conventional Ryobi batterycharger but I just thought this wasgenius so you don't need to go out buy aseparate charger this comes in the kitwith the battery and a vacuum you put itup you can store your attachment onthere I just thought that was reallyreally cool there you go all it's justso cold now I had mentioned other stickvacuums this one here is a little bitmore pricey a little bit more expensiveand even the makita that we are lookingat but you also get the battery you getthe charger the longer one theattachments the roller bar just veryvery cool it's convenient it's portableit's built well it's balanced well and Ihave to give a shout out for everybodysaid listen you have to try this becauseI'm really happy I did if you liked thisvideo thumbs up subscribe check us outat www.imtcva.org

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Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Conveniently cordless for ease of use

Enhanced electronics for maximum power and runtime

Part of the RYOBI ONE+ family of over 100 products

Introducing the innovation from Ryobi, the 18-Volt ONE+ Stick Vacuum. Enjoy hassle-free cleaning with the cordless convenience of Ryobi ONE+. The lightweight design allows you to reach high corners and surfaces, and the large, angled dust cup allows for easy emptying and dust removal. technology means your vacuum is charged and ready to clean when you are and the brushless internal motor gives you powerful suction with every clean. This vacuum features and High and low setting, giving you the power to choose how much or how little suction you need for the job. Accessories included are a crevice tool, dust brush, charging mount with accessory storage and P108 Ryobi Battery. The 18-Volt ONE+ Vacuum is part of the Ryobi ONE+ battery family of over 100 products.

Hassle-free cleaning with cordless convenience

Lightweight design for ease of reach to high corners and surfaces

Large, angled dust cup with bottom release for no-mess emptying and easy removal from unit

Charges and remains charged with Evercharge technology

Powerful performance and extended life span with Brushless technology

Features a High and Low switch with lock-on capability

Mount features convenient accessory storage

Compatible with all Ryobi ONE+ Batteries and Chargers as part of the Ryobi ONE+ lineup of over 100 products

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6 Thoughts to “Ryobi STRUT 18-Volt Stick Vacuum Cleaner REVIEW P718K”

  1. Daijoubu

    It does suck but filter design make it clog fairly quickly, could have had a cyclonic system. I have no carpet so I ended up gutting the power head for some extra runtime and less dust kicking around/hair being rolled around

    1. Tool Review Zone

      Thanks bro!

    2. Daijoubu

      And a video of it in action

    3. Daijoubu

      Seems like it’s still not bundled with the vacuum…now how to obtain this here in Canada without it costing an arm and a leg in shipping…

    4. Tool Review Zone

      That’s it buddy!

    5. Daijoubu

      +Tool Review Zone AHHH, this?!

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