Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner – ICZ300UKT Review.

I think it would be fair to say that Shark has a cordless vacuum to suit every need. The new Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with PowerFins, Powered Lift-Away & TruePet ICZ300UKT is an upright replacement that’s easier to push around than a normal stick cleaner.

Converting into a helpful cylinder for detail cleaning, this hoover can get into limited areas, also. It lacks onboard storage for devices, although there’s a handy device bag consisted of– yet if you want a cordless upright substitute, this is a wonderful choice.
Layout and features

Smart upright layout
Lift-Away offers versatility
No onboard device storage space

Not everybody wants a typical stick cordless hoover, so it’s good to see the Shark ICZ300UKT upgrade on the older ICZ160UKT with even more power, a new floor head and longer battery life.

This vacuum essentially apes the layout of Shark’s plug-in Lift-Away hoover, opting for cordless convenience. Right here, the ICZ300UKT looks, really feels as well as runs like a conventional upright vacuum cleaner.

It makes the vacuum cleaner simpler to push around than numerous cordless stick cleaners, since the weight is reduced down; not done in your hand. In addition, the vacuum cleaner will likewise stand without having to be propped against a wall or a furniture. It’s rather active, too, although that huge major cylinder does indicate that the vacuum will not obtain beneath furniture with it affixed.

The good news is, you additionally have Lift-Away setting, where you can pick up the entire cyndrical tube as well as remove it from the primary stick. This leaves you with a much more nimble cleaner that will gladly get to under sofas and the like.

Shark ICZ300UKT Lift-Away mode

For this model, Shark has revamped the controls. There’s now an LCD screen that reveals battery life as a percentage. This is much better than the old screen, where you would certainly get a collection of lights to indicate the harsh level of fee remaining; but it isn’t as good as the Dyson V15 Detect, which reveals you battery life in minutes.

Shark ICZ300UKT

There are three power settings to choose from (Eco, Standard as well as Boost), plus you can select in between carpet and also tough floor modes, which adjust the speed of the flooring head

Shark ICZ300UKT floor head.

Shark has included its Anti Hair Wrap innovation on the flooring head, which quits hair from coming to be caught around the rollers. And it functions, suggesting you won’t have the dirty task of cutting away hair on a regular basis to keep maximum performance. This floorhead is the brand-new version with PowerFins, which are designed to fluster dirt in carpeting much better, making the vacuum cleaner more efficient and also effective.

When you want to go into detail mode, you can remove the manage and/or stick from the main device, and make use of the collection of devices For the likes of stairways, you can enter into Lift-Away mode, to ensure that you do not have to bring around the floor head, too.

The mix of stick and also hose pipe deliver decent array, so cleaning up and also around ceilings will be no worry, and also you can cover the ground with the devices easily enough.

In the box, Shark supplies a hole tool, family pet tool, cleaning brush and furniture device. That’s all that you’ll need, although it’s an embarassment that there’s no onboard device storage with this version. Shark does offer a carryall to put everything in, though.

Shark ICZ300UKT tools.

Power comes thanks to a battery, which you take out and drop right into the given charger. There’s one battery in the box, with spares costing ₤ 99.99.

Shark ICZ300UKT battery

There’s a huge 0.6-litre bin on this version, which ought to see you around an average residence without needing to be emptied. It’s simple sufficient to take out, as well as opens up at both ends to make it easy to clear dirt as well as to clean up.

Shark ICZ300UKT bin

Just like a lot of hoover, this model has two filters. The major filter is simple to go out, but the HEPA filter is a little fiddly. Both filters can be cleaned to keep them working at ideal performance. Shark ICZ300UKT HEPA filter.


Cleans wonderfully on hard floors as well as rug
Works well on animal hair.
Side efficiency left a small quantity of dirt behind.

I began by gauging the Shark ICZ300UKT’s raw efficiency in AirWatts (AW), which is a combination of suction power and air flow. On Eco mode, I determined an outcome of 35.65 AW, which resembles a great deal of handheld designs; 56.98 AW on Standard is similar to your typical cordless; as well as 175.24 AW on Turbo is a great deal of power for really laborious.

While raw power tells us a bit concerning a vacuum, real-world performance will mostly come down to the top quality of the devices. Luckily, Shark didn’t let me down.

I started with my carpet examination, spraying a teaspoon of flour onto the surface area. Utilizing the vacuum on Standard power, I offered it a sweep ahead and backwards through the mess. As you can see from the image, the rug was left super-clean right through the course of the vacuum cleaner, with traces of dust left towards the outer edges of the flooring head.

I rounded off the test making use of Eco mode at the bottom of the mess as well as Turbo at the top. As you can see, the vacuum done well in Eco setting, although it left a trace of dirt behind; for smaller spills, this reduced power setting will do the job.

Shark ICZ300UKT completely clean rug.

Next, I proceeded to my animal hair examination, combing pet cat hair right into the carpeting’s fibres. On Standard mode, the Shark ICZ300UKT took care of to get whatever.

Moving on to the hard flooring test, the Shark ICZ300UKT impressed. Its floor head is a DuoClean version, which implies that it has a hard floor roller built-in; there’s no changing flooring heads to relocate in between surfaces, as you make with a Dyson.

Performance is excellent, with Standard setting cleaning a path through my spilt rice grains, with absolutely nothing dropping out at the end.

I finished with the hard side examination, spraying a teaspoon of flour onto rug floor tiles, right up against the skirting board. Running the Shark ICZ300UKT down the skirting board on Standard power, it took care of to get virtually everything, bar one little patch.

Shark ICZ300UKT

I upped the power to Turbo, approaching the leftover mess at various angles, however there was still a small amount left remaining at the end. It was nothing that the crevice tool couldn’t take care of, mind.
Shark ICZ300UKT totally clean side

This vacuum cleaner comes in concerning average for sound, at 67.5 dB on Eco, 72.6 dB on Standard as well as 75.6 dB on Turbo. You can plainly listen to the Shark ICZ300UKT as well as can’t truly hold discussions over it, however it isn’t so loud regarding be irritating.

Battery life is estimated at 60 mins, although this gets on Eco mode with a non-motorised tool. The floor head slashes off a couple of mins. Switch over to Standard setting, as well as you’ll overcome 30 minutes of run-time, while I located that Turbo mode pushed this down to just over 10 mins in my examinations.

In general, this remains decent battery life and, mostly using Standard mode, you can cleanse an average-sized home on a single fee. As soon as the battery is diminished, it takes 3.5 hrs to recharge.

Should you buy it?

If you want the feel of an upright with the adaptability of a cordless vacuum cleaner, this model is difficult to defeat.

A stick vacuum cleaner offers a little bit much more versatility at the expenditure of having something that feels much heavier in the hand.
Final ideas

If you’re someone who desires a cordless hoover yet does not desire a stick cleaner, such as the exceptional Shark IZ320UKT, after that the Shark ICZ300UKT is a terrific choice. It works and feels like a normal upright, while Lift-Away setting supplies included adaptability. Considering the price as well as performance, it’s an exceptional selection. If you’re after something a little various, after that my guide to the most effective cordless vacuum can assist.

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