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Shark Cordless Duo Clean Unboxing Review

hi YouTube vacuums for 8 to 1 here andtoday I've got a surprise I just walkthrough the door to find the account forups of a new product I will be revealingfor you tonight and doing you ademonstration so what I thought I'd dois just give you a really quick sneakpeek and I'm the first person to revealthis apart from an online shopthis product is Simon elder right doesanyone any ideas of what it could be Iwill give you a clue to lithium ionpowered batteries a double charging dockpower pack charger 12-inch crevice tooldusting brush an anti LG dusting brushit can only be one thing he very muchawaited get out cordlessshark vacuum with Flex ology technologyvery smart and of course the fantasticjaw clean head now I will be reviewingthis drug tonight and I will have thevideo shortly so thank you very muchmuch for watching this little teaser inJohn hi YouTube vacuums for eight to oneyear and today we are unboxing andrevealing the brand new shark jewelclean cord free vacuum I kindly beengiven this vacuum from shark so makesure you check out below their facebookpage and have a look at their productsI've been a couple reviews now and sharkmachines I find it out really reallygood so I'm really stoked to be tryingto sell this is the sort of but in thesame to compete to get things such asv8 so we'll get unboxed we'll have areview and I'll definitely sweet get avideo done on the v8 versus the sharpjewel plea to see which one comes upwell which one is the best really sowithout further ado let's crack this badboy open and have a look now what I'lldo is before I take anything out I'llshow you some of the features that itlifts on the box because I've seennothing about this machine I'm nottrying I'm not seeing what invert oranything like that yet it has a secondbattery with a charging dock you canstore buck um anyway have a lookremovable ion power pack we've gotrecharge recharge anywherefantastic transferometer thumbs up thefits on top to lithium ion batteriesdouble charging dock pop up charger antiallergen dusting brush upholstery tall12 inch crevice tool and dusting brushso what we can do is we can have a lookabout now first of all we have the theone which is a very interesting colorit's nice it feels it feels nice policyit feels a decent quality and very wellmade so this will be quite asked to useso I've popped up there through a momentwe've then got this box have a look inhere and we've got we've got a shark bagI'm guessing this is for attachmentswe've got the manual for the e model I a200 you can I have 250 okay we've got acrevice tool down there so the sharkcrevice tool we've got the sharkupholstery nozzle we've got the thebrush wheelchair I wonder that in amoment that just looks like the normalgot someone with a little and what we'vethen got here ah I think this is thething I've been really interested inseem to be like this case pictures wefit often the anti allergen brush rightlook at that this looks absolutelyfantastic and I were really interestedto see it in actionI've got a new Mac with the glass cut ontop there's a glass cover up over thewhere the DVD player the PlayStation etc6 you know I've got flyscreen tool inmaroon it's in the office of the glassthis will be absolutely fantastic toclimb with young at works we've got acharger so we've got the shark chargerthere and then I'm guessing this is thebattery docking station so we've got adocking station here that have thesewith all that rubber suction pods onwhere you'll be able to charge theirbatteries rightso once we pull back we've got I've gotthe jewel clean forehead so I've usedone of these beforeon the other unit that I've used and itwas really good a little softer thanyour very hard brush to where I justtear the carpet and also see if it's gotreleased and featured actualthey're very easy to access the brushesto clean the brush rolls which isobviously really helpful why would thatfor example we're not really heavy thatdefinitely all met inside that's reallynice quality so a base like I said it'svery similar to the last oneit's been there really nice machine totest out is this I think it'll do verywell and we've got the power pack awayin other words so the battery isn'tactually that heavy it's it's like whenyou think it would be pop that in thedocking station like that we've got asecond battery so we've gone overlithium ion battery let's just look mixit with the cradle box in line that lovewill not leave the actual unitso what we've got here is an got some itis no for handles bill one that's threeif the handle becomes uncomfy please seethe owners instructions now we've gotsome funky looking buttons under thatwe've got on on the bottom we've gotvitals and things you can turn off therotating brush roll perhaps I think withsomething we got them flavored and getthe battery charger but the machineitself is really nice the machinethey've got this rubberized texture toit and it feels very high quality so itfeels lovely it feels really good afterrinsing the bit what's happening - Scottthis here that pops off you can havebeen out I've set this feels reallyhigh-quality the looks really Knox whichi think is a massive thing in a vacuumcleaners - look aesthetically pleasingas well you've got a little foamwashable filter in there so I think whatwe should do is get this charged up andhave a play now just to recap before weset the Machine up in charge thebatteries in the box you'll get thesetwo owner's manuals you'll get the jewelclean forehead you get two lithium ionbatteries with the docking station thatthey made - you get a UK charger you getthe Machine the wand the sharp back youget the standard talking which consistsof a crevice tool there's 12 and so onand a pulsed result and dusted buttonand the absolutely fantastic antiallergen brush now what I'm going to dois I'm going to lift the Machine up andwe've currently got it with the Geoclean head on now when you look at theback of the machine there is an onbutton there is also button to make thebrush roll spin faster or slowerdepending on what surficial and abletonto put the power of the machine up anddown so startledreadynow this carpet that we're on findingclip will feel like that have beenvacuumed once today so let's have a lookI've only gone over lightly and look atall that fluff that fold up from thatsmall areathis machine is incredible and I meanI'm an honest independent reviewer Ireview for a couple of differentmanufactures what this is absolutelybrilliant how lightweight it is howwell-built this is because enough I'llbe the first time it see I looked atsharp machines indeed on bypass machinesand I've not for much done but withtheir new machines that they havebrought out over the last few years arejust out of this world that really steptheir game up as a manufacturer and so Ithink we should put it through sometests and then review it a bit moreagain[Music]now charging the batteries is reallysimple all you do is make them into thedock as you can charge both much of theway out thank you very much for watchingthis short review and I can indeedreveal that this shark car vacuum isamazing now I will be doing two morereviews this week and that will be thesharp cordless versus the Dyson v8 andalso the shark cordless for up top andcar cleaning so please do watch those Iwill give this machine five stars out offive and it will definitely be come mymain cordless machine for the lastcouple of well for the last year or so Iabout a Siebel Felix for my right and adyson v8 for my daily cleaning up afterthe kids etc but they will beginreplaced by this fantastic unit becausethis is a really lovely machine I likethe fact it's got a small footprint it'sa lightweight you get some fantastictools and the docking station you canpop out the way rather than having anycables going from your machine so thankyou very much for watching and a massivethanks to sharkI'm sure you'll see you review theirnext product please head over to theirFacebook page and take a look and take alook at their website I will drop thelinks below thanks for watching

This is an unboxing and review on the brand new
Shark Cordless Duo Clean IF250UK.

It features: DuoClean technology, two rechargeable batteries, a fantastic tool kit and is super lightweight yet powerful!

Visit Shark:

For more details!

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13 Thoughts to “Shark Cordless Duo Clean Unboxing Review”

  1. Hoover Boy

    How did you get it for free

  2. Octavio Rosales

    shark vacuum
    Uriel. Rosales
    shirt I can flip

  3. GrumpyMan's REVIEWS

    Was thinking of a Dyson V6 but going for this now.

  4. Ryan Sharp

    You sound like Chris eccleston

  5. Super clips

    13 mins talking jibberish n 2 minutes showing us Wat this shit machine can do well I say it’s definitely crap nothing compared to dyson

    1. YX Flier

      Super clips dysons are overpriced for what you get.

    2. Vacuums4821

      Good for you! Thanks for watching though and putting AdSense money in my pocket you donkey!

  6. Jacob Bates

    You stole my dyson , I was supposed to be meeting him to collect it

    1. Jacob Bates

      Vacuums4821 I’ve do have a one but it needs a new motor

    2. Vacuums4821

      That’s ok Jacob, Things can sound different over messages/comments to how they are intended! I will be doing a full strip down of the machine including fitting a brand new bin, filters, belt & possible wand you may want to watch out for it! Kind Regards

    3. Jacob Bates

      Vacuums4821 I’m sorry you took my joke seriously ,to be honest I’m happy that it’s gone to someone who will give it a good home im just not happy with the seller as he asked me to meet him and confirm on Friday but then sold it to you, again I’m sorry this comment offended you it was intended to be a joke

    4. Vacuums4821

      I haven’t stole your Dyson at all… How am I meant to know when I confirm a sale on Spock that he’s already in talks with someone else about it. I don’t see how this comment is relevant to the above video.

  7. James Allen

    Hey! Thanks for doing this! There’s a TONNE of movie reviews, electronics reviews, food reviews, travels, you name it, but one would think it a long shot to find someone doing vacuum reviews on Youtube and yours has made my day! I woke up this morning, after having fallen asleep on the sofa, watching TV and was greeted with the infomercial for the this vacuum cleaner. I was impressed, grabbed my credit card and rushed for the phone! The monthly payments seemed reasonable, but then I opted for the single payment in order to take advantage of the free expedited shipping. (I had also allowed myself to be talked into the pocket mop) and the sticker shock kinda kicked me in the gut. Your review, demonstrating and affirming that, really, this beast really does behave as shown on the infomercial has gone a long way to making me feel better about the purchase and I am really excited about it again. I can’t WAIT for it to get here! Thanks again, mate! Keep up the good work!

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