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Shark Cordless DuoClean IF250UK Review Demonstration

Thank you to Shark for supplying this vacuum cleaner for me to Review!

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14 Thoughts to “Shark Cordless DuoClean IF250UK Review Demonstration”

  1. Yvonne Isi

    Hi!! Please can the dust compartment be washed?

    1. TomVacuum

      Yvonne Isi No problem!

    2. Yvonne Isi

      Thank you! Very helpful as usual!! X

    3. TomVacuum

      Yvonne Isi
      Hi Yvonne. Unfortunately, the only way that the dust compartment can be washed is by wiping it with a damp cloth and leaving it to thoroughly dry. There is a way of removing the dust compartment to fully clean it, however this requires the use of special screwdrivers and will most likely void your vacuums warranty.
      Hope this helps!

  2. Yvonne Isi

    Thanks for this video. I have this vacuum and I’ve learnt so much more from you!! Just need to know how to empty the dust compartment 🙁 .. can you do a follow up..? X

    1. TomVacuum

      Yvonne Isi Perhaps it is a bit stiff as it is new? If you pull the front black lid/flap it should open

    2. Yvonne Isi

      TomVacuum Thank you! X .. Strangely it doesn’t open when I touch it. I’ll try tonight when home. There’s got to be something I’m doing wrong…

    3. TomVacuum

      To empty the dust compartment you need to ouch the small button that is on the side of the dust cup (left side when looking from the back of the machine). Door will open releasing the dust and giving access to the cyclone.

  3. Vernatha Hill

    I received one for Christmas. I love it. Does everything I need and I am very well pleased. This young man did a very good job in his video.

  4. The Mid-life Crisis Guy

    Great review thank you!

  5. Irving G.

    10 minutes at high setting is terrible. Buy a Dyson V8

    1. TomVacuum

      Irving G. Actually, the V8 has around 7 minutes of power on max setting. As I said in the video, this model (IF250uk) comes with two batteries allowing you to use it in max power for 20 minutes.

  6. Ben Sorta Reviews Things


  7. Addict to Stuff

    I love Shark Vacs but I prefer Dyson’s compare to these

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