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Shark Cordless DuoClean IF250UK Review Demonstration

hello welcome to my review of the sharkfueling tortoise vacuum cleaner is 350UK in this video I will show you thefeatures and a few demonstrations of theshark I will also demonstrate thecleaning tools that come with it andshow you how to maintain it properly I'mgoing to start off by showing you themachine itself so here is I'll startfrom the back here you have the controlpanel and it has three buttons the firstis the me an on/off one the other toallow you to change the moods from hardfloor carpet saying on the normal part aHigh Park I'll show you these twobuttons in the demonstration so stayingup but first of all you can see thepulse motor filter so this can be washedevery month or so as you can see it's abit dirty just with general use next isthe battery this particular model whichis the if' 250 UK it comes with twobatteries which is very handy thebatteries last for about 20 minutes onthe normal setting and 10 minutes on thehigh power setting so this is thepremotor filter so this is the mainfilter and as you can see it's quitedirty so this brings us straight on toone of my better stats points of thisvacuum cleaner which is the filtrationcompared to say a Dyson tortoise likethe VA animal which is a tortoise Ithought the cyclonic system isn't veryadvanced so it's just a mono cyclonicsystem meaning that there's only onecyclist every at the dustsorry buy that as you can see from thefilter I've cleaned the site for itfairly regularly and it just gets verydusty very quickly this is the Geo cleanfloor tool it's called the Jew thingbecause it has two rows of brushes firstone technically isn't a brush but it isa soft ruler so this is used to collectlarge particles from hard floors andcarpets and it can also be used tomaintain contact with hard floors tocollect any fine dust that may be stuckon there and it just removes simply likethis the next is more traditional ruleof bristles so these are very stiff soit's good for agitating carpets onething that I would like to see in maybefuture generations of this would be aremovable brush ruler as you can seeit's very easy to remove this but thereis no way of easily removing the meanruler which can be in wing for cleaningyes you have got a nice little lineacross here to run scissors along andit's very easily it's very easy to getthe bolt over right but hairs daugtheras you may be able to see around theedges so to get the actual brush headright and clear that would be helpful soif we just pop the cover back on it hasa safety feature so if this isn't oncorrectly the brush head will spinthat's as you can see there are two heldheadlights with three LEDs in eachmoving up this is the wand with FlexToji so this basically means that whenyou have unit 15 and you're justproviding the floorsif you are say I want you to vacuumunderneath a table or a little piece offurniture you can click this little clipin and that will release the wall so youcan get low with my branding iron bitesooh I like this feature and I like alsoabout you you are still able to swivelthe cleaner head while in fact ecologyand this also doubles as a storageposition so when you've got it in theupright position just click this buttononce again I'm all vacuum cleaner willfold over for easy storage so now I'mjust gonna give you a briefdemonstration of the shark on harp lipsand I'll see you on booth par thingsjust to know this is a fairly thick pilecarpet and because of the front rollerit's very easy to push it almost lightsalong with our bits so that's a goodfeature that I like so it's turning onjust to press about[Music][Music]so there are suniye on this carpet and ivacuumed it with my cebu felix which isa very good german vacuum cleaner justbefore this video unless you can seehopefully as well as some carpet fluffit's left and try to find us so yeah Ithink this is very nice and far but itdefinitely brings a pile up on this verythick carpet and it just slides alongvery easily I'll now show you eachcleaning tool undemonstrated briefly theupholstery tool has thailand pickers forpet hair it can be used on stairs orother upholstered surfaces the dustingbrush has soft bristles on a swivel netit's me used to get stubborn dust offboth blue surfaces and high surfaces thecrevice tool is very long so it was veryeasy to get into edges and corners andalso awkward places by downside of sofathe anti allergen brush tool can be usedto thoroughly dust an E flat surface itcan also be used under appliances likeyour fridge washing machine or tumbledryer the IFFT comes with the chargingdock which allows you to charge bothbatteries simultaneously it has suctionpads to allow you to easily clears andremove the batteries it simply plugsinto the charging cable now you caneasily set booth batteries onto chargeother alternativethe charging cable straight into thebattery or to plug it into the vacuumcleaner itselfI'll briefly show you the sharpperforming on hard floors I think itpicks up very well because of the jokein brush bar and soft roller so whilehe's on the normal setting on the hardfloor mode[Music][Music][Music]inclusion I think this chart is a verygood vacuum cleaner with versatile toolsand just it's very easy to use I reallylike the fact that the batteries areremovable and of course leads out toabout free with this modelI like the Flex ology which will justshow which allows you to park thecleaner make it smaller or of course getunder things like sofas or tables whichI've already shown you in the videotoday I own two things I don't pretendearly like about this machinethey're quite minor but first of all asI've already said the filtrationI just think isn't really good enoughfor about you cleaner of this pricethere's dust plan everywhere as you cansee especially compared to some of thedyson vacuum cleaners or othercompetitors that have over 20 typhoonsand this only has one next will be neweach level is quite quiet but the pitchthat comes white is quite high pitch soannoyed but I suppose there's nothingreally most I can do about it is only avery very minor thing and then nextwould be it's very easy temptingobviously I'm not gonna empty a homefrom the floor but I really like that ifthe actual dustbin was removable toallow you to clean it more thoroughlyand then the last thing that I find alittle bit and wing about this is if Ijust get it right here it's the factthat you can't remove the actual brushby itself which I've already talkedabout again it's easy to remove the softruler but as far as cleaning this brushbar yes it has little lines to guide youalong with scissors but you can'tactually get and at the edges but yeahapart from that remember those are allsorry find smallother things I don't like about it butas far as cleaning from schoolsversatility goes this is a very verygood body thing and I definitely use itmore thanDyson Viet which says something becausequite a bit far license so yeah I thinkI have been converged sharp maybe just abit I still like my license but this hasbeen a very good vacuum cleaner for meso yeah thank you very much to shark forsending me this fighting cleaner forfree and if you've enjoyed this videomake sure to give it a like andsubscribe to me if you want just do allthe usual stuff thank you very much forwatching

Thank you to Shark for supplying this vacuum cleaner for me to Review!

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14 Thoughts to “Shark Cordless DuoClean IF250UK Review Demonstration”

  1. Yvonne Isi

    Hi!! Please can the dust compartment be washed?

    1. TomVacuum

      Yvonne Isi No problem!

    2. Yvonne Isi

      Thank you! Very helpful as usual!! X

    3. TomVacuum

      Yvonne Isi
      Hi Yvonne. Unfortunately, the only way that the dust compartment can be washed is by wiping it with a damp cloth and leaving it to thoroughly dry. There is a way of removing the dust compartment to fully clean it, however this requires the use of special screwdrivers and will most likely void your vacuums warranty.
      Hope this helps!

  2. Yvonne Isi

    Thanks for this video. I have this vacuum and I’ve learnt so much more from you!! Just need to know how to empty the dust compartment :-( .. can you do a follow up..? X

    1. TomVacuum

      Yvonne Isi Perhaps it is a bit stiff as it is new? If you pull the front black lid/flap it should open

    2. Yvonne Isi

      TomVacuum Thank you! X .. Strangely it doesn’t open when I touch it. I’ll try tonight when home. There’s got to be something I’m doing wrong…

    3. TomVacuum

      To empty the dust compartment you need to ouch the small button that is on the side of the dust cup (left side when looking from the back of the machine). Door will open releasing the dust and giving access to the cyclone.

  3. Vernatha Hill

    I received one for Christmas. I love it. Does everything I need and I am very well pleased. This young man did a very good job in his video.

  4. The Mid-life Crisis Guy

    Great review thank you!

  5. Irving G.

    10 minutes at high setting is terrible. Buy a Dyson V8

    1. TomVacuum

      Irving G. Actually, the V8 has around 7 minutes of power on max setting. As I said in the video, this model (IF250uk) comes with two batteries allowing you to use it in max power for 20 minutes.

  6. Ben Sorta Reviews Things


  7. Addict to Stuff

    I love Shark Vacs but I prefer Dyson’s compare to these

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