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Shark Cordless Vacuum Maintenance to increase battery life

You can change it to 720p to have a clearer picture.

I made this video to demonstrate in depth cleaning of the brush roll, bushings and motor shaft on the Shark cordless Vacuum. As these get bound with hair the battery life becomes shorter.

While I do show you how, you do not actually need to crack the case and clean the motor shaft every time, just go through the brush roll removal and cleaning to improve battery life. Just check the motor shaft every now and then, how often will depend on the hair in your house and the amount you use the vacuum.

I hope you can find some useful information here!

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7 Thoughts to “Shark Cordless Vacuum Maintenance to increase battery life”

  1. Raul

    Totally nailed it! I have a Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 vacuum. The vac would shut off after 10 seconds. I had the vac about 1.5 yrs so I figured since it’s a NiMH battery and I used it daily it’s probably a dead battery. A new batt is about $60, not cheap. I searched for cheaper battery and came across this video. Just like the video, I found LOTS of hair at the very ends of the roller under the plastic caps. I cleaned it out, put it back together. After turning it on it sounded different, less resistance and it worked for a normal length of time. So my problem was the hair was causing too much resistance for the battery to turn the roller. Excellent video! – Thanks!

  2. spotmom

    To Gary Roybal,
    who insisted on using vulgarities to express his displeasure with this
    video (therefore I am not posting his comment): Yes, it increases
    battery life to relieve the brush rolls and motor of impacted hair and
    debris. Less friction, less strain= easier on the battery, battery lasts
    longer. If you were looking for some magic elixir you will have to look
    elsewhere. Sorry.

  3. Angie Watters

    The sound isn’t working on this video. :/

    1. spotmom

      +Angie Watters There is no sound, I thought text on the images sounded better than my voice. 😉

  4. spotmom

    My only beef with it is the battery has gotten to the point that it needs replacing and they are almost as expensive as the vacuum. But I do still use it and still love the way it works. I went ahead and bought the Shark Lift Away Pro and love it.

    1. Bri Sco

      +spotmom Batteries are available on Amazon for $25 XBT800. They seem better than the original.

  5. Tom Dee

    Thank you for this. I just bought a new cordless Shark vacuum (head design seems identical) and am hoping that with a little TLC I can make it last. Thanks so much for this walk-through. I’d almost say I’m looking forward to putting the technique to use!

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