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Shark DuoClean Cordless True Pet Vacuum Cleaner Unboxing First Look

Today I unbox and briefly demonstrate Shark’s brand new cordless DuoClean stick vacuum. This model comes with two lithium ion batteries and the additional motorised pet tool.

A full demonstration and review will follow soon.

Enjoy exceptional cleaning performance with the Shark DuoClean Cordless Stick Vacuum True Pet with Flexology.

EXCLUSIVE INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Pre-order the DuoClean True Pet and get it for an exclusive* introductory price of £349.99. Offer only available on pre-orders made before 6th September.

Designed to revolutionise cordless cleaning, the Shark DuoClean works on carpets and hard floors to give pet owners and allergy sufferers complete freedom.

Unlike vacuums that come with a single brush roll, the DuoClean features 2 unique rolls that work together to remove stubborn dust and dirt, with the addition of a soft brush to ensure that you don’t need to switch heads during use. What’s more, this True Pet model also includes Shark’s motorised pet tool, which is great at removing even the most embedded hair from your floors and furnishings.

For completely versatile cleaning, it can also be transformed into a handheld vac for use on the stairs or in the car, while the quick-release extending wand lets you reach carpets and light fittings with ease, too.

Thanks to Flexology, the flexi-wand bends under low furniture without a fuss, and the compact folding and freestanding design means that you can store it anywhere without the need for fiddly hooks.

Removable, rechargeable batteries let you charge just about anywhere too. Even better, this dual battery model will remedy the frustrations of limited run time and battery outages mid clean with a second battery and dual charging cradle. This means that you can enjoy up to 44 minutes of run time from a single charge!

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7 Thoughts to “Shark DuoClean Cordless True Pet Vacuum Cleaner Unboxing First Look”

  1. Staxu Staxu

    Manual say to fully charge battery before first use and drain it completely (meaning, use it until it’s dead), but I guess, people should read manual before they reduce capacity and life of their battery.

  2. anthony Lee dickinson

    I just got one was 200 but only one battery version tho.

  3. sb45100

    What would be better shark or gtech

  4. Natalia Martan

    Is it loud?

  5. Carmel Murphy

    Can you do a full demo on this please, don’t know whether to buy this or v8. Thank you.

  6. Hoover Boy

    I Wish I had a One how can I get it for free

  7. Mike Jalecom

    Whys the nozzle like that because on the Apex it is?

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