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Shark DuoClean Cordless True Pet Vacuum Cleaner Unboxing First Look

[Music]hello everyone well I wasn't expectingto make a video for you this evening butbecause this turned up on my doorstepquite late in the day I thought I mightas well unbox it now and have it allcharged up ready for a demo this is thebrand new shark duo clean 2 x cord freevacuum with flex ology this one actuallyhas two batteries including a dualcharger so you can charge both batteriesat the same time this is also the truepet version that comes with a minimotorized pet tool I don't think they'reactually available in the shops just yetbut they will be available very sooneither direct from shark or from verydocto UK I've seen them there and ofcourse all the major retailers such asCurry's I expect will sell it tonightlet's have a look so we have a QuickStart Guide first and a more detailedinstruction book there might be somecharge in the battery but it's probablybest that I give them a full charge sothat's the QuickStart now it's obviousthat shark we're going to introduce whatit was obvious to me that they weregoing to introduce a cordless modelbecause as you know for my channelcordless is where it's at at the momenteveryone seems to want cordless a tubenow that different isn't it that's verydifferent this is the motorized pet toolobviously it is brand new to me I don'tknow much about it so it says rotate tostore on it one release so I'm assumingah so that's the way you'd use itrelatively stiff brushes and it lookslike judging by that pull tab that theyare easy to remove for cleaning you'vealso got a velour strip on the back andit looks it's flexible so your Bell toclean your stairs very well with thatcan't wait to try it outso there we go that's the motorized pettool but sir obviously just store itaway you click that button you know ohyeah so that's an unusual-lookingmotorized model not seen anything likethat beforenext out of the box is the main bureauclean head I think so all I believeabout for far as I know four differentmodels of this coming out there's thedebate ik one that just has a singlebattery and no motorized tool there'sone that has the two batteries and nomotorized tool this one has all thebells and whistles the two batteriesplus the motorized tool and it's anotherone can't recall the difference butthere is four models at the time ofmaking this video obviously if you'rewatching in the USA you can't get thisyet in America but I'm sure you will getit very soon so here is the Giroclean-head a little bit different in thestyling to the one with my mains-poweredshark but it's got the soft brush nowthat's the soft roller so that's a bitdifferent it's got these grey partswhich are slightly raised as well abovethe orange part there so then the whiteshark have done that maybe to improvepick up even more you've also got a softstrip all the way around which will helpprovide a seal for cleaning your hardfloors and of course you've got yourregular stiff nylon brush for cleaningyour carpets that's very good and easyaccess to the brush roll the car to doit how to do it single-handedly all thatcomes completely off and not sure ifthat comes out on this model can't see atab I'll check everything before I dothe full demo I'll confirm or deny thisbut it doesn't look like that's as easyto remove but at least you've got easyaccess with the cover off you do by thelooks if you have some LEDs on the frontto help light the way when you'recleaning that comes off as you can seethere's a pull tab on this roller butthere doesn't seem to be a pull tab onthe actual nylon brush but anyway we'llcheck the instructions it's just a veryquick unboxing I'm all giddy and excitedsee if another vacuum obviously twomajor appliances today as well if youwant to check my Instagram I've beenquite active on Instagram today I'vereceived a new washing machine anddishwasher from a Oh calm and they'll bereviewed very soon along with this andthe Henry pets will be coming up hang onthat's away doing it one way oh yeahthey're swish because those wheels nicenice design lovely and you've got thethe shark the shark branding of coursethere we go and it's got flexible neckand that will lock in place now this onehas a neat storage function which I'llshow you it folds over it also has aneat under appliance under applianceunder your furniture Nick articulatedneck speaking of other appliance Iexpect you can buy the under applianceone for this machine you can get it forthe other one what's next out the box isthe tube now they do one I'm not surewhich model it is but they do with oneswith different color tubes is a nicesort of turquoise this is the wand withFlex ology so it's for storing andcharging so you can have it in adifferent position and of course it isdesigned to flex the cleaning underfurniture got a press to unlock arethere we go so it's got that flexiblehose partthis hinge so this is used when stallingthe machine the machine will actuallystand up and store without you having tosort of take it off like in themains-powered one you had to take it offand hook it below with this one you canjust leave the wand attached and fold itdown so it'll store in a lower cupboardor something and of course because thebattery charger is separate you can havethat charging anywhere and you can poppop the vacuum away press it againyou've got a little handle there forsome reason this will all become clearwhen I do the demo and obviously it'sgot the power connection for the powernozzle okay what yes this could be somecleaning tools I get a nice littlestorage bag that's handy shark brandedwith a carry handle that's usefulputting all your bits and pieces andit's a good job because there's a lot ofbits and pieces in here you've got alovely decent-sized crevice tool notlike those tiny little things you getwith many vacuums that's a proper fullsize tool very good very good by thelooks of it upholstery tool again a fullsize upholstery tool with your litterPickers should be flexible yes you canadjust the neck you've also got sidesuction channels ideal for your curtainsand your upholstery is the chargerbranded shark of course sort of threepin plug this is obviously the UKversion if you're watching this inanother country obviously you'll besupplied with a two pin if you live inthe USA don't know where it's going tobe launched in the USA but I'm sure itwill be fairly soon we did get the duoclean up right before you but I don'tthink you have to wait long that's abrand new nozzle that's new now thatwill be interesting to see how well thatcleans my venetian blinds this is theshark anti Elgin dust brush so that'svery slimso that will go in places like it on topof your DVD record or something a unitthat should be slim enough to clean thatand it's got an arrow on it oh you canflex it move it that's very good isn'tit rotate to clean says that's excellentso let's hope that works got a softvelour strip might be able to use thaton your TV screen as well so anotherbrand new nozzle very goodand it probably is the regular dustingbrush this is let's go rip that open andgot my box so for that so that brush isnot removable you can't take that brushoff medium soft they'd be okay for doinglampshades and things like that andpossibly dusting your ceiling fans itrotates as well can move it to differentangles so that's your dust brushexcellent and finally in this box what'sthis this must be the charger need toplug it in there it's got suction cupsso whichever unit you put it on it'llstay still use charging based on theflat and stable surface only it saysdoesn't seem to be any lights toindicate the charge they may be nice onthe battery those will soon find thatoutso that's your chargerbattery is by the looks one battery hopeis another one in here lithium-ion powerpack it does have lights on the actualbattery that is a button you can pressto indicate probably when you'recharging it's a battery release buttonthat's one of the batteries as I said itshould come with two I can't see oh yesthere is another one wow that is likethat's the main unit of course it'sgoing to be like this is no battery onit that's where there is another batteryyou might be okay with a module lowerdown in the range or a smaller home ifyou just want the machine for quickpickups but if you've got larger homeand intend on maybe using this as youmain vacuum having the two batteries isprobably a good idea although I'm sureyou'll be able to buy spare batteriesdirect from shark in the future I thinkthat's what everything apart from thecanned unit it's the mania itself andjust hoping it's said to be a little bitquieter than the the main version that'sone little bug bear especially with thehandheld shark now a bit noisy yeah sothis one is in that a navy blue withorange trim it's a little tag on herewhat's that say it is normal for thehandle to feel warm as air passesthrough it if the handle begins to feeluncomfortably warm see owner's guide forinstructions on clearing blockages andmaintaining filters let's pull that offnow we are and a little swing ticket onthere so it says it's got Smart Responsetechnology enhances performance oncarpets and flawsby intelligently adapting to whateversettings you choose so it's got carpetssetting for thick pile carpets floor forhard floors and short pile carit's and suction settings an extendedrun runtime setting for everydaycleaning and a max power for heavy-dutycleaning so obviously max power is thebattery will lose its charge a bitquicker in the demo I'll tell you howlong the batteries last and got showingyou how to charge etc let's take thatswing ticket off now this one theexhaust points downwards which I knowwith the earlier Rockets some peoplecomplained about the exhaust blowing intheir facewell that one points down so as using avacuum the air is going to come down soyou'll have a filter which I'm assumingwill be washable that's the exhaustfilter and here's your bin it's a buttonthat says empty I'm just doing this offthe top of my head oh you'll have toforgive me I haven't checkedinstructions obviously yet oh there wego sorryoh that might not come off hmmm hmmmwell that's a step backward actually butsuppose yeah it doesn't matter so muchthat's what they change with the mainspowered walkie the first rocket stickcleaner you couldn't remove the bin andyou had all the cable which was a longcable you have to take everything to thebin but of course same cordless it's notso vital and many other cordless someshoes like this you can't remove the binso yesyou hold it over the bin like that thenpress the empty button the dirt willfall through you've got the usual meshmetal filter in the middle whichobviously you need to clean from time totime something gets caught around thatthat's when the suction will stop sokeep that free you've got a max fillline there so like and another filterclean filters monthly says all that'sdifferent completely different sotypical sort of sharpsponge filter very easy to clean thosesponge filters that's rinse them underwater squeeze them out leave them to dryyou can get spare filters I'm sure youwill be able to and if you use thismachine a lot a spare set of filterswould be a good ideaso that fits on there and on that popsin that's itso that's your filter excellent so therewe go in a battery fit which way thatway got it right first time so yes itdoes make it a bit heavier now thebatteries in place and here's thecontrol panel so you've got your on/offswitch there's some chargeit's certainly quite of course it wouldbe noisier with the head not sure whatsetting that was on that's easy on thenose power[Music]that's pretty pretty good suction forhandheld on high-powerand then you've got your carpet and hardfloor setting there so that's very goodlet's pop it together too difficult makesure get it round the right way is ityeptake off that protective plastic yeah itlooks actually I've seen pictures ofthis on Barry's website and it looksabsolutely huge in real life it isn'tthat big it is around the sort of sizeof the mains-powered onelet's click the power head in we've alsogot the handy wand release on this whichyou can press with your foot you'd haveto bend down when you're taking off thewand so you can be cleaning a carpet orfloor and you can leave that on thefloor press that remove the wand andthen put like a crevice tool or dustingbrush on there to do any high levelcleaning that's good and then we can dothat that's how you store the machine inthat position there with the neck bentbut also you have to press the buttonagain to release it so lovely andflexible so how do we get into theposition do we do it are we still pressthat so that's cleaning on the furnitureyou press that again so that's a bitsimilar remember my Northridge cordlessbut this certainly moves a lot betterand it'll go further underneath it'svery easy to push so I'll be trying thatout in the demo for underneathespecially my sofa underneath your bedthat's quite a low profile and it'lljust lock in place that's very goodexcellentokay well it's got a little bit ofcharge I'll put down a little bit ofdirt so we can just see how it performsand then I'll do a demo very soon okvery briefly I've got two differenttypes of carpet a low pile here and aslightly deeper /pion this side put down a bit of dirt I'mgoing to try it first on the regularsettingnot up to the standards of the mainlandto towers one that's not bad it's left acouple of lines it's not going quite upto the edge of this bit of carpet butI'm sure if I do it againlet's do this again actually on thehigh-speedright improvement again the edgecleaning isn't very good on this butit's not too bad let's try on thisthicker carpet again on the lowersetting firstnot bad again it scattered a bit it'sleft a few of the rolled oats on thismuch pleasure pile once more on highsettingthey actually pulls itself along that'snot done a bad job at allwell at the end of my unboxing andinitial first look at the sharp duroclean cord free vacuum cleanerwell my first impressions of thismachine like many of the shafts I'vetested are very favorable the main pluspoint with this apart from of coursebeing cordless is the fact it's a lotquieter than the mains version and wellI really liked it they seemed too packedin a lot of innovations in this modeland as you can see I take it off thehandle and I'll let's just put it backin the upright position and release itwell I've gone up to the just over themax fill line with that little test soit certainly does well we can empty outthe dirt yeah and also just before I gojust check I'm sure you can I just makesure that you can connect the power headdirectly to the handheld unit yes thisis it needs a bit of pressure to clickinto place it's probably because it'snew but yes you can now if you know it'sexcellent for stairs not too wide it's abit heavy when you've done stairs likethis but you obviously don't have to usethe - on stairs all the time you canjust attach one a small nozzles okaywe've got a big pile of dirt here let'sfinish the video by picking this upso here's the motorized pick tool whichis a bit lighter and more compact if youfind the larger heads a bit too bulkyfor your stairs but of course this willbe ideal for cleaning hard-wearingupholstery your pet bedding and ofcourse the inside of your car just givethis a quick demo[Laughter][Music]so there you go that's my first look atthe sharp duo clean cord free vacuumwith flex ology technology firstimpressions it's a big thumbs up for mefor the course I'll have to put itthrough its paces in a full demo but Ithink it's going to prove to be a prettygood vacuum cleaner thanks for watchingif you have any questions if I cananswer them please ask them below anddon't forget check out my channel forall the other videos including aplaylist of shark machines if you wantto mains powered upright cleaner you cancheck out my reviews there so until thenext time thanks for watching and I'llsee you soon bye for now

Today I unbox and briefly demonstrate Shark’s brand new cordless DuoClean stick vacuum. This model comes with two lithium ion batteries and the additional motorised pet tool.

A full demonstration and review will follow soon.

Enjoy exceptional cleaning performance with the Shark DuoClean Cordless Stick Vacuum True Pet with Flexology.

EXCLUSIVE INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Pre-order the DuoClean True Pet and get it for an exclusive* introductory price of £349.99. Offer only available on pre-orders made before 6th September.

Designed to revolutionise cordless cleaning, the Shark DuoClean works on carpets and hard floors to give pet owners and allergy sufferers complete freedom.

Unlike vacuums that come with a single brush roll, the DuoClean features 2 unique rolls that work together to remove stubborn dust and dirt, with the addition of a soft brush to ensure that you don’t need to switch heads during use. What’s more, this True Pet model also includes Shark’s motorised pet tool, which is great at removing even the most embedded hair from your floors and furnishings.

For completely versatile cleaning, it can also be transformed into a handheld vac for use on the stairs or in the car, while the quick-release extending wand lets you reach carpets and light fittings with ease, too.

Thanks to Flexology, the flexi-wand bends under low furniture without a fuss, and the compact folding and freestanding design means that you can store it anywhere without the need for fiddly hooks.

Removable, rechargeable batteries let you charge just about anywhere too. Even better, this dual battery model will remedy the frustrations of limited run time and battery outages mid clean with a second battery and dual charging cradle. This means that you can enjoy up to 44 minutes of run time from a single charge!

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