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Shark Ion Stick Vacuum- Review and Tour

okay this is a general overview of theshark ion rocket stick vacuum I'll justget right into it so this is the batterypack and one thing I love is that youcan charge and store the batteryseparate from the bulk of the vacuum soI usually keep this plugged in somewhereelse but I have it here for now to showyou decently long cord tells you howcharged it is even when it's runningit'll tell you how charged it is andit's super easy to put in the vacuum aswell try to do it one-handed there's theback of it here you can either plug itin and have the whole vacuum plugged inin a certain spot or if you're tight onspace like me have the battery chargedin a second spot take it out charge itand put the vacuum away suck itit also has the canister where yourclients super full right now where yourvacuum stuff the stuff that you vacuumedup is stored and it's disassembled inmultiple ways so here you candisassemble it sorry here it's so hardto do one-handed okay here and therestick is here and then this is the brushroller and or the hard wood floor thingand you can push it to release as wellright there and that'll come off herewhere's the stick you can attach thestick to any of these attachments thethinner one to get like cracks andcrevices this one and it's also canpivot you can turn it see how you makean L shape or turn it and make itstraight that's good under the piano Ithink they have a lot of pictures ofdoing it in the car under car seats andthen this is also adjustable you couldhave this or if you want take this offand just have this flat with or withoutthe brush so far I really love it itholds a charge instantly for vacuum Ikeep it plugged in all the time thedirections sayfor your very first one to have it fullycharged and then fully empty before youkeep it plugged in all the time so Imade sure to do that and then thisactually zooms along quite well with abrush roll on it goes really fast in myopinion almost takes off without me butit's really lightweight so it doesn'treally affect anything it doesn't I'mnot worried about it really easy toconnect and then this will sometimes youpush this down and then you can goforward and sometimes when I'm walkingclose to my vacuum and then I try to geta spot it reconnects see how it wants tostand straight up now and I have to readBend it down again not a big deal kindof annoying this is the touchpad screenso to turn it on you push here and thenyou can see settings carpet or floorthis one at the top is carpet this one'shard floor you can push this button toswitch between the two and then when youturn it on it automatically goes to ecosave which runs at a lower battery speedI think that's just an OK section I'mnot really crazy about it and since Ikeep my vacuum plugged in all the time Iautomatically just go straight to maxand I vacuum so I'll show you we havesome dried coconut flakes on the floorand I have area rug that I like tovacuum so I'll just run it real quick soyou can see it turn it on here we go[Music]the max power[Music]perfectour doorliarit swivels nicely so I'll go thisgot little headlights which is hilariousso Smithers quickly left quickly right[Music]super-lightweight I'm really doing onehand andso and then the other attachment to soI'll release this and then these are theother attachments usually used forhandheld things for example this is myother favorite one you just stick itright on there but the only thing is Imean it's decently heavy at least forusing one hand and constantly lifting itlike this like you'd use a lot of wristaction to use this attachment andprobably to use this one here too but itdoesn't deter me from doing it by anymeans it's still pretty lightweight soI'll turn it on I'll get these crackshere where we haven't put our trim yet[Music]and those are the different attachmentsand then you can see it has shows me howcharged the battery is and it'll goconsecutively lower so they're goodthere's the shark I am pretty prettyhappy with itand will definitely be using itconstantly over our other vacuum so seemy review at Home Depot for more details

Basic Overview and Review of Shark Ion Stick Vacuum. See for my full written review.

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