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Meet the Shark® IONFlex™ DuoClean® Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum — Full Infomercial

sharp wanted to know what's holding youback from purchasing a cordless vacuumwhen I think of a cordless vacuum I tendto think of not good session a cordlessvacuum would not work for my messes Ifeel like it might not be gettingeverything up off the floor you cannever trust if the batteries going tolast long I'm afraid that you know startcleaning and then it'll burn Alec Chuckheard your concerns and set out to solvethose problemsnow shark redefines what cordless can bewith sharks most innovative cleaningtechnology yet on a vacuum thechallenges current limitations withunbound freedom unquestionable controluncompromising power[Music]unstoppable cleanit's a huge game-changer you could do somuch powerreally has changed the way that we cleanour home it's incredible never would Ihave thought a cordless vacuum wouldhave been able to explain my entirehouse I would call this revolutionary itis the greatest greatest vacuum I haveever owned in my lifeintroducing the all-new shark I on flex2x the world's first free standing cornfree with duo clean technology havingthe freedom to move around the housewithout being bound by a cord is amazingit gives me so much freedom I don't haveto unplug my lamp so that I can plug inthe vacuum totally like exceeded myexpectations when it came to a cordlessvacuumit's definitely set at the bar normalvacuum I on flex whoa Natalie it'sseriously that good the new shark eye onflex shatters the limitations ofcordless vacuums with the creation ofshark ion technology the new I on flexgives you the ideal combination of ahigh-speed multi-phase motor and ahigh-capacity lithium battery system todeliver pure raw suction power I wasvery surprised to see the suction powerof this vacuum the suction on the sharkis it's very powerful it actually pickedup more than I thought was gonna pick upit's amazing anybody is the suctionpower was awesome you're definitely notgiving up any suction that's for sureit's more powerful than Netflix plus theI on flex gives you sharks mostinnovative cleaning breakthrough yet- Oh clean technology now you have afree-standing cord-free that can cleanmesses even some corded VAX can strugglewith large particles other vacuums canpush around doooo clean pulls them ineasily on carpets and on floors evenpiles of small particles other vacuumscan snowplow on carpets or can scatteron floors not a problem with duo cleanon carpets or on floors even in crevicesand grout lines and along edges on hardfloors traditional upright vacuums canleave behind the stuck on layer of dustthat dulls your floors the duo cleansoft brush roll directly engages thefloor to remove that stuck on layer andleave nothing but a clean shine oncarpets duo clean and sharks incrediblesuction pull out the deeply embeddedstuck-on particles in carpets for a deepclean that's triple particle cleaningwith duo clean technology for the firsttime ever available with pure cord freeconvenience what I love about the duoclean is that I can use it on thecarpets and the floorsdoes a wonderful job on both at last youhave one step court free cleaning withthe I on flex with duo clean technologynow that I have the shark eye on flex Ihave not been using the room or thedustpan it's all in one I don't have todust my floors anymore I don't use abroom I can just use a shark for a quickjob and be doneget rid of your broom on your desk andyou don't need it concerned aboutbattery run time with a cordless withshark you don't need to worry aboutruntime because shark gives youhassle-free runtime when you order todaywe'll upgrade you for free to the I onflex 2x with not one but twointerchangeable high-capacity ion powerpack batteries and a double chargingdock now you can clean practicallyanywhere while your second batterycharges on the charging dock somewhereelseplus the I on flex features multiflexwith a simple press here your I on flexfolds down to become the freestandingcord for you now you can park and letyour vacuum live anywhere in your homeyou don't need to store your vacuum nearan outlet or on the wall break free fromthe wall with a free-standing cord freethat lives anywhere in your home becauseyou can always be charging somewhereelse so you can go and go well I'm notshe working on the house the otherbatteries charging in the mean time andgo againthat's hassle-free run time with theshark eye on flex 2x the eye on flexabsolutely gives me hassle-free run timeI definitely like the ability to parkthe vacuum anywhere at any time they'vealways got one battery charging the kidscan grab it to clean something up realquick it's very convenient you can evenuse multi flex technology while youclean with a simple click you'll neverneed to move furniture or bend down everagain I think that is so fantastic Idon't have to get down on my knees I canjust get under all the furniture and itdoes it really well like it can get allthe way into the wall it's amazing andthe short I own flex quickly transformsinto an ultra convenient and back thatlets you target it's powerful suctionwherever you need itperfect for couches and chairs fordusting cabinets and shelves cleaningair pads and just wait until you use itin your car that's the new shark I onflex 2x shattering cordless limitationswith powerful suction dual cleanperformance on carpets and on floors andhassle-free runtime that lets you go andgo and go again the ion flex is like alaptop it's smarter technology it'ssmaller it's faster it's better withinone minute of using it probably 30seconds I wasChuck pushes the boundaries of whatcord-free can be all for a fraction ofthe price of the Dyson v8 absolute plusthe ion flex has even more suction powerand runtime than the Dyson v8 absoluteso which would you rather havehi I'm Amy Matta and joining me is sharkCEO Mark rosensweig with some incrediblenews hi Amy hi I am so excited to behere today to introduce everyone tosharks next big innovation and here itis our ultimate in convenience andcordless cleaning performance the sharkeye on flex 2x cord free ultra lightwith duo clean technology Wow mark it isso beautiful so sleek the eye on flex 2xis designed to give you a new level ofhassle-free pour 3 convenience andfreedom folks now shark redefinescordless convenience to go beyondhassle-freeexactly the I on flex 2x gives you acharging dock and a second battery goahead and clean anywhere you want whileyour second battery charges but Amythat's still not all we've added areally exciting feature called multiplexwhen you're finished vacuuming yousimply watch this press here and flip itinto the park position now the ion flex2 X is the freestanding cord free andyou can have your second batterycharging somewhere else wherever youwant it's as simple as multiflexfreestanding plus aybysee always be charging Amy that's reallythe secret behind sharks hassle-freeruntime that is really incredible markoh and Amy one more thing you can alsouse multiplexto do something like this you can reachunder furniture and never have to benddown again I love it the ion flex 2 X isthe freestanding cord free it goesbeyond hassle-free now that I have thisshark I on flex I definitely feel like Ihave a hassle-free and cord free way toclean because I can have the batterycharging in one room and then I can bevacuuming in a different room I neverhave to worry about stopping thecleaning with the backup battery itmakes cleaning the entire house soconvenient and easy it's always outsomewhere for us to use because we'realways using it I love this vacuum it'seasy unfold it turn it on vacuum changeoff the battery when I need to fold itback down to Park mode leave it up tothe side until the next mess happensbecause that's life that's real life theshark and docking is fantastic I don'tthink I'm compromising on anythingthere's no cord the batteries areinterchangeable they are long lastingthis suction power is fantastic itreally is the best vacuum that I've everused finally you can have both cord freeand hassle free convenience with the ionflex 2 acts quite free from the wallwith a free-standing cord free thatlives anywhere in your home because youcan always be charging somewhere else soyou can go and go and go againthat's hassle-free runtime only fromsharkin addition to hassle-free runtime wewanted to give the I on flex 2x theability to clean messes even full-sizeuprights can struggle with some time agoshark noticed a limitation in sometraditional vacuum designs at shark weasked what if the vacuum head could domore so we remove the front wall andadded a rotating soft brush and wecreated duo clean technology ok Amy nowwe're gonna do some cleaning ok now lookat this just a couple of passes back andforth look how that jewel clean is gonnabe able to really deep clean the carpetsand pull out so much dust so much hairthis is really gonna surprise you oklook at this I pop off the hand vacuumlike this nice now look at how muchcomes out and look how easy this is toempty whoa it's incredible that isincredible - Oh clean is just amazingwatch this we're gonna start on thiscarpet with some pet hair look at thatsaw fresh wall look at that togetherwith the bristle brush gun and theselarge particles look at this maybeyou've seen your vacuum pushed up likethis deeper into the carpet but dualclean doesn't do that it just wouldn'tlose them look at this high pile this isgoodcan you believe a cordless vac of doingthis the cleaner performance you havewith Joule cleans you can't take youreyes off of it look at this it grabs thepile and pulls all the small particlesin and there you have it all right nowthat we did some carpets with largeparticles let's move over to some hardfloors okay watch this this is gonnablow you away look at that how beautifulI've virtually polished floor look howfast I can finish that this soft brushroll well it's it's directly engagingthe hardwood floor it's giving you abeautiful polished look you don't need adust mop or a broom and a dustpanthis is one-step creamy incredible Ilove itlet's look at large particles over herethis is gonna surprise you watch this nosnow piling around here it reminds me ofan SUV going on rocks and all kinds ofterrains you're probably not used toseeing a cordless vac that can handlelarge particles like this look at this[Music]giant almonds dual clean dusting youjust have to see to believe but we hearanother high pile look at the way thefront threshold brings in the pile roarsit and then pulls it into the suctionfloat no you're done it's not picked uplook at this high pile of coffee groundsthis is very surprising the height comesdown and there you have it now over herethis is really interesting folks weremove the grout from between the tilesand we inserted some heavy darks and toreally show you what the suction powercan do in narrow spaces like this that'sdark sand in one pass look at thatsuction power and if you're wonderinghow well jewel clean works against theedge normally you would think you need abroomslook at that edge cleaning it'sincredible and can you imagine everhaving to use a broom or bend down withthe dustpan again with that performanceand cordless conveniencethere's no reason to and there you haveitturgid particle cleaning on all yourcarpets and floors with the shark eye onglass the freestanding cord-free dualclean I think is one of my favoriteparts of the eye on clicks it picks updifferent sizes on my carpets my floorsis so dang convenient I didn't realizethat a vacuum could dust and pick uplarge particles at the same time I don'tthink I could go back to a vacuum thatdidn't have duo clean I also don't thinkI could go back to the vacuum that had acord I'm here this outdoor mall in sunnyCalifornia to let some of the people wemeet try the shark eye on flex for thevery first time first I ask people ifthey believed a cordless vacuum couldactually work in their homes with theirmessage when I think of cordless I don'tthink the power at all can it reallysuck up everything I needall right so I'm gonna show yousomething really exciting it's the sharkeye on flex and it shows up from carpetto hardwood it just might change how youthink about cordless vacuum all righthere we gooh wow that's amazinghonestly like I got everything I feellike it's sucking up everything that hasa lot of power for a cordless fax allright let's see what happens my goodnessoh that's fantasticI'm very very impressed Amy I love thisvacuum I don't have to fight it at allit's just what they keep going let meshow you the coolest part multiplex modepress this button right here huh and itbent wow this is great oh my gosh I'mgonna save my back I like that itdoesn't have a cord the cord always getsin the way I'm stepping on it I'mpulling it this way to move it out of myway this is awesome would you use thisvacuum in your home oh absolutely it's alot easier and a lot lighter this couldtell you anything anywhere any placehouse where it's not supposed to be funbut this was so easy that yeah I meanthat would buy this in a heartbeat in aheartbeat mark I know there are so manyexciting things to say about the shark Ion flex but the first question peoplealways have about a vacuum especially ifit's cordless is how powerful is thesuction well Amy let's compare oursuction power to the Dyson v8 absolutenow Amy this is a water lift apparatusthat will help us visually show suctionas measured at the hand vacuum both theDyson v8 absolute and the shark I onflex are set to the mode that providestheir maximum amount of run time got itwhen we turn the vacuums on the suctiongenerated will pull the water up throughthese tubes the vacuum that pulls thewater up the highest wins okay let's doit all right now Amy I only need topress the button to turn on the sharkbut on the Dyson well it has a triggerthat you'll need to keep squeezing tokeep the vacuum running all right okayjust tell me what all right go ahead andturn on the Dyson all right let's seewhat the shark I on flex can do thesuction power on the shark - bucks it'sfantastic you would never get a set it'scordless tons of power one pass with theCheerios that were on the floor theywere goneit really is a game changer in the shortI own flex it's not just an amazingvacuum for your floors and carpets itquickly transforms into a convenienthandheld vac so you can bring thatpowerful suction for incredible cleanpractically everywhere in your home petowners will just love the deep cleaningmotorized pet tool for pulling out hairand dander as a dog owner there's noother vacuum that I want we can just goright over the couch once we do that itlooks like a brand new couch if you havea dog you need the shark eye on flexbecause of you the anti allergen dustbrush for dusting without the messy ragsand you'll be amazed at the difficultplaces you can reach with the multiflexunder appliance wandit is really easy because it reaches allthe way back to the wall I would neverbe able to get any of that clean withoutthis vacuum cord for convenience andversatility make cleaning so easy withall the different tools that it has andtheit's so convenient for me I can justtake one device around the house and doeverything it's completely changed theway I clean my house the new chart I onflex 2x freestanding cord free moresuction power and runtime than the Dysonv8 absolute duo clean technology fortriple particle cleaning on both floorsand carpets incredible versatilityhassle-free runtime clean virtuallyeverywhere charge anyway even while youclean the shut-eye on flex 2xfreestanding cord free with hassle-freeruntime so you can always be chargingunbound uncompromising unstoppableI love the iron flex because I can bevacuuming wherever upstairs downstairsin the living room while the otherbattery is charging with the freedom togo wherever I want to just get it doneso much faster I can't even imaginegoing back to a corded vacuum having acordless vacuum is now a necessity forme it has everything I want and it doeseverything I needed to do it's exceededour expectations the battery life thesuction power the cleaning ability toskepticism is going the I on flex is themost fantastic vacuum that I've everowned inmy life

Enjoy the benefits of DuoClean™ with the convenience of cord-free power. To learn more about the Shark® IONFlex™, visit

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  1. Nokia 3310

    Please make one with a HEPA Filter.

  2. Virtual Entertainment Media Group

    Just got this vacuum today great job shark, no more cord for me, love it

  3. Natalia Martan

    Is it loud?

    1. Shark Cleaning

      Hello Natalia, the Shark® vacuum may seem loud with it’s powerful suction but it is not any louder than any other vacuum on the market.

      Thank you,


    Shark we need your help we need a cordless vacuum that can deep clean carpets better than the Dyson V10

    1. Shark Cleaning

      Hello Razi, you may like our new Shark® IONFlex™ 2X DuoClean® Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum. Please take the time to look at this model on our website here:

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    Out of Bissell shark Hoover here’s how I rate them
    1.shark cause I like the lift away duo clean and now ion flex and duo clean dang the vacuum industry just got better

  6. David Anderson

    I think cordless vacuums are the way of the future! It’s time we cut the cord and vacuum freely! I’d love to try this vacuum!

    1. Shark Cleaning

      We think so too, David! If you ever have the chance to try our Shark® IONFlex™ we’d love to hear your feedback! :)

      Have a wonderful day!

  7. Chi Chu

    Yeah this shark cordless vacuum cleaner duo 2 powers can beats any cordless Dyson hands down but this thing cost $600.

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