Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum with Wide Furniture and Crevice Tools.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away NV356E is one of the most prominent upright vacuums as well as with good factors. It is based upon the Shark’s Lift-Away technology– the unit can be made use of as the classic upright vacuum cleaner, as the upright hoover with the cleaner hose, or the Lift-Away vessel can be separated from the rest of the device as well as used with cleaner hose pipe, telescopic wand and cleansing accessories.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away NV356E is being changed with more recent models, however as a result of its appropriate cost as well as exceptional features, it is still the favored model of numerous individuals. After all, if it is not damaged, do not repair it:-RRB-.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E Features and Specifications.

Shark Navigator 356E is developed for cleaning up bare floorings, low-, medium- as well as high-pile rugs and also rug and for cleaning raised surfaces, too.

Main cleaner head includes a brushroll for cleansing deeply embedded dirt as well as debris, including pet as well as human hair, lint, fibers and similar. For cleaning up bare floorings, especially delicate wooden floorings, brushroll can be turned off making use of closed off/on button.

Cleaning course size of the major cleansing head is 9.5 inches (~ 24.1 centimeters) as well as it could be probably wider, to cover bigger area in less time. Yet, the vacuum cleaner does its work well, as well as 9.5″ nozzle assists maintain the suction high– larger nozzle would need more powerful as well as larger motor, this would result in larger as well as extra expensive system etc shark nv356e hepa filterShark NV356E includes Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology with a HEPA filter, making it possible for the device to catch 99.9% of dirt and irritants inside the vacuum cleaner– note that true HEPA vacuum cleaner (not simply filter), catches 99.97% of 0.3 micrometer (or larger) particles. Nonetheless, Shark NV356E has superb air filtering, which is very vital for people with allergy, bronchial asthma as well as various other respiratory or comparable wellness problems.

Air purification system utilizes 3 different air filters: foam and also really felt pre-motor air filters and HEPA post-motor air filter.

Because the problem of air filters is very important for appropriate procedure of the unit, they can as well as must be washed in order to maintain the air circulation as well as the suction at called for level:.

– pre-motor foam as well as really felt filters need to be cleaned every 3 months or as required,.

– post-motor HEPA filter should be washed every 2 years, or as required.

Filters are washed making use of simple water and after that air dried out for 24 hours or up until fully completely dry. Never construct the device if the filters are still wet as well as never operate the device with wet filters or no filters in all.

Keep In Mind: Shark NV356E is easy to utilize as well as keep device, however just in case, when the system gets here, be sure to extensively read the manual/instructions.
Lift-Away vs. Powered Lift-Away Technology.

Some Shark’s vacuums feature ‘Powered Lift-Away’ technology, while some vacuum cleaners feature ‘Lift-Away’ modern technology. What is the distinction?

shark nv356e features.

Shark NV356E weighs 13.7 extra pounds (~ 6.2 kg), while its Lift-Away sheath considers without the cable around 8 pounds (~ 3.6 kg), so it can be easily carried around for cleaning up staircases, corners, upper floors, auto and also other hard to get to areas and also places. Note that the system doesn’t come with LED fronts lights, which can be really useful in reduced light conditions, as an example, under the furniture.

Main cleaner head makes use of ‘Powered’ brushroll for cleaning carpeted locations, and also it can be used only when the unit is made use of as traditional upright hoover.

When the Lift-Away skin is detached from the rest of the device, primary cleaner head stays with the rest of the unit and also the cleansing is done making use of Lift-Away vessel, versatile cleaning tube and among the available cleaning accessories, with or without cleansing wand – however without the primary cleaner head with the ‘powered’ brushroll.

Shark NV356E uses solitary ‘classic’ brushroll which is very effective in getting various kinds of debris, yet it is not tangle-free brushroll – once in a while, user has to by hand remove twisted pet as well as human hair and also various other similar particles.

Physical dimensions of the system are (H x D x W) 45.2 x 14.9 x 11.4 inches (~ 114.8 x 37.8 x 28.9 centimeters).

To assist the device walk around as well as clean with as much less initiative as possible, unit includes swivel steering.

Dust bin is transparent as well as the customer can conveniently see quantity of the vacuumed dirt. Dust container ability is 2.2 dry quarts (~ 2.4 liters) and is ample for many applications. To avoid accumulation of unpleasant gases and also smells, it is very advised to clear the dust container after each use. When the dirt gets to ‘Max Fill Line’, dirt container must be emptied, or the unit can have problems during procedure (decreased air flow, reduced suction etc.).

Shark Navigator NV356E is created for dry dust only and also damp as well as damp dust and particularly fluids, should not be vacuumed utilizing this hoover.

Power cable is 30 feet (~ 9.1 m) long and also one power outlet can be used to cover instead huge location. Hose pipe is 5 feet (~ 1.52 m) lengthy and also in combination with Lift-Away pod which can be lugged around without much initiative, assist the user to vacuum elevated surfaces align to the ceiling, consisting of stairs, furnishings, publication racks, ceilign fans and so on.

Shark NV356E does not include automatic power cable rewind system – power cable is by hand wrapped around the power cable cover hooks, which help the customer shop the power cord, yet additionally help the individual rapidly launch the power cord, enabling the customer to make use of the system even in emergencies (as an example, pet dog as well as children messes as well as similar).

System attributes 1200 W (~ 11 Amps) motor providing excellent suction, despite the made use of cleaning setting. Shark NV356E likewise includes variable suction control in the form of suction launch system (collar), which is not the most efficient suction control system, but it maintains air flow via the device high – important for correct air filtration as well as electric motor air conditioning.
Shark Navigator 356E Cleaning Attachments.

shark nv356e add-ons.

Shark NV356E features a number of cleaning accessories, consisting of:.

– Hard Floor Hero Attachment is designed for cleansing tough floors, while being attached to the cleaning stick. It features complete swivel neck, permitting it to get to under furniture, under beds as well as sofas, and various other hard-to-reach locations and to clean them.

– Pet Power Brush includes small powered brushroll and also is made for deep cleaning of smaller carpet and also upholstered locations like smaller carpets, stairways, furnishings and similar. As the brushroll turns, its bristles pass through the surface and pull out the pet and human hair as well as perturb other dust which is all sucked right into the vacuum thanks to the strong suction. Periodically, customer needs to eliminate the twisted hair, lint, fibers and also various other similar debris by hand from the brushroll.

– Dusting Brush is created for cleaning the elevated surfaces. It features gentle bristles and also in combination with strong suction, it picks up dust as well as other little bits.

– 8″ Crevice Tool is long and also narrow cleaning device, designed for cleaning limited and also other comparable hard-to-reach areas including sides, edges, in between bed mattress as well as paddings etc.

If needed, various other cleansing attachments can be ordered independently, including tough floor brush, house and also cars and truck information kit, costs family pet power brush etc

. Note: real checklist of included add-ons may vary depending upon the shop, so prior to acquiring the vacuum cleaner, examine the list of offered accessories.
Shark Navigator 356E Safety Features.

In order to safeguard the unit and also in the end, the customer, Shark Navigator 356E includes a number of safety attributes.

Main motor features thermal defense – if the air flow through the system is lowered due to the filthy filters, obstruct or another thing, electric motor can get too hot as well as obtain damaged. Thermal security system keeps track of motor’s temperature level and if it begin to rise over specific limit, motor is powered off.

If that occurs, switch off the device, unplug it from the wall surface, vacant the dust bin, inspect the air filters and also inspect the system for obstructions. After some 45 mins, thermal protection system will reset itself instantly.

Also, unit will instantly shut off the power nozzle electric motor to avoid belt wear if the brushroll is obstructed with a big debris or things (a sock, plaything or toy part, rug edge, and also similar). If that takes place, switch off the device, disconnect it from the wall, remove the blockage as well as proceed with the vacuuming.

Keep in mind: all these and other procedures can be discovered in the handbook – factor even more to review it completely prior to the extremely initial use.
Shark Lift-Away Upright Vacuums – Comparisons and also Recommendations.

Couple of explanations:.

– DuoClean Technology: primary cleaner head features 2 different brushrolls working in unison to supply finest cleansing possible. As they rotate, they help get various sorts of dust from various surface areas, offering much better cleaning when compared to systems with ‘only’ one brushroll.

– Zero-M Technology: in order to lower the maintenance job of cleansing brushrolls from entangled hair, Zero-M innovation immediately gets rid of family pet and also human hair as well as comparable particles, making the maintenance mush less complicated and simpler.

As said prior to, Shark Navigator NV356E is an ‘older’ version and also it does not include several of the Shark’s renovations in the form of DuoClean, Zero-M and comparable modern technologies. However, Shark 356E is very well made and extremely cost effective device as well as, what is crucial, it does its job well.

Additionally, it has long get to, it cleans up surface areas from the floor to the ceiling, includes practically no maintenance costs, has outstanding warranty considering its cost, it is light unit (13.7 lbs) with excellent ability to move, and if that is not enough, its 8 extra pounds Lift-Away sheathing can be taken nearly anywhere.

If you are seeking very trusted and rather budget friendly main hoover, consider this version.

For the best offers, examine Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum NV356E Amazon.

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