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Shark® Rocket® DeluxePro Vacuum – Dyson V6 vs Shark HV320 Comparison

so mark it seems like so many othervacuums out there claim deep cleaningpower even other ultralight vacuums likethe dyson v-6so how is the rocket deluxe Pro anydifference actually I'm going to showyou right now we're gonna put the rocketup against the dyson v-6 we pouredexactly the same amount of sand on bothsides and embedded it deep into thecarpet with a heavy roller now let's seewhich vacuum does a better job ofpulling the sand out of the carpetalright let's do it okay one two threeand that's fourall right Amy now let's see how muchsand we'd pulled out of the carpet okayall right you go first okayall right that looks uh that lookspretty good not bad of course check thisout I have a removable dusk up now lookat this whoa whoa look at that Amy isn'tthat incredible the Dyson v6 doesn'teven come close

The Shark® Rocket® DeluxePro Ultra-light upright vacuum provides deep cleaning you can carry with you.

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6 Thoughts to “Shark® Rocket® DeluxePro Vacuum – Dyson V6 vs Shark HV320 Comparison”

  1. Mack DU30

    I rather spend my $$$ toward to dyson

  2. BNBN CH

    A very funny review. I’m glad that I just ordered Dyson V8 Absolute. Shame on bulky and ugly looking Shark. The girl spilled half of the sand outside.

  3. Eram Zain

    thats an old version they should use the dyson v8 animal

  4. Joseph Tirado

    Isn’t that particular 6V on the low end side of the cordless vacuums and they’re using their high end cord vacuums?

    1. Shark Cleaning

      Thank you Joseph, for your comments. We will definitely take your feedback to our marketing team in an efforts to produce videos that will be more engaging and satisfactory to our customers.


  5. dtz1000

    Fair play to shark for not deleting the comments that prove what a fraud their tests are. They have balls, that’s for sure.

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