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Shark Rocket True Pet Ultra Light Handstick Vacuum Cleaner (HV320UKT) Review

[Music]hi everyone welcome back to my channeltoday's video is a review I had to writethis down because it's long the sharkrocket true pet ultralight vacuumcleaner I hope you enjoyed this videoand if you do I would love it if youwould give it a big thumbs up and if youwould like to see more of my videos ifyou click the subscribe button and alittle bell you'll get a notificationnext time I upload in your video thanksfor watching and I hope you enjoy thevideo[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]you[Music]now you have a chance to see the visualI've got a few pros and cons which mayhelp you to save it this is a vacuumcleaner for you the first one is 2 10meter cable you can't do better than totell me that cable it's the longestcable I've ever seen on a vacuum cleanerand because I have quite small house itwill go quite the way through my houseit's also very lightweight you've gotbasically the benefits of a lightweightcordless vacuum cleaner with the addedbonus of the cord which means that it'snot going to lose power as you go youmay only have a few other things toHoover up which is great but if you'rejust full-on Hoover your house you don'twant to have to keep putting it oncharge it has a good size dust containerthat's great because if you are doing afull-on Hoover you do want to keepemptying the canister thing every 5minutes it has an LED light on it whichi think is really posh I think the lasttime I saw Hoover was late on it wasprobably in the eighties when mom haveone of those almonds but it had a laidon it which again I thought was reallyposh this light is quite powerful so ifyou do have some dark corners it's goingto show overall the look is it has lotsof attachments included the last thingyou want to do when you spend your goodmoney on Hoover is to have to grow byLords of attachments so for me that is areally big board it has a quick releasepedal so when you've got the main partin your house and you decide oh I needto get you cobwebs from up there youjust step on the pedal release the mainpart of the cleaner and you just pop theattachment on and carry on without humsof end over I really do like this vacuumcleaner it really does do the job itpicks up everything I'm after - apartfrom that one stubborn chrome - clearlylittle early fall so apart from that andreally really do like this Hoover I amvery impressed with it if you have anyquestions about this cleaner you canalways pop on the box below and I'llanswer as best a castle again if youenjoy this video I really would like toyou would give it a thumbs up doappreciate it and thank you so much forwatching I'll see you next time bye[Music]

My review of the Shark Rocket True Pet Ultra Light Handstick Vacuum Cleaner (HV320UKT) vacuum cleaner.

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6 Thoughts to “Shark Rocket True Pet Ultra Light Handstick Vacuum Cleaner (HV320UKT) Review”

  1. Mark Finn

    It’s like a transformer with those lights on the front!

    1. Shelley Watson Reviews

      Mark Finn don’t tell anyone but it is a transformer! 😉

  2. Anton Hinxman

    Do you have a cat or dog with big lumpy dandruff?

    Your test demo may only relate to cleaning up lumps of cat litter not hair.

  3. Веси Никк

    I’m disappointed by this model. It doesn’t clean the carpet by the wall with any of the heads (I have cats and brown carpeting); my hair goes around the rotating brush and I must cut it at least twice.. It is heavy and the microfiber doesn’t go smoothly on the laminate floor. :(

  4. TWISTMY Gears

    figured you’d show how it picks up pet hair?

  5. James Decelis

    Just got one to add up with my Dyson V6 Total Clean

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