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Shark Rocket Ultra Light HV382 Stick Vacuum

sharukh rocket ultralight dual cleanmodel htv-3 a - that's the packagingthere's the itemI've been using this for about twomonths now it's a very good vacuumeverything Consumer Reports said it'sright true about it but just had a fewthings I noticed and I'll show you myprevious vacuum with a large head andnonsuit linkdead it's almost quiteimpossible to get through theseobstacles or Cheersthis is like the first challenge I wantto show you how easy it is with thisfaction get in and out without movingchairs[Applause][Music][Music]for those of you who like you you knowhow hard it is or how convenient it isif you don't have to even move thechairs and still be able to get in andout I just showed you that so thisvacuum maneuverability is very very goodalso not having to switch any settingfrom hardwood to carpet to area rugthat's another convenience that thisvacuum has[Applause]oh there's another setting here settingone the setting one is for bare floorarea rugs sitting to his high pilecarpets i pile means only if you have alot of big items that you need to vacuumin a carpeted area then you use settingto you'll hear it that's setting onesetting to will run the bigger brushunderneathwe should probably already been shown incommercials for this vacuum that's brushone that's brush number two a moreaggressive brush you'll hear that'sbrush one that's brush to brush newdoesn't make any difference if you haveif you don't have any big pile if youhave to pick up so in this case settingone if you don't know even from hardwoodfloor hard surface area this is not woodand it's tile carpet setting one is goodenough let me show you two differentconfigurations you can make with thisback end for the different applicationsyou can use it for first it's just astanding position this is the only wayit will stand up on its own weight ifyou have it set up like this it will notstand on its own oh so the only way thatit's standing is this bottom part and itstands on its own now for the differentconfigurations you want to remove theheadwas just lever with your foot this comesoff now you can attach art to it youknow you put the part back you don'twant this extension to you snap it backin and it snaps every time you put apart back in to tell you that it'sactually in and it's attached you don'twant the extension to push down here andthis comes off take another tool that'sright there this tool and be used thisway without the brush go with the brushput the tool back in it snaps back innow you want to clean it upI would suggest removing this thensqueeze down here this comes off push itdown push on this button the bottomcomes off opens up you can dispose thedirt I won't do that because there'sburied inside no see snaps back in itsnaps back in here and you're ready touse again just like that it's back ifthe head is so light that when the flooris uneventhe head would bounce what do I mean bythat or it's not even it will bounceright it just right[Applause][Applause]that's a normal speed that I would speedanother problem I have is this canisterit's not sealed very tightly that itwould release some dust when I hook itback to its standing position let meshow you what I mean see if we can catchthat little puff of dirt that will comeout see that a will puff of dirt willcome out each time I hook it in itdidn't do it this timelet me do that again see that puff ofdirt I don't like it but it's not doingthat all the time or while I'm using itonly when I hook it back other thanthose two problems I mentioned thisvacuum is very very good the bouncing ofthe head it's not a big deal I can justslow down when I know I'm vacuuming a anuneven surface and a little puff of dirtyou get more dirt coming out when youclean the canister anyway and it's notdoing that while the back of his own useonly when I'm hooking it maybe there's alittle the force that is generated byhooking this opens up this lid righthere just a little bit or some dust tocome out of itI am not sure if that's the cause of theproblem I'm just speculating I'm not anengineer I didn't design this thing I'mnot a product designer but it seems likethat's what happens each time I hook itit puffs a little dirt there it is againother than that it's a really goodvacuum I'm keeping itI like it it's very maneuverable goodconfigurations easy to use very lightand that's it

Review of the stick vacuum Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Model HV382 purchased from Amazon.

Light weight
Highly maneuverable
Corded (yes, that’s an advantage because the cordless ones will only run 15 on max power setting then needs 5 hours to recharge)
Good tools
Picks up dust and dirt very well in edges and corners
Very good suction power
Long power cord
Ease of use (a 10 year old was able to figure out how to use it)
Multiple configurations
Bright LED lights (can be used in total dark)

Head bounces on uneven floor reducing effectiveness
Little puffs of dust comes out of the canister when hooking it down to standing position
Wont stand on its own in normal use configuration

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  1. mark mccormick

    We own that same vacuum best vacuum cleaner ever

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