Shark-Rocket-Ultra-Light-Upright-Vacuum-Review-from-Costco-940049Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner 

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum Review from Costco #940049

everyone all right this is going to be afairly detailed review of the sharkrocket ultralight upright vacuum thatyou can get at Costco I picked this upfor about one hundred and fifty ninebucks make sure you watch all my otherawesome videos please go to my channelpage and click on donate to support thischannel I'd appreciate that subscribelike link this to any other website youwant to on most of the complaints onthis vacuum seem to be that it will fallover and I'm going to take this out ofthe box in a minute but if you look atthe bottom over here it's a lightweightunit and then right up at the top that'swhat a motor is that's unlike mostvacuums where the motor is usually atthe bottom so there's stability on thefloor and it won't fall over with thisthing if you don't hold it it's going tocome crashing down and hit the floorthere is a bracket that comes in thepackage so that you can support it onthe wall let's look at the other side ofthe box while I'm talking there is abracket but the biggest complaint seemto be that it will fall over um thereare some complaints about the Costcobrand that shark has admitted has aproblem attaching the attachment to thevacuum that was in March hopefully theyfix that by now so this is the outsidebox just you can see I'm sure you knowwhat a vacuum looks like other than thatcomplaints of it falling over or theattaching the attachment this thing elseonly has like one attachment I believeother than those two complaintseverybody seems to love this vacuumthere are a lot of really positivereviews on it this thing cost me about159 at Costco probably online it mightcost a little bit more if it's a pieceof junk then I'll take it back to theCostco and return it so I bought thisfor my mom because it's reallylightweight this thing is eight poundsso let me take it out of the box youdon't really need to watch me do anunboxing let me take it out of the boxand I'll assemble it and show you howthat's all done and do a review on hownoisy it is and I've left a lot of duston the floor for the last few weeksbuild-up so that I could do a reallygood review of this and that's what'sgoing to happen here we go I'm zoomingin on the box you can see there's acrevice tool and a cleaning tool on anupholstery tool and the vacuum sothere's not really much going on withthis thing time to take it out of theboxeverything's out of the box and on thefloor so here we go there's a package ofinstructions here is the floor pad thatI guess is going to get mounted on thebottom so now this is the bottom of thevacuum that die along the floor forsuction right over here is the back isthe motor which has an extremely you cansee that core that's I don't know howlong that cord is that's a really goodidea a lot of people hate vacuuming witha short cord over here I don't know whatthe heck that is but that is some typeof suction unit there is a wall mountingbracket so the thing doesn't fall overthere's a plastic hose that is going tobe used to assemble this thing there's acrevice brush on a poultry glide brush abrush brush and then this black thing isa bag so time to put this thing togetherlet's see what it doestime to assemble this thing take thebase unit which has the wheels you cansee this little section over here wherethe hose is going to go in so you takethis with the wheels keep this openingtowards your right if you'reright-handed and then you want to takethis plastic piece and see the one wherethe cords going to wrap around and ifyou go to the end over here you can seethat see on the top there are threelittle openings through the holes thoseholes are going to go into thisconnector over hereso let's take this thing hopefully I cando this with one hair because I don'twant to use a tripod and maybe I can'tokaylet's slide that let's push that in itshould click it doesn't want to clickwhen you shut this off it didn't want toclick because I had it extended out youwant to have this pointed upwardstowards the ceiling and then you pushthe pole in and it will definitely makea little locking sound a little clickingsound now what you're going to do isyou're going to take this guy over herethe big unit with the power cord andyou're going to do the same thing you'regoing to plug that inall the way in the top over here so letme get that again we have the same thingyou can see there's little three littlepins over here that are going to go intothe three pins on the connector on thetop of this tube so let me plug that inokay not using a tripod hopefully thisworks oh it's not going to work with twohands with one hand hold on so now I'vegot the bottom plug in and I've got thetop plugged in and you can see exactlywhat I was saying this is top-heavythis thing wants to fall you can see howit wants to fall it's not going to standup because of the incredible weight ofthe motor on the top and that seems tobe the biggest complaint but let mecontinue assembly you can see at thefront there are LEDs that will light theways you do your cleaning on the floorthat's pretty much all the assemblythough I just plugged in those twopieces and the unit is completelyassembled let me go to the top now andshow you the power switch this vacuumhas a two-position switch one for offwhich is zero and you've got the numberone over there which it tells you whatit is and the number two and tells youwhat it is one is for high pile thebrush will spin much faster if it's onthe high pile carpet to remove more dirtand if it's on a bare floor then thebrush rules then slower so you don'tscratch the floor but it still does somecleaning so I'm going to plug this guyin now as far as the other componentsthat came with it I don't really know Iguess the black bag is for these tostore these attachments not really surewhat this piece over here is for that'sprobably for the cleaning the floor butI'll figure that out in a minute andthen we've got like I said over here thewall mounting Munich and we've got thisthing for cleaning floors some type ofmicrofiberthat probably goes with this guy overhere one thing I want to point outbefore I plug this in this is a four ampmotor most vacuums today are 12 ampmotor so this is definitely not going tohave the suction power that your averagemotor has now this has got some reallyneat features looking over here here wehave the motor you get a little pressbutton over here a little push button Idon't know if I'm going to be able to dothis but I'm going to press this buttonand let's see if I can disconnect yeah Ican trying to do this with one hand sowhat we end up doing is now we havestrictly the motor and you can put anattachment on here and walk around andvacuum just with this guy alone justit's a little hand vacuum this is veryclever I like this thing there's anotherfeature I want to show you I attachedthe motor back to the tubing the hose solet me go to the other part of thisvacuum now we've got the same featurebut it's down here where you can presson this little pedal and now youdisconnect the base from the tube andnow you've got a vacuum that you can useto do drapes or curtains or reach upagainst the wall after you put on yourattachments so this is just anincredibly awesome vacuum where you canuse strictly the motor or you can havethe built-in hose or you can have thefloor unit you have three options herewhat an incredible idea a I'm gonna do aquick little test over here because it'slate at night and I get a baby next doorwith the neighbor so I'm not going torun this thing too long I'm just goingto see how loud this is and I'llcontinue the video tomorrow let me putthis on there without the floorattachment and see how noisy it isWow I like that that is really nice I'mimpressedI'm very impressed I'm happy not toonoisy it's definitely not something youcan be running at 7:00 p.m. at night ifyou have neighbors and you don't want topiss them off but it's much quieter thanthe average vacuum I'll give it that andthe power cord on this thing is justinsanely long there's the bottomattachment down there only do one moretest I will say the game-changer for alot of people that's a lot of dirt onthe floor game-changer for a lot ofpeople is going to be this thing isreally awkward it's very tallit's definitely tall it's probably like4 feet tall but the thing is like I saidbefore vacuuming it's very light I meanthis thing weighs next to nothing it'sso light but I think the problem for alot of people is going to be the minuteyou let go it's going to fall but ifyou're careful with that let's see howit does on the floor um that's why youbuy a vacuum is for cleaning not forcomfort so I'm going to do a real quickclean on this vein give my opinion justwith that again there was anotherattachment for cleaning bare floors I'mnot going to include that in the videoread the instructions for that part ifyou want and here goes the review downlet me turn it on really quickI love that I love this this isabsolutely beautifulwith a soul life oh look at thatmy review I love it well worth the moneyget cleaned much easier than pulling ona bulky vacuum cleaner this thing isincredibleagain please go to my donate page on thechannel page donate if you can thumbs uplike subscribe and link to all channelsall websites if you want and help me outand make sure you watch all my othervideos what do I think of this sharplightweight rocket again it's a 4 ampunit you cannot put in screws or bigitems you're going to jam this thing upand for regular household cleaning ifyou are an elderly person if you havearthritis or if you don't want to spendhundreds and hundreds of dollars on aDyson buy this I think you're going tolove itand the final test I've got the unitover here just with the plastic hose andyou can see an incredible amount of dirton the floor that I've been saving up todo this review really dirty reallyfilthy so I'm just going to try it withthe crevice brush I mean not even withthe crevice brush it's the crevice toolor whatever you call that and see whatit does with suctionand it even has the built-in light onthe houseput incredibleand set this off and get the floor unitnow most of the dirt was already pickedup but now I've got the floor attachmentagain and let me see what it doesthat weighs next to nothing with so lifeI'm really happy with his bathroomthere's some dirtand now it's goneamazing and finally we have dirt on thewooden floor and I'm not going to readthe instructions on using the micro pador that other attachment I'm just goingto press this on low speed and see whatit does with this it's probably going toclean it up also very easilyyou see how it turns very easy how ittonesI love it an incredible producthopefully it stands up that seems like agood unit very well designed and yes Iwould recommend purchasing this toanybody that wants a very simplelightweight easy vacuum that you can useas a hand unit or a floor unit or anextended unit with this long tube hose

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum Review from Costco #940049

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10 Thoughts to “Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum Review from Costco #940049”

  1. Tanya khashchuk

    I just bought this vacuum at Home Depot for $128 and so far I love it and mine came with four different attachments


      all I buy now is shark.. they are a smart company in competition with dyson and they make a good vacuum and know how to promote very well

  2. Lois King

    Excellent review! The shark rocket does everything it says it will do!!! Costco has it on sale now for $134.99

  3. Lawrence Pardy

    I’ve had two Kenmore canister vacs in succession for the past 20 years. Loved them. They were great vacs with great suction. The last one was getting kinda beat up looking so I was seriously considering buying the Dyson cordless Animal or V6 as I wanted something more versatile and light weight instead of dragging a canister around. I then thankfully found the Rocket, first at Canadian Tire, similar to this UV450CCO model. I was impressed by the 4-5 star rating of the reviews of customers online. Rarely have I seen that good of a review especially from like 95 people’s reviews. I researched Amazon reviews. Same rave reviews! I then thought maybe Costco might carry a similar Rocket. Sure enough they have basically their own exclusive Rocket package (UV450CCO). This has the lights in the power bar and motor head. Plus has the car/home extra micro accessories included and it was only $179.99 here in NB. That’s $10 cheaper than Canadian Tire’s Rocket model (orange) with no lights and no car accessories and that one was on sale from $289 to $189 there. The Costco was a steal! I am absolutely blown away by the performance of this little beast! It really sucks up the deep down grime. I have been vacuuming a lot more this week! It keeps finding more and more dirt. Powerful powerhead. Don’t let the size fool you! I would definitely recommend this unit to others. Good buy at a 1/3rd the price of a Dyson V6. I’d love it to be cordless but I can vacuum all I want with it being corded so not an issue for me. My wife and daughter love it.


      that is why they are selling more units than DYSON… they had a goal and spent time making a product that was better and cheaper

    2. Lawrence Pardy

      I like how easily the bottom of the powerhead opens to access the brush roller in order to clean up hair and string and such. They even put a groove along the brush where you can run a pair of scissors. Lots of thought went into a relatively inexpensive vacuum.


      I agree it is awesome!

  4. Andrew Blythe

    I bought the Shark Rocket DeluxePro vacuum cleaner about 2 months ago. Similar to yours, but different in a couple of areas. You mention not being able to stand it upright. By itself, you can’t with the motor/power head attached. You can do one of two things. First, take off the power head and attach it to a clip at the front of the vac by the rotating brush. It will stand on it’s own because the weight of the motor is near the floor. Second, I know the deluxe pro has two rubber feet on the back of the dust cup that you can lean up against the wall, and the vacuum won’t move. I’ve tried walking around it to cause vibration to see if the vacuum would fall (even jumping up and down a couple of times near the vacuum), and the rubber feet keep the vacuum from sliding off the wall and onto the floor.

  5. Rusty Andres

    I bought this very one at Costco based on your video. I love it. There is a hook at the bottom for the motor for stability.


      it is a simple easy powerful vacuum….

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