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Shark Rocket Vs. Dyson Digital Slim

hi Locker 321 here for back then.comand today we're going to be comparingthe shark rocket vacuum with the dysondc40 for vacuum both of these arehandheld lightweight machines whoeverthey are very very different now let'sjust start off full disclosure I wassent this Dyson machine by Dyson I'm notpaid for it they set this to me forreview purposes this shirt I did pay forit so there we go now that is out in theopen and let's move on to the actualreview so first of all the shark here ismarketed as a full-size upright in ahandheld packagewhereas Dyson is a handheld quickcleanup machine if you watch my reviewon the shark rocket or read it back wingcomm you can see it is really really notsuited for the task of being an uprightvacuum if you're looking for an uprightguy from this machine is terriblehowever if you're looking for a quickcleanup machine and gets a little bitbetter it's more designed for thathowever it has some flaws which I'lldiscuss a little bit later but betweenthe two let's just talk about four quickcleanups so if it quickly knows theDyson is much easier being that it'scordless so it lasts 20 minutes oncharge and you can just pick it upsqueeze the trigger and you're ready toclean now with the sharkyou have to unhook the machine from thewand otherwise the cord will be tootight then you need to pull the cord offclip the cord or clip back on plug it inand then you're ready to clean so it's alittle bit different but we'll get youstarted thing and get cleaning overallthe rocket is much heavier and muchharder to get into places now yes youcan see you can see here that the headback this up sneeze so right now theseheads are both that's the same startinglinehowever you can see that the rocket headis much much longer and or much um welllonger this way it does not swivelnearly as muchwhereas when this is upright this willgo to a full 90 degree whereas when theshark is upright you only get this 45degree so the steering is much mucheasier on the day so the rocket is alsomuch heavier so if you're trying to pickit up which I'll show you how about Ijust show you that so let me unlock thecamera and move it up there we gotightened and here we go you see boththe rocket which I'm going to put in myright hand which is my dominant hand andI actually a lot more wrist strength inmy right than my leftwhere the next in is now I'm just gonnause the handles here the rocket it'sactually really really heavy and I haveto use two hands and it's still shakingyou can say I'm weak whatever but eitherway this is a very very heavy machineand if you're even thinking aboutwanting to clean up high definitely notthe Machine two people the Dyson on theother hand I'm just can use my left hereit's heavy my hand shakes a little bitbut you know what I can get it up in theair I use my right no problem inaddition to build quality on these twovery very different let me put thecamera back down there you go now youcan see this blue tube right here thisis aluminium the shirt on the other handis plastic so if you get this bangedaround a little bit this one mightshatter this one might dent I personallywould much rather have a littledented - then it shattered - which youcannot replace that buy a whole newvacuum so lil this machine the rocketmay be $200 versus the 300 for the Dysonthe Dyson is gonna last you a muchlonger period of time and during thattime in my tests the Dyson cleans upmuch better than the shark which issurprising because the shark has a fullwell according to shark they have a fullupright class motor here whereas theDyson has a handheld motor but onceagain please remember this is Dyson'snew digital motor design and accordingto dyson this spins five times fasterthan a Formula one engine so either wayyou could see two very different vacuumsthough both get stuck clean thedifference is best described with ananalogythe shark rocket here maybe a Toyotacamera it'll get you from point A topoint B and do it well however the Dysonhere's a BMW it'll get you from point Ato point B just as well as the ToyotaCamry you're gonna be a lot morecomfortable and in some cases that willdo a lot better job it will also be alittle bit more reliable so with thatlet's um actually show you a little bitabout why I think the shark rocket isdefinitely not as good when it comes toupright or sorryso when tight when sorry when sharpdesign this let me move the camera againwhen shark designed this you see samedesign where it has the dirt tank righton the hand well that's great except forwhen you want to go empty it becausewhereas with the Dyson you alsodisconnected your garbage canand press the red buttonand I fell down the shark on the otherhand you still have this cord attachedso if you're plugged in and you go toempty it you're bringing along the wholecord for the rideand if you don't unplug it well you maynot be able to reach the garbage can soin addition I have a hard time using therocket I have moderate allergies and therocket here let me show you the wholefilter this is the only filter it hasthat's it that's all and this is fromvery light use so this thing hasn't Idon't want to say no this thing has avery very very small amount offiltration so what I want to review thissharp rocket here it took me three daysto do review because I kept sneezing sohard I had to stop the recording whereasthe Dyson I have not sneezed once thisthing does an awesome jobnow the Dyson here also requires lessmaintenance as it doesn't have thefilter to get to clean every month thisfilter that you see here you have toclean every two months so doingmaintenance with the Dyson either waythey'll both get your floors clean or atleast cleaner but they do two differentways myself hundred dollars Dyson theshark well it's very very miss marketedand very underperforming for what theymarketed to do overall I would not evenget this for quick cleanups it does notperform anywhere near as well as itshould it is very very heavy it's alsovery hard to maneuver so let's actuallyshow you that sorry to keep moving thecamera on you but I want to allow youguys to see exactly what I meanhere we go that's a 90 degree angleand let's show that to you with the rockI'm going to stand in the same place andjust do this with my wrist here we goas you can see that's lifting up so Ican take them like that but I have tomove my whole upper body and arm to geta ground whereas with the Dyson I put itdown on the floor very simplegoes right around I can even do it withit turned onnow you may have heard the littlebanging there of the Dyson the Dysonfeels so much more solid in the hand itdoesn't feel like the shark whereas theshark will feel when you're using it alittle bit creaky and weeks sure Ihonestly scared that this thing willbreak whereas the Dyson I am verycomfortable picking it up dropping alittle bit where is this so yes that ismy review of the or my comparison of theDyson to the shark overall shark rocketdon't bothersave your money if you're if you'relooking for something to clean up Iwould personally save up a little bitmore to get the Dyson and you know itwill last you a lot longeryou can get the rocket and it will do adecent job you'll have some claws tolive with for a year or two then thisthing will break down where's the Dysonthey may have a two-year warranty but Ihave a feeling that this thing willdefinitely last you a lot longer thantwo years it will definitely love to alot longer than that then the rocket soanyway that is my full review of the twocompeting vacuums if you want to look atthe review on each one of them you cancheck out my youtube channel thatlogged-on 330 slash logback321 or at backend comm we can read myfull review it's been logged our 321here for vac been calm thanks forwatching bye

I put the two lightweight machines head to head in this review for you too choose…hope it helps!  :)

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7 Thoughts to “Shark Rocket Vs. Dyson Digital Slim”

  1. BL Momma

    You said you paid for the Shark and Dyson sent you the Dyson vacuum?!?   I’m sure you don’t have to return that vacuum and  you’ve been biased.   That should NOT be allowed

  2. I N O D A W A E

    I have a V6 it’s amazing when I first used it one pass on the carpet a lot of fine dust in the bin I get annoyed that it picks up so much

  3. James Davidson

    Miele is far better than both. These light battery things are a joke.

  4. ExtrovertedCenobite

    I would like to see a long term review after the Dyson has been used for a couple of years and see what the suction power is and especially how long the battery will last between charges.

    1. BL Momma

      I’ve heard from people that cordless vacuum’s one time, lose their sucking power, whereas the corded keep their sucking power.

  5. Chocolate Chip Cookie

    who the hell shatters the shaft on a vacuum cleaner

    1. VacBin

      You’d be surprised the kind of messages I’ve gotten in the past

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