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Shark’s lightweight vacuum keeps up with the Dyson for half the price

hi Katy Pilkington for CNET and todaywe're going to be taking a closer lookat the shark rocket those of you who mayhave seen our review video or article ofthe DC 59 might be screaming copycatright now and there are undeniablesimilarities between the shark rocketand the Dyson lightweight model butthere are a lot of differences to mostobviously the fact that the sharkshundred and $79 price point makes itless than half the price of the $499Dyson another major difference that'sobvious right off the bat is the factthat while the dyson dc50 9 is acordless model the shark does have acord meaning that you will need to benear an outlet when you're vacuuming andwill be held to the same constraintsspace-wise that you would with a moretraditional vacuum but shark makes upfor this inconvenience by giving you alot of options to really customize therocket to do whatever you need to be athard floors carpet upholstery curtainsstairs or car detailing and they put allof these attachments in this bag so thatyou have easy storage and you know whereeverything is it's all in one place allthe time one of my favorite tools thatreally sets the shark apart from otherlightweight vacuums we've tested in thisgroup is this attachment which kind ofworks like a Swiffer vacuum for those ofyou who may have it and that here's thevacuum nozzle right here and then thismicrofiber pad that's totally detachableand machine washable follows alongbehind and picks up any dirt or debristhat may be caught or stuck to yourfloor's these options for totalcustomization are one of the things thatwe really liked about the full-sizeshark that Megan Willerton reviewed in2013 I was really impressed that therocket is such a dynamite with pet hairpet her proved to be kind of a strugglepoint for some of these lightweightvacuums partially perhaps because theirsuction is less than a standardfull-size upright but also because theirbrushes are more narrow the diameter isless and pet hair just gets caught andtangled in those bristles I'm happy toreport though that the shark rocketperformed really really well andhonestly above my expectationsweaknesses are large debris and fineparticulate on carpet particularly highpilebut I really like this vacuum because Ihave two pets that shed prettyaggressivelyso that day-to-day carpet maintenance issomething that can really get out ofhand if you're not keeping up with itand this would be a great vacuum forthat daily maintenance just run it overthe floors really quickly and thenyou're doneand then you can pull out the full sizevacuum your upright for yourheavier-duty weekend cleaning so if youlike the idea of customizing your vacuumperhaps a little bit more than the dysonand you also like the fact that this oneretails for half the price at 179dollars then I would recommendconsidering the shark rocket for CNETI'm Katy Pilkington

The Shark Rocket lightweight vacuum is just about as customizable as they come.

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14 Thoughts to “Shark’s lightweight vacuum keeps up with the Dyson for half the price”

  1. dtz1000

    If the shark is corded then what the hell are you doing comparing it with a cordless vacuum? I can get a £30 corded that will be more powerful than a cordless but I still wouldn’t buy it because I hate having a stupid cord. Compare like with like next time, but you never do that because the british Dyson vacuum would utterly destroy the American shark cordless vacuum and that just wouldn’t do in America. Luckily others have made the comparison that shows what I say is true. Check out the Dyson V7 vs shark duoclean video. It shows how far ahead of Shark the Dyson cordless vacuums are.

  2. Darth Awar


  3. Rocking in a free world

    Stupid comparison when one is corded and the other is cordless.
    How can the shark clean the car when the car is not near the house? It cannot.
    Dyson wins hands down.

    1. Tom M

      Rocking in a free world, “Stupid comparison just like a stupid wee man you are.”. Just like someone who has nothing of value or substance to say, they always resort to juvenile name calling.

      So you like Dyson more than Shark….No one really gives a crap. Paying more for a product, does not always mean better quality

    2. Rocking in a free world

      David Altergott Jr .. Because my house is on a main road with no access to a garden or drive. Common sense if you think about it?

    3. David Altergott Jr

      Rocking in a free world
      why the hell would you be vaccuming your car on a main road LMAO

    4. Rocking in a free world

      rob p . Not possible when the car is over a main road. I cannot put a cord across the road.
      Besides . My comment says one is cordless and the other not. Stupid comparison just like a stupid wee man you are.

    5. rob p

      ever hear of an extension cord?

  4. Jonathan Holder

    CNET has really done a horrible job comparing the 2. First off, a cordless vacuum versus a corded one. They do not even bring the Dyson they are comparing to on the stage nor do they even using the shark as a working model. Sharks are known to burn out quickly while Dyson last for years. Owned the 2nd version of Dyson which is over 12+ years old and it still works perfectly to this day. I don’t see where the Shark keeps up with the Dyson at all. Poor showing of the actual title.

    1. Emmanuel J

      Not really. CNET did an excellent job. They showed the advantages & disadvantages of both machines. You may not have had issues with Dysons but generally they are not built very well. if you think Dyson are quality, you obviously havent tried a SEBO. Dyson maybe cordless and Shark has a cord but users are still limited by the poor battery life. The Shark can go on longer obviously!

    2. Wreck The System

      Annnnnnnnd You compared a new Shark Vacuum to a 12 year old Dyson. Brand names and build quality change over time. Dont be a slave to what a brand once was thats just stupid.

  5. Qasim Mir

    So CNET criticise the Dyson V6 but condone this crap?

    1. Emmanuel J

      They were providing a fair opinion based on their tests.

    2. Vacuum Central


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